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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RHYTHMIC

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Astrology, 432:the little world of men begins to throb in 'rhythmic unison. Changes are wrought. The cosmic heart,Astrology, 447:the crisis of initiation and produce a great rhythmic awakening. Astrologers would find it ofAstrology, 601:itself; the necessity to manifest in an orderly rhythmic manner; the necessity to embrace "thatAutobiography, 39:triangles. It was almost like a solemn, rhythmic dance, very slow and dignified but quiteAutobiography, 276:and his entire constitution will swing into rhythmic activity and consequent usefulness. All thisAutobiography, 276:apparatus but upon correct orientation and the rhythmic adjustment of the life to the spiritualBethlehem, 90:integration, position, direction and the rhythmic running of our solar system; it can be seen alsoDestiny, 7:temporary and will give place to that ordered, rhythmic imposition of the needed idealism whichDestiny, 12:- you will see that there has been a regular and rhythmic progression toward unity and synthesis inDestiny, 117:major centers, and the establishing of their rhythmic relationship. The seventh ray governsDiscipleship1, 42:momentum - that they can only be brought into rhythmic activity by the imposition of stronger andDiscipleship1, 203:to the group, and will establish a kind of rhythmic impact upon the patient, thereby weaving a pathDiscipleship1, 256:ray people to master the Law of Cycles and of rhythmic growth, for their predisposition toDiscipleship1, 289:your time and reduce your personality to rhythmic living hurts your pride. The more your soul gripsDiscipleship1, 346:it should be succeeded by conscious, dynamic, rhythmic contact every twenty-four hours. Then theDiscipleship1, 506:that you know to be wrong but which has as yet a rhythmic power over you, then retire into yourDiscipleship1, 625:in the thrill of stately ceremonial and of rhythmic organization, you find your line of leastDiscipleship1, 646:in these days of turmoil and difficulty, every rhythmic center is of value to us. Your personalityDiscipleship2, 305:colors; these radiate from the sun in regular rhythmic bands and produce a marvelous blaze ofDiscipleship2, 452:would enjoin upon you the need to establish this rhythmic, cyclic "breath of consciousness." PonderDiscipleship2, 453:of the essential demand of your soul for rhythmic interludes; your personality emphasis should be,Discipleship2, 454:You could work along the following lines of rhythmic abstraction: Twelve brief, abstract monthlyDiscipleship2, 455:a three year cycle in your process of rhythmic mental building. Keep close to your group brothers.Education, 136:only as the race itself is brought under a rhythmic law - under which, for instance, the animalExternalisation, 120:greater material comfort and protection, and the rhythmic processes of concentration and theirFire, 7:- obscuration. Inert motion - activity - rhythmic motion. Tamasic life - rajasic life - sattvicFire, 427:be recognized, and the laws of levitation and of rhythmic movement in all forms, from an atom to aFire, 797:it is based upon initial impulse, and upon the rhythmic beat of the "central heart" or the "centralFire, 800:was the vibratory activity produced through the rhythmic life of an earlier solar system. [801]Fire, 928:and of phrases that, through virtue of certain rhythmic effects, achieve results that would not beFire, 995:and the "stormy sea of life," for the steady rhythmic response to that which is highest and theFire, 998:Pitri involved sending out to his "reflection" rhythmic streams of energy, which streams areFire, 999:two vibrations are attuned, and the interplay is rhythmic, then the two meditations proceedFire, 1052:energy of the solar atom itself has likewise a rhythmic effect upon the individual Monad, andFire, 1081:to the student: The units of inertia, Atoms of rhythmic centralization, Units of primary radiation,Fire, 1120:here to make public the names of the seven rhythmic groups. One of the effects produced in theFire, 1128:and become active as the sheaths swing into rhythmic activity. Of these centers the three major areFire, 1135:expression just before the activity becomes rhythmic and the vegetable merges in the animal. In theFire, 1259:which we have as yet no name. Cosmic rapture and rhythmic bliss are the attributes of the fourthFire, 1260:path is termed that of duplex rotary motion and "rhythmic dancing upon the square." The symbol,Fire, 1260:PATH TO SIRIUS Attributes - cosmic rapture and rhythmic bliss. Source - Sirius via the Sun whichFire, 1260:14 and 17. Method - duplex rotary motion and rhythmic dancing upon the square. [1261] Symbol - twoGlamour, 64:and spontaneously, through a trained and rhythmic activity of the soul and mind, working always inGlamour, 74:higher rhythm is commensurate with the lower rhythmic glamor, and hence the whole world is thinkingGlamour, 117:energy is all this time steadily increasing its rhythmic potency, and seeking to impose its purposeGlamour, 225:rhythm can be set up which will lead to a steady rhythmic impact of the light upon the glamor. TheyGlamour, 252:up the spine (five in all) are brought under rhythmic control. Energy is directed into them orGlamour, 256:only the directed will, using the organized rhythmic breath as its agent, can control the centersGlamour, 257:and the second phase or the result of sound rhythmic breathing will appear. This is Inspiration.Glamour, 262:but they will be self-initiated as a result of rhythmic living and a constant right use of theHealing, 61:again will later be seen. In the secret of right rhythmic living and in a right proportional accentHealing, 67:diet and the regulation of the life in terms of rhythmic living. All this is good and of help, butHealing, 89:also condition the individual and so establish rhythmic life habits - one of the major predisposingHealing, 90:gain enormously, and good health - through right rhythmic living, plus correct thinking and soulHealing, 98:higher energies and to recognize the need for a rhythmic life, paying attention to the Law ofHealing, 216:the three, simultaneously and consciously, into rhythmic, coordinated expression. This is a finalHealing, 242:will not require anything more than the simple rhythmic physical breath but which will reorganizeHealing, 307:means little; to say that it is irregular or non-rhythmic vibration hardly makes sense. My problemHealing, 307:and either be over-stimulated by the non-rhythmic flow or undernourished. This in turn affects theHealing, 336:the entire nervous system into a special form of rhythmic activity and responsiveness, and it isHealing, 428:technique and process as those activities, (rhythmic and cyclic in nature) which govern the averageHealing, 445:of them than a man asleep is conscious of the rhythmic functioning of his sleeping physicalHealing, 656:that of the patient, creates a zone of quiet rhythmic activity around the head center. No physicalInitiation, 144:they were not. Third: Through certain ceremonial rhythmic action the [145] Lodge greatly assists inIntellect, 220:and ascertain whether it is quiet, even and rhythmic. I would like here to sound a note of warningIntellect, 228:comfort and control. The breathing is noted as rhythmic and regular. Visualization of the threefoldIntellect, 229:induce in oneself an hypnotic condition by the rhythmic repetition of certain words. We are toldMagic, 23:It is the breath of Life and is that rhythmic inflow of vital energy which manifests in its turn asMagic, 57:concerns the student here. This meditation is rhythmic and cyclic in nature as is all else in theMagic, 61:pitri involved sending out to his "reflection" rhythmic streams of energy, which streams areMagic, 62:of Rule I. I said, "The soul's meditation is rhythmic and cyclic in its nature as is all else inMagic, 62:soul breathes and its form lives thereby". The rhythmic nature of the soul's meditation must not beMagic, 95:this period "the Energy circulates." A constant rhythmic response to the thought energy of the soulMagic, 149:This is a phrase covering many aspects of rhythmic living. It is the magical formula for theMagic, 159:breath is the result of a preceding period of rhythmic breathing, paralleled by concentratedMagic, 242:of evolution and come to a realization of the rhythmic work of creation. Incidentally also we gainMagic, 323:respond to the vibration of the high Places this rhythmic periodicity must be borne in mind. TheMagic, 461:forth in the pulsation of the one Life, and its rhythmic and cyclic activity - never ending andMagic, 465:swept in and out of manifestation according to a rhythmic cyclic beat, initiated in still earlierMagic, 514:in one eternal siesta. It has normally its own rhythmic beat and vibration and its own peculiarMagic, 522:substance, are drawn together, manipulated in a rhythmic manner and held together in form. ThroughMeditation, 82:to disorganize later, of developing certain rhythmic processes in order to later disrupt them, andMeditation, 128:and of set forms, coupled to regulated rhythmic movement, will be found a meeting place for the twoMeditation, 156:(respiration and inspiration), and by certain rhythmic currents set up on the mental plane andMeditation, 157:is characterized by a stable vibration, a steady rhythmic motion, and is not prone to violentMeditation, 162:of phrases, words, and sounds which by virtue of rhythmic effect achieve results that would not beMeditation, 178:used in connection with the devas themselves. Rhythmic mantrams, that put the one who uses them inMeditation, 187:groups that are contacted by the use of certain rhythmic sounds. [188] The fire elementals andMeditation, 197:one united group aura, thereby permitting of the rhythmic flow of force in certain specifiedMeditation, 197:the matter of the two subtler vehicles. By this rhythmic movement: The force that is tapped in thisMeditation, 197:This is one of the main objects of the true rhythmic movement, distortions of which come down to usMeditation, 197:dance is found the corruptest manifestation of rhythmic movement, and the main effect of the rhythmMeditation, 198:of the sex organs. In the true use of rhythmic movement the effect is to align the three lowerMeditation, 199:value of the combination of music, chanting, and rhythmic movement will be comprehended, and itMeditation, 201:mantrams and words, and moving under certain rhythmic laws. One hint only can I give here but IMeditation, 201:justice, will begin all their work with great rhythmic ceremonies. By means of their united rhythmMeditation, 235:for those forces; he studies the rate of his rhythmic vibration, and he strenuously endeavors toMeditation, 236:upon which we have not time to dwell is that the rhythmic effect on even the two kingdoms beneathPatanjali, 72:be found in an intense inner concentration upon rhythmic living and in the careful organization ofPatanjali, 77:all interrelated and allied. The science of rhythmic living, or the regulation of the acts of daily
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