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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RID

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Autobiography, 41:did not get saved with rapidity in order to get rid of me, so pertinacious and earnest was I. AtAutobiography, 99:lady, read those four or five lines and get [99] rid of your fears." I read that migraine was neverAutobiography, 102:are absolutely useless and should be gotten rid of. Neither do I accept the position that only theDestiny, 121:some ideology or other upon some nation or to rid itself of a worn out system of thought, ofDiscipleship1, 340:see the mind as a center of pure light. You must rid your consciousness of any thought of the mindDiscipleship1, 479:Therein, frankly, lies your problem. Get rid of hatred and self-pity and you will leap ahead uponDiscipleship1, 659:limitations. Your problem is not to get rid of difficulties but simply to be indifferent as toDiscipleship2, 543:of your nature many new qualities and have rid yourself of many handicaps. Let that suffice, andDiscipleship2, 696:of pride - social pride - and of this you must rid yourself. It is not a mental quality, for if itEducation, 112:but in order to dissipate the infection and get rid of the fever. It may not, however, be needed,Externalisation, 139:effort to end the spirit of aggression and to rid the world of the focal points for materialExternalisation, 217:love with steadfastness the offender and yet to rid the world of the offence. The situation mightExternalisation, 376:same time he realizes that if humanity is to get rid of these evil products of selfishness, certainExternalisation, 443:karmic reaction. Only this will I say: Get rid of selfishness, provincialism and insularity. ThinkExternalisation, 455:in order [455] to stabilize human living, and to rid the world of separativeness and of the abusesExternalisation, 545:from the Hierarchy. That the Jews should be rid of fear is of major importance; that they shouldExternalisation, 551:to the simplicity which is in Christ. To rid the world of theology and ecclesiasticism. The GradualExternalisation, 571:necessarily destructive, because he endeavors to rid humanity of old forms of religious, economicFire, 1149:therefore, of the disciple after death is to get rid of his subtler bodies, and acquire new ones.Glamour, 22:that the thinkers of the world will begin to rid the world of illusion. Hence the increasingGlamour, 139:light which can dissipate the fogs of glamor and rid the life of its ill effects is that of theGlamour, 200:these forms the individual aspirant has ever to rid himself, emerging after so doing through thatGlamour, 214:Men and women everywhere are attempting to rid themselves of glamor by the power of clear thinking,Healing, 254:among people, to empty our sanatoriums, to rid humanity of the basic diseases, of lunacy andHealing, 489:also two things to accomplish: To dissolve and rid himself of any astral sediment which may beHealing, 539:formulation of a great desire to live and to get rid of the disease, unless the illness is so acuteHercules, 20:to slay his teachers. He killed them all and got rid of them. Why? Because he had reached the pointHercules, 20:his own affairs. It was necessary, therefore, to rid himself of all those who sought to superviseHercules, 151:seems rampant when he had thought he had got rid of it. He is fluidic, and he had thought he wasHercules, 151:mind are all evil, undesirable things, to be got rid of. To my mind, it is fundamental to grasp theHercules, 151:fundamental to grasp the thought that if I get rid of physical form I have no means of contactingHercules, 155:how he might achieve the task assigned, how rid the place of these predacious birds. [156] By manyHercules, 159:are more important than you are. You have to get rid of the sense of "I am". That is the wholeHercules, 167:rushes to the land of Acadia and determines to rid the land of these man-eating birds. We are toldInitiation, 92:of the many earlier. Students must get rid of the idea that if they are "very good and altruistic"Intellect, 119:(Continued) Milarepa was one who eventually rid himself of the Two-Fold Shadow and soared intoIntellect, 187:that each one of us could attain it if he got rid of ignorance by abandoning the dualisticMagic, 214:upon here, the destructive work of getting rid of the old forms, of shaking out of the bodiesMagic, 489:so powerful that they can poison him. He cannot rid himself of them no matter how hard he tries orPatanjali, 29:of being Master on the part of one who has rid himself of thirst for either seen or revealedPatanjali, 29:objects." "The mind stuff (chitta) - if it be rid of thirst for objects that are seen, such asPatanjali, 29:as women, or food or drink or power, if it be rid of thirst for the object revealed (in the Vedas)Rays, 210:motive of world need. So the disciple begins to rid himself of desire by a process of attrition. HeRays, 492:should also bear in mind that they need to rid themselves of the usual idea of sacrifice as a
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