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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RIGHT

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Statement:It is for you to ascertain their truth by right practice and by the exercise of the intuition.Astrology, 9:has gone astray. It has reversed the true and right procedure and has laid the emphasis upon theAstrology, 19:or harmony aspect of life and can produce right relationship between soul and personality in anyAstrology, 52:eventually free itself from this reversal. A right understanding of the effect of the variousAstrology, 61:it when considering this point): "He turns from right to left, and then again from left to right.Astrology, 61:from right to left, and then again from left to right. He revolves in giddy fashion upon an axis ofAstrology, 63:and it will be made available when the right time comes. It is the knowledge of this innerAstrology, 65:truism which states that interpretation and right understanding are based upon the stage of theAstrology, 75:only come about, however, if there is wise and right experiment and investigation. I have positedAstrology, 103:of [103] the fifth kingdom in nature when the right time comes. In this sign, the initiate comesAstrology, 103:bound upon the "wheel of life as it turns from right to left" (from Aries to Taurus via Pisces).Astrology, 103:is bound to the wheel as it turns from left to right, going from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus. It isAstrology, 108:to his usual procedure, having earned the right to mount the Cardinal Cross of the Heavens, theAstrology, 133:or major constellation. You will then have right under your eye the information needed on anyAstrology, 140:to the world of causes and are the result of "right and conscious direction" of the emanatingAstrology, 155:but which will be some day discovered when the right time has arrived, the relation between theAstrology, 161:control of the Forces of Light and Love), and right before our eyes the battle is being waged. TheAstrology, 169:he arrogantly stands where he has not earned the right to stand, he can [170] never safely be givenAstrology, 170:governed by Capricorn, has been a battlefield right down the ages; Port Said, ruled by this sign,Astrology, 177:of my Life, but they suffice, and, when the right time comes, I, thy Lanoo, will follow fast uponAstrology, 185:influence which will bring the personality into right relation to the soul, for that is essentiallyAstrology, 196:begins to make its presence felt and a sense of right direction or guidance is registered by theAstrology, 202:and the processes of stabilization and right direction, we must precede the Capricornian experienceAstrology, 204:above the following: Scorpio carries the test right down into the physical plane life, and then,Astrology, 206:attitude and which makes the mind the barrier to right group relations. Cruelty - which isAstrology, 206:the result is twofold: the establishing of right relations with the soul and also with theAstrology, 221:Upon that Cross, the correctly poised man stands right at the center where the four arms meet and,Astrology, 223:the ultimate solution of the world problem along right lines. In connection with the vertical andAstrology, 227:careful weighing of values, and of achieving the right equilibrium between the pairs of opposites.Astrology, 234:then [234] do as they will and as seems to them right and desirable. This is of itself of a basicAstrology, 234:of the world aspirants, then we shall see the right handling of the [235] world teaching on theAstrology, 235:determined. Through the legal minds and through right legislation, sex will be seen eventually toAstrology, 235:divine function and will then be safeguarded by right education of the young and the ignorant, andAstrology, 235:education of the young and the ignorant, and the right action of the young and highly intelligentAstrology, 236:attitudes and conditions wherein sex can find right expression. Libra, as you know, governs theAstrology, 236:and holds the balances between so-called right and wrong, between negative and positive and alsoAstrology, 236:be a meaningless phrase, but when the true and right relationship is established between the orientAstrology, 237:the public consciousness that the inculcation of right relations and the spread of self-control andAstrology, 237:as well as to teeth and eyes and ears, to right posture and correct feeding, and when there is alsoAstrology, 246:if interpreted correctly and acted upon from right motive, in group formation and with selflessAstrology, 254:it is only upon the path of discipleship that right orientation is achieved and humanity swingsAstrology, 273:It is in this sign also that the Moon in its own right of antiquity and of ancient thought-formAstrology, 302:upon the mental plane. He can, then, through right use of the mind, discriminate between the pairsAstrology, 333:Libra Mutation of relation Orientation of Right relation "I serve myself" "I serve my brother" "IAstrology, 334:interpretation. It is essential, for their right understanding that the astrologer knows whetherAstrology, 335:Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius - he will arrive at a right interpretation of the lives: Of initiates.Astrology, 341:of form are essential if there is to be wise and right cooperation with the Plan of God. JupiterAstrology, 342:of release is, in the last analysis, the right use and control of the organ of illumination whichAstrology, 353:between the soul and the brain and establishes right relation between the lower self and the higherAstrology, 369:different ruling planets, and yet both are right. Uniquely for him, Sepharial gives the threeAstrology, 370:clockwise, but both ways at once and also at right angles to itself. The obviousness of the meaningAstrology, 374:dramatic import of the present time and of their right share and their responsibility and thus toAstrology, 375:the way for the coming Avatar Who will - at the right moment - come forth, embodying in Himself theAstrology, 375:to peace through understanding, and to right relations between men and between nations. The TaurianAstrology, 377:vanish and which indicates also the secret of right human relations. One reaction produces theAstrology, 380:preparatory to the conscious recognition of the right relation of the dualities in Gemini. PonderAstrology, 397:of its career) must give place to vision and the right focus of the sight and this will finallyAstrology, 397:to higher use of the sex energy. The right use of the organs of speech gives the clue to theAstrology, 398:the throat and sacral centers; to show that right direction has been achieved and that there is noAstrology, 402:the other signs will have indicated to you their right interpretation, both here and elsewhere.Astrology, 429:are the two eyes and the third eye: The right eye - the eye of buddhi, of wisdom and of vision. TheAstrology, 436:their correspondences in substance-energy: The right eye. The left eye. The third eye. In thisAstrology, 438:hides that which must be discovered and, at the right moment, it transmits knowledge of the hiddenAstrology, 444:is the predetermined [444] destiny" is far from right. They believe - sometimes sincerely - thatAstrology, 445:This is the energy of mediation, of right relationship. Today as never before the Hierarchy standsAstrology, 450:chance of possible disaster if wrongly handled. Right response will lead the disciple nearer to theAstrology, 454:until the seventh root-race and that only when right relationship is established between theAstrology, 458:producing separation and trouble, or along right lines, leading to eventual harmony andAstrology, 498:the material world. Much progress towards right understanding of astrology will come later whenAstrology, 517:trees, as the proverb says, and that proverb is right. These sciences are mutually interpreting. Astrology, 519:will do if the lessons of the war are learnt and right action follows as a result. Three factorsAstrology, 541:and intentional conscious purpose when the right time comes and will understand the implicationsAstrology, 543:of their powerful rulers that for them right action was impossible. It is this thought whichAstrology, 546:lives; the spirit of love and of individual right relations are not known - those relations whichAstrology, 546:divine revelation, and in the determination to right the evil wrought by her rulers to the world,Astrology, 554:Mutable Cross. He does not "mount this Cross of Right Direction" in a technical sense until he hasAstrology, 559:the stage of responsibility, self-awareness and right direction. His orientation is now "theAstrology, 564:sensitivity to the higher impression is his right and privilege. All these four possibilities, inAstrology, 573:are crucified upon the Fixed Cross, the Cross of right orientation. It is for the use of those menAstrology, 574:simultaneously - the evocation (through right invocation) of the will-to-good of the world thinkersAstrology, 581:Shamballa force is nevertheless available for right usage but the power to express it lies in itsAstrology, 583:life aspect. The Will which brings fulfilment of right human relations. The Will which finallyAstrology, 583:world; it concerns the establishing of right human relations and is that condition of being whichAstrology, 584:of light and for the purpose of establishing right human relations which must be used (in love) toAstrology, 585:of the German people and their inability to take right action when Hitler's purposes were disclosedAstrology, 587:and who would try to fit themselves - by right understanding - to contact and use the ShamballaAstrology, 588:use their minds and brains in the affirmation of right. It was for the reason that the will aspectAstrology, 591:of Deity, expressed as yet by the desire for right human relations and right treatment of all thatAstrology, 591:yet by the desire for right human relations and right treatment of all that is non-human. Of theAstrology, 601:to produce beauty, order, perfect wholes and right relationships. It is the driving energy whichAstrology, 639:left lower angle stands the Lion (Leo); in the right, the Bull (Taurus); while between the Bull andAstrology, 662:Mars has two satellites to which he has no right. (astral and mental. A.A.B.) Mars is a septenaryAstrology, 663:radiant golden-colored. In the human system the right eye corresponds with Buddhi and the left eyeAstrology, 675:here." (C. F. 299) "In the human system, the right eye corresponds with Buddhi and Mercury and theAtom, 13:and have passed through the minds of thinkers right down through the centuries. There have beenAtom, 22:which we shall some day recognize as beautiful, right, and true. It is all that we have visionedAtom, 49:will be changed, and people will study the right methods of utilizing energy. Disease throughAtom, 80:by the solar Logos, or the Deity. If we are right in our fundamental concept, if there is a grainAtom, 93:griefs; they grow too great For narrow creeds of right and wrong, which fade Before the unmeasuredAtom, 98:enumerated; and then we said that, if we were right in our hypothesis about the atom, if we were
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