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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RIGHT

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Bethlehem, 23:the Transfiguration initiation. Mind control and right orientation towards the soul, with aBethlehem, 28:into the interior world of true fact and right energy. It is a world in which only the spiritualBethlehem, 40:griefs; they grow too great For narrow creeds of right and wrong, which fade Before the unmeasuredBethlehem, 80:tells us to work. One wonders sometimes how right it has been for men to have accepted the ideas ofBethlehem, 82:to see what must be done, we begin to assume the right attitude which will make it possible. TheBethlehem, 88:through love can Love be revealed. When through right use and understanding the mind is definitelyBethlehem, 90:reached the point in its development where a right reaction was possible. Zarathustra, to mentionBethlehem, 100:use of the mind, the disciple is led to make right choice, and to balance (with wisdom) the endlessBethlehem, 113:the real and the unreal, truth and falsehood, right and wrong, pleasure and pain, the urge and theBethlehem, 119:the illusion of temporal power to be used for right ends we may be sure was presented to Him. ThusBethlehem, 120:in such a manner that they may seem entirely right. Yet we do not live by bread alone, but by meansBethlehem, 123:Matt., IV, 5, 6, 7.) It is essential for the right understanding of this temptation that weBethlehem, 127:out can do much harm - even when the motive is right or apparently so. Such persons wield much moreBethlehem, 128:consists in the fact that appeal is made to right motive. It would - such is the implication - beBethlehem, 129:the enticements of the devil and, from apparent right motive and love of humanity, accepted theBethlehem, 137:birth, subsequent purification in order that right manifestation of Deity may follow, revelation ofBethlehem, 144:will automatically and positively produce that right action which will make the breaking of theBethlehem, 154:it is only the friends of Christ who have any right to be dogmatic about Him, or who can speak withBethlehem, 160:and to listen to His words. The power and the right to speak is now conferred upon the Christ, andBethlehem, 182:face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side; and they four had the face of an ox onBethlehem, 196:all ideas (intuitively perceived and infallibly right) are distorted. Men's minds and preconceivedBethlehem, 202:the boundary which ancient custom, ordained right habits, and the social order have imposed uponBethlehem, 203:There are boundaries across which the average right-minded citizen does not step. When he does, heBethlehem, 203:is the ideal, and this action must be based on right motive, be actuated by unselfish purpose, andBethlehem, 206:of the cross alone, and enter God's kingdom by right of achievement. But the way is found inBethlehem, 206:that we become followers of Christ and earn the right to enter into His kingdom, because we do notBethlehem, 215:can approach the Father. Christ had earned this right because of His proven divinity and because HeBethlehem, 215:It is not a theological belief that puts us right with God, but an attitude to life and an attitudeBethlehem, 240:fain be to the Eternal Goodness what his own right hand is to a man.' Absolute devotion orBethlehem, 240:confessed his iniquity and thereby established a right relationship with God. The first response ofBethlehem, 243:or whether the ancient scripture of India was right when it pointed out that: "Certain is the deathBethlehem, 258:for initiation, or who could penetrate by right of initiation into the temples of those Mysteries.Bethlehem, 258:to them the Noble Eightfold Path governing right conduct, and gave in reality the rules whichBethlehem, 262:whether we may hasten the process; whether, by a right understanding of Christ and His teaching, weBethlehem, 262:on our part would be too great, if Christ was right in the position He took and in the teaching HeBethlehem, 262:Christ has said that man is divine. Was He right? If man is divine and a son of the Father, thenBethlehem, 264:The disintegration in the world at this time is right and good, provided we understand why it isBethlehem, 264:on with a view to eventual construction is right and proper, but the plans for the coming buildingBethlehem, 265:possible. People ask for guidance; they demand right leadership; they hope to be led in the wayBethlehem, 265:they are many) train themselves to aid in the right orientation of humanity? How can they becomeBethlehem, 269:which is generated through the processes of right meditation; it is an expression of the soul,Bethlehem, 271:really and finally places human nature in the right light. His appearance in history entitles manDestiny, 7:you should study and comprehend for upon their right acceptance and understanding will depend theDestiny, 11:of God for the planet and for humanity assume right direction and proportion. In this way, the newDestiny, 22:which humanity has formulated in its own right. Thus the three aspects of God's nature areDestiny, 25:this without exception, or it is being guided in right directions (and this again withoutDestiny, 35:other people and express this identity through right relationship, we shall see a very differentDestiny, 36:the success of the evolutionary process. It is right here that many experiments will be made (andDestiny, 39:deductions and the surety that he is obviously right. They do not embody the spiritual values asDestiny, 44:is a movement within spiritualistic circles to right this obvious danger and to shift the presentDestiny, 44:upon phenomena into the world of true values and right understanding. The subject is too vast a oneDestiny, 49:nothing [49] of this. They must be led in right ways gradually by the steady development in rightDestiny, 49:ways gradually by the steady development in right understanding of their own nationals. Bear thisDestiny, 49:in mind, all of you who work for world peace and right human relations, for harmony and forDestiny, 53:it has been manifested it will bring about the right functioning of the first Ray of Power orDestiny, 54:ray and will demonstrate it through wisdom and right government, based on true idealism and love.Destiny, 65:The Hierarchy is not neutral. It is one with the right element in every nation and set against allDestiny, 79:victims and should be just as easily guided into right ways as they have been, at present, guidedDestiny, 81:as the one to mete out justice and indicate the right methods of law and order; yet her GeminiDestiny, 82:them to regard themselves as eternally in the right, and the [83] noisy self-assertion of theDestiny, 93:separation and trouble; it may be along right lines, leading [94] to eventual harmony andDestiny, 109:nearer to the sources of light and love. It is right here and in connection with this eventfulDestiny, 109:that both systems and modes of work are equally right in their time and place, but that the modernDestiny, 110:for the development of the human family along right lines during the coming era. It will be ofDestiny, 110:had, of necessity, to achieve a different and right orientation to [111] the world of spiritualDestiny, 125:is not yet understood though some steps in the right direction are being taken. There mustDestiny, 126:and seldom has any real understanding of the right relation between form and energy. He thinksDestiny, 127:lovingly with substance and so bring it into right relation with the dense outer form that has madeDestiny, 128:are of importance: Energy follows thought. Right motive creates right action and right forms. TheseDestiny, 128:Energy follows thought. Right motive creates right action and right forms. These two statements areDestiny, 128:thought. Right motive creates right action and right forms. These two statements are of veryDestiny, 128:will bring the energy which he is wielding right down on to the physical plane, thereby producingDestiny, 148:towards special work was the desire to establish right human relations; it is also the desire -Destiny, 148:day the Desire of all nations will come, that right human relations will be found everywhere andDestiny, 149:longing and desire for a true peace, based on right human relations, implemented by goodwill. ThisDestiny, 150:nations of the world - thirsty for truth, for right human relations and for loving understanding.Destiny, 151:is, as you must well know, the symbol of right human relations in which all men and nations willDestiny, 152:if they recognize it not. The future will see right relationships, true communion, a sharing of allDestiny, 152:and points of view - will provide no barrier to right human relations. At the center of each ofDiscipleship1factors and that some had earned the right to inclusion, even if their spiritual attainments seemedDiscipleship1, XII:heart full of love, a mind open and illumined by right orientation to truth and a life dedicated toDiscipleship1, XIV:interesting to me to note how infallibly right the Tibetan was in his diagnosis of the raysDiscipleship1, 5:for the offering of opportunity and for the right enunciation of the truth but for no more thanDiscipleship1, 8:such instructions as seem to you reasonable and right but - when you do choose to follow them - youDiscipleship1, 10:emotion nor is it desire or a selfish motive for right action in daily life. Love is, the wieldingDiscipleship1, 15:and the development of sensitivity to the right kind of impression. This can only be realized afterDiscipleship1, 25:forms are seen then in their true perspective; a right sense of values and of time then eventuates.Discipleship1, 27:regards that his point of view is entirely right. This again feeds pride and tends to make theDiscipleship1, 35:the group work. Along with these most normal and right reactions are to be found much ignorance asDiscipleship1, 37:Rays. This group of healers must bring about the right healing of the personalities of individualsDiscipleship1, 37:- mental, emotional and physical - through the right organization and circulation of force. PresentDiscipleship1, 41:these ten groups will use must be studied. The right use of these centers will take place only whenDiscipleship1, 45:or spiritual levels of consciousness is not right in his conception of the process. Inner workDiscipleship1, 46:be studied; weaknesses can then be offset and right indications fostered... [47] Discipleship1, 48:brother of old, why are you so sure that you are right and that your point of view is necessarilyDiscipleship1, 49:to heart knowledge. Ponder on this distinction. Right observation of reality upon the soul plane.Discipleship1, 49:of reality upon the soul plane. This leads to right mental perception, to freedom from illusion andDiscipleship1, 50:of the types and qualities of force and their right creative weaving into service upon the outerDiscipleship1, 50:element, with its cyclic ebb and flow and the right seasons for action - a most difficult psychicDiscipleship1, 50:"In the world, yet not of the world" is the right attitude - expressed for us by the Christ.
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