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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RIGHT

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Discipleship1, 51:him with others? Do you endeavor to put him right? How do you try to do this? If you are impersonalDiscipleship1, 55:clarity and to choose with wiser exactitude the right words (written and spoken) by which toDiscipleship1, 58:and this was worked out through the process of right external conduct based upon right innerDiscipleship1, 58:the process of right external conduct based upon right inner orientation and attitude. But underDiscipleship1, 58:by achieved racial progress) this process of right external adjustments must be paralleled in theDiscipleship1, 58:adjustments must be paralleled in the New Age by right inner relations, consciously established andDiscipleship1, 60:as follows: Group integrity. This grows out of right integration and refers to the delicate balanceDiscipleship1, 60:a unit. This is dependent upon the achieving of right individual attitudes and (when working) theDiscipleship1, 63:them. It could be wisely asked if anyone has the right to work telepathically upon the mind of anyDiscipleship1, 66:impress sensitive, awakening psychics with the right impression. Hence our effort to create theseDiscipleship1, 70:or life energy - the energy of vitality. The right use of the pranic energies (and they are sevenDiscipleship1, 70:Both have to work in cooperation. There must be right understanding of the disease and its cause,Discipleship1, 78:should so misunderstand me. I proved him to be right, eventually, through a life of failure and theDiscipleship1, 81:to the group pace and to the necessity of right timing where his fellow disciples are concerned. ItDiscipleship1, 81:judgment and of wisdom in the establishment of a right interrelation with the group of disciples soDiscipleship1, 81:the group as always exist for the individual: right integration on the three personality levels andDiscipleship1, 81:personality levels and also on soul levels, plus right group impression or responsiveness to theDiscipleship1, 95:complex but to that adjusted sense of right proportion which equips its possessor with a balancedDiscipleship1, 99:is that difficult dual attitude which permits right personality activity and real interest inDiscipleship1, 101:you and around all who are battling for the right. See that you battle. You can then, if you will,Discipleship1, 111:in the solar plexus must be brought about by right control of the ajna, throat, heart and solarDiscipleship1, 118:the emotional vehicle, is also active in the right sense (negative to the world of the senses andDiscipleship1, 119:degree in Atlantean times had to evidence the right use of emotion. In Aryan times, the initiate ofDiscipleship1, 119:wrested response from your soul and the earned right of a pledged server who had worked steadfastlyDiscipleship1, 124:and real, for both the eyes, the left and the right, are turned upon the ways of men and in thisDiscipleship1, 124:relation to the unseen Master. Perhaps in the right adjustment which you have been successful inDiscipleship1, 125:or prideful reaction but as a justified and right reward of patient effort and true occultDiscipleship1, 130:their divinity and their humanity. Am I not right, my brother? As time goes on, we can extend and,Discipleship1, 130:points or rather these two requirements - the right use of time and its right adjustment in yourDiscipleship1, 130:two requirements - the right use of time and its right adjustment in your life, and the cultivationDiscipleship1, 131:effort where the best results can be achieved. Right discrimination in helpfulness is rare, but youDiscipleship1, 134:of the forces and energies which are theirs by right of inherent possession; these are, however,Discipleship1, 135:you are doing. I would have you remember that right doing is the result of being. If your awarenessDiscipleship1, 137:we are planning to do together. I would ask you right at the beginning for your voluntaryDiscipleship1, 144:of conduct followed (and the decision can be right) but the eventuating conditions may not beDiscipleship1, 144:your workers steady. The task of finding the right people and of inspiring them is your immediateDiscipleship1, 144:must learn discrimination and understanding and right choice - through experiment, through failureDiscipleship1, 144:men are not yet ready for disinterested service. Right judgment is a needed quality for you whenDiscipleship1, 147:to the New Group of World Servers, if given right training. Train yourself in that discriminativeDiscipleship1, 148:future holds for you much successful work, if right elimination of non-essential activities (with aDiscipleship1, 153:with the problem of service and the finding of right cooperators, I might endorse your own opinionDiscipleship1, 153:you could do yourself which would attract the right person and establish a fruitful and enduringDiscipleship1, 155:problem which is that most subtle one of the right balancing of energies. You have no third rayDiscipleship1, 156:future for you is planned and you can take the right steps through the power of your illuminedDiscipleship1, 159:a perfected alignment and the other upon the right seizure of opportunity, upon directed skill inDiscipleship1, 162:wise vision, to [162] true understanding and to right planning. The rest of the work and theDiscipleship1, 163:you the opportunity - much to do with the right organization of the outer expression of the NewDiscipleship1, 164:Servers... As you go forward with this task, the right method of approach to those working in theDiscipleship1, 164:to touch upon. Your orientation to the Plan is right, and you have wisdom and strength. Conserve,Discipleship1, 164:however, your strength and remember that right relaxation is just as much a part of the service youDiscipleship1, 164:unbroken, inner push, carried forward through right organization of the outer factors of time andDiscipleship1, 166:world. This has to be done in order to bring in right and new conditions upon the earth. To findDiscipleship1, 175:conditions, leading, as I have said, to right automatic habits of response, should be regarded as aDiscipleship1, 180:intelligently and powerfully applied, to evoke right conditions in your environment. I would haveDiscipleship1, 185:joy is the most powerful impulse behind the right kind of radiation. I would ask you: How does aDiscipleship1, 190:ring-pass-not. Remember that only through right meditation, useful thinking, and the practice ofDiscipleship1, 191:all three bodies, you must learn control and right use; otherwise soul force, pouring through thatDiscipleship1, 192:devotion to the cause of humanity is equally right; your liking for your fellowmen is very real.Discipleship1, 193:soul in all my ways, and thus awaken others to a right activity. 4th month - I teach the way toDiscipleship1, 203:gain from them that inner development which the right handling of the presented situation should -Discipleship1, 204:This latter problem involves also the problem of right compromise, and a true sense of the timeDiscipleship1, 206:changes take place in your life as the result of right decision which must, in its turn, be basedDiscipleship1, 206:You might ask me at this point upon what a right decision should be based and I would reply in theDiscipleship1, 206:which can be carried out without relinquishing right and inescapable obligations. I say rightDiscipleship1, 206:right and inescapable obligations. I say right obligations and not personality inclinations. OnDiscipleship1, 208:almost call this the second lesson upon the right use of time which is so essential in your case,Discipleship1, 209:which is of more importance than another. The right understanding and the right use of time is forDiscipleship1, 209:than another. The right understanding and the right use of time is for you the major significantDiscipleship1, 212:solar plexus center to the ajna center? Through right meditation, my brother, and right breathing.Discipleship1, 212:Through right meditation, my brother, and right breathing. I will ask you, therefore, for the nextDiscipleship1, 230:is most desirable for it is through the right use of the aura that we stimulate others to renewedDiscipleship1, 232:should do much to enable you to make a right approach to the life work which will be yours in yourDiscipleship1, 232:however, that personality achievement is, in its right place and time, divine achievement. But theDiscipleship1, 240:Relax and be at peace. Thus will you make right decision. In the light of eternity, these littleDiscipleship1, 240:(and how small they are when looked at in the right light and - dare I say it? - with a sense ofDiscipleship1, 241:and selfishness which constitutes evil. From right motive and the same circumstances [242] good mayDiscipleship1, 245:methods, formulas and ways of living which seem right to you (and are right for you) may beDiscipleship1, 245:ways of living which seem right to you (and are right for you) may be entirely undesirable forDiscipleship1, 248:you can do from the following three angles: Of right or of wrong action in the expression of love.Discipleship1, 253:little self. See, however, that in this case, right motive controls. Intense dynamic interest inDiscipleship1, 255:are on the same ray, then the problems of the right balancing of forces emerges and this has beenDiscipleship1, 260:way for others, dispel the - loom and produce right reaction, based upon a clear seeing of theDiscipleship1, 265:such a purpose also and the two requirements for right meditation (where you are concerned) are theDiscipleship1, 272:and distrust of each other. The key to the right expenditure of money and to its correct use can beDiscipleship1, 272:of their higher correspondences - through right love, right thought or meditation and rightDiscipleship1, 272:higher correspondences - through right love, right thought or meditation and right technique - theDiscipleship1, 272:right love, right thought or meditation and right technique - the financial requirements [273] ofDiscipleship1, 273:world servers, this question of money and of right attitudes towards money and right meditationDiscipleship1, 273:money and of right attitudes towards money and right meditation upon money must be boldly faced.Discipleship1, 273:dominant; use skill in action, this will involve right preliminary meditation, plus correctDiscipleship1, 274:the major integrating forces and an adjuster of right conditions. There is only one thing thatDiscipleship1, 283:significance of times and seasons, and their right and regulated use. You belong to this latterDiscipleship1, 286:What is needed is the realization that - given right motive and true spiritual consecration -Discipleship1, 290:and feeling is seldom a true indication of right action. I seek only to give you the time to think.Discipleship1, 292:training was detachment and the unfoldment of right action through the analysis of motive. ThroughDiscipleship1, 292:but it is always permissible to enhance right thought conditions. There is one of your co-workersDiscipleship1, 294:are mental in their origin and useful in their right place, and do your work as a soul. Work atDiscipleship1, 297:or between two rights: A greater and a lesser right. That which is right for you but which may notDiscipleship1, 297:A greater and a lesser right. That which is right for you but which may not be right for others.Discipleship1, 297:That which is right for you but which may not be right for others. Between one's personal dharma,
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