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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RIGHT

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Discipleship2, 187:result of its correct use, a spiritual inflow - right to the very heart of humanity and from theDiscipleship2, 188:a potent means of establishing and maintaining right spiritual and human relations. When in theDiscipleship2, 220:the lines of demarcation between that which is right from the angle of the spiritual values (theDiscipleship2, 225:you individually have to handle are dedicated to right usage, the fulfilment of your rightDiscipleship2, 225:dedicated to right usage, the fulfilment of your right obligations and the covering of your karmicDiscipleship2, 226:I - in my own personal daily life - earned the right (because of definite effort and not so muchDiscipleship2, 229:Ponder on the redemption of humanity through the right use of money. Visualize the money in theDiscipleship2, 230:do not give, you may not ask, for you have no right to evoke that which you do not share.Discipleship2, 232:will be purely economic and will concern the right feeding and the development of a true securityDiscipleship2, 237:and their emphasis will be upon: The Law of Right Human Relations. The Principle of Goodwill. TheDiscipleship2, 244:sharing and (when understanding is present and right orientation) the help which those can give whoDiscipleship2, 245:to attend to these requirements which call for a right attitude on your part and the use of theDiscipleship2, 256:humility. This involves: An adjusted sense of right proportion. A balanced point of view. ADiscipleship2, 260:things: polarize his position by establishing right human relations and at the same time become aDiscipleship2, 260:a higher turn of the spiral - has to establish right relations with the Hierarchy and becomeDiscipleship2, 263:of all forms. These effects, resulting from right comprehension of the formulas, might be regardedDiscipleship2, 265:in a statement in The Secret Doctrine that the right eye [266] is the eye of buddhi and the leftDiscipleship2, 271:of being which grow out of the establishment of right human relations. Purpose can only be revealedDiscipleship2, 271:can only be revealed and understood when such right relations are the firmly fixed habits of allDiscipleship2, 272:for those in process of grasping the need for right human relations to understand more than that aDiscipleship2, 276:that the earlier methods were not correct and right. It means that the intelligent grasp of theDiscipleship2, 278:and expansion of consciousness, and it is in the right use of these hints that the disciple learnsDiscipleship2, 279:basically concerned, because it is ideas, their right application and interpretation, [280] whichDiscipleship2, 280:first of all, by enabling him to arrive at a right relation and correct evaluation between theDiscipleship2, 290:grows into the directing agent, using the right eye as the distributing agent for the energy ofDiscipleship2, 290:of love, animated with will. This is why the right eye has been called, in the esoteric teaching,Discipleship2, 290:mechanism to the directing eye of the soul. The right eye and the left eye, which take the incomingDiscipleship2, 290:in etheric matter of buddhi-manas. Right eye - spiritual energy. Buddhi. Pure reason.Discipleship2, 293:Forget not that recognition involves right interpretation and right relation to that which is seenDiscipleship2, 293:recognition involves right interpretation and right relation to that which is seen and contacted.Discipleship2, 298:is now adequately intelligent to be trained in right interpretation. 5. The evocation of the will.Discipleship2, 300:him to the need for occult obedience, for right orientation, for persistence, and for devotion toDiscipleship2, 319:and revelation. The revelation - induced by right orientation and right thinking - is a part of theDiscipleship2, 319:revelation - induced by right orientation and right thinking - is a part of the training of theDiscipleship2, 321:and the lines of force set in motion when the right word finds itself at the apex of the triangle.Discipleship2, 322:of the "advancing point of light." The stage of right direction or the focusing of the "advancing"Discipleship2, 322:three corresponding stages of Advancing Light, Right Direction, Impact. You have here also anDiscipleship2, 326:Our Earth can now become a Sacred Planet, if all right conditions are fulfiled. A new divineDiscipleship2, 344:they have not been given to you by me in their right order. That order is for you to determine. IDiscipleship2, 346:They are indeed related to them, but the right order in itself constitutes a revelation, and noneDiscipleship2, 347:of the "advancing Point of Light." The stage of right direction of the light potency. The stage ofDiscipleship2, 350:plan which will eventuate in peace, security and right human relations. It is interesting to noteDiscipleship2, 352:expression in the worldwide effort to establish right human relations. Initiation is no longerDiscipleship2, 352:relationship within humanity itself, producing right human relations and a consequent integrationDiscipleship2, 353:as a state-absorbed entity - deprived of the right of free choice and forced through fear andDiscipleship2, 353:life - is a growing menace to mankind. It is the right use of this same energy which makes fusionDiscipleship2, 353:Principle of Fusion and of group endeavor is right and part of the divine plan; its implementationDiscipleship2, 355:know not what you did. I can only hope for your right approach. If - to illustrate - you interpretDiscipleship2, 359:stage the first; later they move with care and right direction. Thus affairs are changed on Earth."Discipleship2, 364:of time and space in terms of the Eternal Now. Right interpretation of this formula gives insightDiscipleship2, 375:be employed when the disciple has earned the right to certain privileges and can be trusted to useDiscipleship2, 376:to think; they earnestly seek to know the right way for humanity, and desire to ascertain the willDiscipleship2, 388:hint, I pointed out that revelation - induced by right orientation and right thinking - is part ofDiscipleship2, 388:revelation - induced by right orientation and right thinking - is part of the training of theDiscipleship2, 394:following a deep and hidden instinct towards right activity. By that hard and persistentDiscipleship2, 400:reorient itself and change its function when the right time and the correct emergency come. I haveDiscipleship2, 406:wherein he "undergoes initiation" in his own right (as the phrase runs), for he can now be trustedDiscipleship2, 424:realization of the nature of the will and the right place [425] and proper reality of sacrifice inDiscipleship2, 426:New Invocation; its potency was so great that right conditions had to be considered before itsDiscipleship2, 429:your [429] insight permits, and thus further the right production of the required effects. Discipleship2, 447:to reality, and then leave you to arrive at right decision, via direct or intuitive knowledge,Discipleship2, 450:III. Crisis The comprehension and the system of right reflection which the two above processes willDiscipleship2, 450:to focus, in line with your attainment of the right tension, and the precipitation of the crisisDiscipleship2, 451:type of decision indicates no choice between right and wrong, or between progress or non-progress.Discipleship2, 451:of the interludes. Beginners in the mechanics of right breathing seem inevitably engrossed with theDiscipleship2, 457:the reverse side of Goodwill. Untidily, when the right time comes, these groups must issue a greatDiscipleship2, 470:least until the crucifixion initiation is your right. The task today proffered you, and itsDiscipleship2, 481:his karma and works to offset it, actuated by right motive. Let me illustrate. The Master knowsDiscipleship2, 486:and also to see that your relationship was right in two directions: towards the Ashram and towardsDiscipleship2, 488:but owing to your age it is not, at this time, right so to do. There are some you have yet to helpDiscipleship2, 492:the period of rebuilding and the establishing of right human relations may (I do not say it will,Discipleship2, 493:(Vol. I, Page 188) is being handled by you with right attitude and common sense. For this I commendDiscipleship2, 502:the fact that, fundamentally, either decision is right. Few, however, face the choice consciouslyDiscipleship2, 506:need for attachment in this instruction is that right attachment releases the love of the soul, andDiscipleship2, 514:the process of transmutation and release through right meditation. I would suggest the followingDiscipleship2, 518:as I look ahead at your life of service and of right intention, one word stands out in myDiscipleship2, 522:That is your privilege and your inalienable right. I would like, however, to point out to you thatDiscipleship2, 523:to all that affects you. It is, however, right that you should know. So, brother of mine, we comeDiscipleship2, 534:love. Love, my brother, when present and of the right kind engenders a sense of personalDiscipleship2, 541:you not that phrase?) and your direction is right. The various suggestions which I have made toDiscipleship2, 544:may lie in a half-realized inability to work out right relations with people, fretting and gnawingDiscipleship2, 545:handicapping the service until such time as right inner adjustments are made. In a curious way, youDiscipleship2, 545:inhibition. They will find it through the right use of the thought processes and through the mindDiscipleship2, 545:light which shines through it. This will bring right solution and correct understanding. You doDiscipleship2, 545:levels. Think this out and then carry forward right action in two directions: on the mental planeDiscipleship2, 549:three are: Occult Obedience. Group Integration. Right of Access. Let us consider each of them for aDiscipleship2, 552:the life of the Ashram - Group Integration and Right of Access - will take on new and vitalDiscipleship2, 552:of those who talk there is no group integration. Right of access comes to those who know the Law ofDiscipleship2, 556:upon himself automatically to do or say the right thing; more important still, the Master can countDiscipleship2, 558:enough, when the disciple interiorly holds the right attitude (even if bewildered) the decision isDiscipleship2, 574:this simply as an exercise in the direction and right flow of energy, via the throat center, youDiscipleship2, 579:should be the establishing of the most loving "right relations" with all in your immediateDiscipleship2, 583:These four phrases have in them the seed of all right service [584] and can be applied to yourDiscipleship2, 590:is therefore primarily concerned with Time. This right comprehension of the time element requiresDiscipleship2, 590:time element requires the eye of vision, plus right interpretation of that which it sees. For thisDiscipleship2, 591:and the potent energy of your soul through the right eye. This will prove potent in effect. Then -Discipleship2, 592:of the labor movements which were founded on right motive, inspired educational processes,Discipleship2, 593:quality has been presented, and this has been right because the subjective aspect of any form ofDiscipleship2, 594:learnt rapidly and moved fast, and it is only right and just that you should know it. You haveDiscipleship2, 594:are simply incidental to the learning of the right use of soul energy. This is your immediate
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