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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RIGHT

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Fire, 407:will be superseded by the principle of buddhi. Right on from now till the middle of the next roundFire, 432:in man, and from this plane he must secure the right to enter the Path, and procure that controlFire, 435:through it, and enable those men who are at the right stage to utilize this force in order to takeFire, 474:protection and safeguard to man will assume its right place. [475] The work of the devas inFire, 483:the mineral kingdom. A few of the older students right through the ages have comprehended theFire, 503:of the energy and force which is his by right of participation in the processes of manifestation,Fire, 548:force factors, and this is a step in the right direction. Approaching the same question from theFire, 559:is so, then will man be coming into his divine right, and the human kingdom be fulfiling itsFire, 573:visualize a swastika of ten arms revolving at right angles, of a radiant green color, all the tenFire, 589:matter, and then rises again up the side on our right hand until it reaches the lower mental level.Fire, 641:of discovery lies safety. It is not wise nor right yet for the true nature of these differentFire, 647:and His self-conscious activity was brought right down on to the physical plane. The analogy can beFire, 653:griefs; they grow too great For narrow creeds of right and wrong, which fade Before the unmeasuredFire, 663:and instincts will be good and exoterically right. Nevertheless, if the man is controlled by them,Fire, 673:divergence which we call the "left and right hand paths," which conditions (existing within theFire, 722:and that a self-conscious entity only earns the right to this peculiar form of work through aFire, 756:or who, in previous lives, have acquired the right by karma. This threefold over-shadowing willFire, 790:planes) is reached. In the one case, through right direction of force, the etheric web no longerFire, 790:body also is eventually destroyed through the right direction of force. We will not here take upFire, 807:"jewel," and their ability to disclose at the right moment that which lies hidden. It covers theFire, 811:understood, then and only then will we have a right and just comprehension of the nature of man.Fire, 811:in the etheric body which is preventing the right flow of prana, or of solar vitality to every partFire, 812:established in medical circles, then will the right treatment of lunacy, of obsessions, and ofFire, 827:or battleground which earns for the man the right to tread the Probationary Path, and eventuallyFire, 867:third is organized. Thus he is brought, through right direction of energy and wise manipulation ofFire, 867:egoic group. It is the Hall wherein he gains the right to use the force of the egoic group, for heFire, 868:certain statements, containing: Hints as to the right direction of the energy, Suggestions as toFire, 873:forces of the physical plane, and Theirs the right to direct the three major streams of this typeFire, 879:be expressed as follows: Knowledge 79 is the right apprehension of the laws of energy, of theFire, 881:"periods of manifestation." It also involves a right realization of the laws of obscuration. AllFire, 881:and then in the solar system. Love is the right apprehension of the uses and purposes of form, andFire, 882:six schools are: The school of Logic - Proof of right perception. The atomic school - System ofFire, 945:in the construction of the frame, through the right apportioning of the minerals and chemicals. AFire, 945:in vegetable constituents and above all in the right adjustment of the emotional nature. SeveralFire, 960:the formation of the Mayavirupa is found in the right comprehension of the process. If studentsFire, 960:concentration and meditation. Later, when the right rhythm has been set up in the bodies, and theFire, 965:activity. [965] As the throat center assumes its right place in the process of evolution, the altaFire, 979:silence for that period, they were given the right to speak, for they had learned a specificFire, 986:the heart center in the Brother of the right hand path is the transmitting agency for the buildingFire, 993:unless a man is strengthened in his endeavor by right motive, he is liable to be led astray by theFire, 994:lives of strenuous effort. Through abstinence, right continence, clean living, vegetarian diet, andFire, 1023:those, "prisoners of the planet" whose note is right and justly tuned to that which must be made.Fire, 1023:lesser lives, within the web, who are of the right order to be built into the proposed thoughtFire, 1039:perhaps thousands of years ago. H. P. B. is right in his affirmation as far as the impulse of theFire, 1039:ray is concerned; but his followers are not right, in so far as they overlook and negate the sixFire, 1080:to direct the energies of this race on to the right line though the peak of the cycle ofFire, 1130:buddhi whilst the third eye is found between the right and left eyes. One of the main functions ofFire, 1141:- involution. From beneath upwards - evolution. Right to left - greater cycles, etc. Left to rightFire, 1141:Right to left - greater cycles, etc. Left to right - lesser cycles. The three keys: CosmicFire, 1145:a man can do all these things and has earned the right to know that which produces the phenomenonFire, 1145:phenomenon of manifestation, he has earned the right to enter into the councils of the planetaryFire, 1146:the governed and those who govern - is found right here. No system of sociological reform will beFire, 1194:- "The stream is crossed. Tis true thou hast a right to Dharmakaya vesture; but Sambhogakaya isFire, 1194:to help humanity, an Adept who has won the right to Nirvana, 'renounces the Dharmakaya body' inFire, 1259:this particular stream of energy lies in the right understanding of the above suggestion. TheFire, 1267:not to the note of red enter the scale upon the right hand side. From thence they pass upon a pathFire, 1276:of equilibrium. They descend sometimes upon the right hand side and sometimes upon the left. TheFire, 1277:to do. He struggleth for speech and raiseth His right hand in supplication to the great Adjuster.Glamour, 4:before they can use emotional sensitivity in the right manner. Understanding involves contact withGlamour, 5:When the theory is grasped and the right adjustments are made and when the needed work is done, theGlamour, 11:use of symbols on the physical plane, and their right adaptation to a seen and recognized purpose,Glamour, 18:of illusion and world glamor. An increase in the right methods of healing. If this is so, you canGlamour, 18:cooperation and assistance. The steady impact of right thought on the human consciousness byGlamour, 20:into your minds so that the theme may fall into right places in your thoughts. Glamour, 23:[23] realized, and hence the vital necessity for right understanding of the way of mind control.Glamour, 28:no speed, but with due care and caution and with right understanding. Thirdly, you must rememberGlamour, 36:the energy of the soul. If the disciple can make right alignment and consequent contact with hisGlamour, 39:your group and analogous groups in the way of right activity. Secondly, I wish to recapitulateGlamour, 39:of the pairs of opposites, with the Angel on the right and the Dweller on the left. May strengthGlamour, 46:its highest forms we have the recognition of the right of the solar Angel, of the soul or ego, toGlamour, 47:his soul is still intermittent. He demands the right to stand alone. He revels in his new foundGlamour, 52:of illusion for it is, curiously, based upon right success and right motive. Hence the speciousGlamour, 52:it is, curiously, based upon right success and right motive. Hence the specious nature of theGlamour, 52:succeeds in contacting his soul or ego through right effort. Through meditation, good intention,Glamour, 52:consciousness. His dedication, consecration and right purpose enhance the directed inflow ofGlamour, 58:the joint activity of both these manifestations. Right perception is therefore essential for eachGlamour, 59:but the above will suffice to show the need for right perceptions, and to indicate the roots of theGlamour, 59:the light, to perceive correctly, to achieve a right outlook, and to attain a right mentalGlamour, 59:to achieve a right outlook, and to attain a right mental attitude. It was these right attitudesGlamour, 59:to attain a right mental attitude. It was these right attitudes with which the Buddha was dealingGlamour, 59:Eightfold Path. It involves the reaching of a right mental altitude. Yes, I said altitude, myGlamour, 60:down into futility. The [60] mechanism for right understanding is lacking, and though the man mayGlamour, 62:You will note therefore the great need for right understanding of that which is contacted as wellGlamour, 62:of that which is contacted as well as for right interpretation. Glamour, 64:and substance which is entirely unsuited to its right expression. This happens far more often thanGlamour, 69:develop that discrimination which will lead to right choice of life themes. In this instruction IGlamour, 70:oblivious of its existence, regarding it as right and good and the unchangeable place of theirGlamour, 73:finally dissipated by the Aryan race using the right technique. The individual who is learning toGlamour, 74:divine plan. That which is unnecessary to the right expression of divinity and to a full and richGlamour, 75:new standard of values do they again acquire the right to own and to possess. When desire is absentGlamour, 82:of the Path. Insulation and isolation of the right kind lead to the right relationships and theGlamour, 82:and isolation of the right kind lead to the right relationships and the correct contacts with theGlamour, 83:to dispel glamor through what they believe to be right method, - by calling in the soul, whereasGlamour, 83:form. Then, through analysis, discrimination and right thought one proceeds to deal with theGlamour, 84:or separate tendency. Many other clues to a right recognition of glamor might be given, but if allGlamour, 89:a hard truth, my brothers? Humanity is under right direction, e'en if (during a brief interlude)Glamour, 89:the process and apply wrong motives to right activities. All these points we shall later take up inGlamour, 89:care and memorize it if possible, for in its right understanding lies for you much of realGlamour, 89:of maya that one of the first steps to its right handling is physical coordination; hence theGlamour, 89:are all attempts to express the process of "right activity [90] upon the Path of Return." This
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