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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RIGHT

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Glamour, 100:consequent [100] growth of knowledge, wisdom and right relationships. These people fall normallyGlamour, 100:Warrior carry on the fight. They will then (when right decision and choice have been made) "standGlamour, 102:of leaving behind both pairs of opposites, or of right recognition through the intuition, but thatGlamour, 103:the initiate can employ the intuition for the right perception of truth, and in that initiation heGlamour, 106:of bewilderment which makes clear choice and right discrimination difficult and, in the earlyGlamour, 107:of the Lemurian world (Whose problem was the right comprehension, correct functioning and controlGlamour, 108:one of the secrets of initiation consists in the right understanding and use of the consciousnessGlamour, 109:opposites" - good and evil, pain and pleasure, right and wrong, sense and nonsense, and theGlamour, 115:and soul energy) and asks himself: Which is right, this or that? How can I distinguish where myGlamour, 117:Path, on to the Path of Discipleship, and right up to the gate of initiation. There, standingGlamour, 121:The glamor of selfish destiny, of the divine right of kings personally exacted. The glamor ofGlamour, 121:of too complete an understanding, which negates right action. The glamor of self-pity, a basicGlamour, 123:who left the group had been in it from karmic right and old relation to myself or to the groupGlamour, 130:in seven major ways - all of them equally right and serving the sevenfold need of humanity. Each ofGlamour, 134:relationship (the idea) through training in right human relations (the ideal). This is theGlamour, 138:his oft-times cruelty, cloaked by his claim of right principles and good intentions. But the trueGlamour, 139:- through analysis, [139] discrimination and right reasoning - indicates what should be done. Glamour, 146:of a strenuous adherence to what you regard as right principles) are to those who hold them equallyGlamour, 146:principles) are to those who hold them equally right; they feel that your views are erroneous andGlamour, 146:you are and as eager for the achievement of the right attitude as you feel yourself to be. This isGlamour, 147:from any hatreds, from any preconceived ideas of right or wrong but that you simply fall back uponGlamour, 148:is convinced at the time that they are, for him, right forces. Herein lies the problem of maya.Glamour, 151:own the eye of vision; likewise they own the right direction of the needed force. They see theGlamour, 152:be usefully considered and steps taken to induce right action. Only when there is adequate fusionGlamour, 158:of the race. Man knows the difference between right and wrong and must now choose the way that heGlamour, 162:lies largely in their hands at this time. It is right here that religion has, as a whole, goneGlamour, 164:and all will have that which is needed for right living-processes. Light and dark, demonstratingGlamour, 170:desire is for a true experience of goodness, of right human relations and of spiritual enterpriseGlamour, 200:That Reality will precipitate itself at the right moment once the higher light pours in. They areGlamour, 205:focused and projected and then - at [205] the right moment - withdrawn. I cannot here enter upon anGlamour, 205:of the process of meditation, based on the right understanding of the nature of concentration. IGlamour, 227:to glamor is the factor which gives them the right to serve in this way but it also lays them openGlamour, 250:direction of the personality takes place. The right eye, the eye of buddhi, the eye which is inGlamour, 257:timed appearance. When there is true idealism, right thought, plus an understanding of the vehicleGlamour, 260:This, my brother, will be the result of right breathing, of controlled and organized rhythm, ofGlamour, 261:I teach no mode of awakening the centers because right impulse, steady reaction to higherGlamour, 262:as a result of rhythmic living and a constant right use of the Sacred Word, the OM. When, forGlamour, 269:then the lesser light (a true light in its own right) of the personality is absorbed into theHealingof investigation and experiment. But as to the right use of the healing faculty and forces, theHealing, 7:astral body, and so enable the patient to take right action, whilst the radiation of the vitalHealing, 8:patient to achieve (with joy and facility) the right liberation from the body and, through theHealing, 12:and must be so regarded by humanity if the right attitude towards disease is to be assumed. This isHealing, 13:begin to work with the law of liberation, with right thought, leading to non-resistance. AtHealing, 15:may then come his way. He will have earned the right to divine knowledge. But the above recognitionHealing, 17:and active, and this is a great step in the right direction. The tendency to combine psychologyHealing, 17:with the outer physical treatment is sound and right. Thirdly, the highest and the newest method isHealing, 20:and conclusive in its value [20] had there been right teaching on this abstruse subject from theHealing, 21:been groping. Its orientation and purposes are right and good and hopeful of results; itsHealing, 27:radiation or magnetization, or both. Through right inner psychological adjustment, aided by trueHealing, 27:a Master and the Master's group, plus the earned right to call upon that group for energy on behalfHealing, 44:of the physical ills which attack humanity. A right grasp of their preponderating causes will be ofHealing, 45:1000-petalled lotus Pineal Upper brain Right eye Spiritual will Synthetic Dynamic Dominant AtmaHealing, 51:diseases. Gastritis. Liver trouble. Aspiration. Right direction. Seventh ray. Organization. Base ofHealing, 57:health) all problems resolve themselves into the right use and the correct handling of force, inHealing, 58:men can read the records more correctly and with right interpretation, they will understand the wayHealing, 60:of Disease Similarly, as the race develops right emotional control we shall see the gradualHealing, 60:disappearance of the phenomena of cancer. I said right emotional control; inhibition and theHealing, 60:desire impulses by the force of the will is not right control. It is interesting also to note thatHealing, 61:a dread disease, feared by all. In the secret of right transmutation lies the cure of cancer, andHealing, 61:This again will later be seen. In the secret of right rhythmic living and in a right proportionalHealing, 61:In the secret of right rhythmic living and in a right proportional accent upon all phases of lifeHealing, 61:immunity from tuberculosis. In the secret of right understanding of times and cycles, and ofHealing, 63:the energy [63] sensed and circulating in right and constructive ways. Many of them are beginningHealing, 66:to certain disorders. The psychologists are right in their basic differentiation of human beingsHealing, 69:and their existence is established through a right and true science of psychology and theHealing, 78:to guide the open minded investigator in the right direction. Before passing on to theHealing, 82:centers are fully awakened and functioning in right rhythm with each other, the various quintupletsHealing, 83:which man possesses, producing not only the right functioning of the five senses and consequentlyHealing, 84:of the centers themselves. Only when there is a right understanding of force and its reception andHealing, 84:force and its reception and consequent use, will right balance be achieved and the human endocrineHealing, 84:of the following problems: The problem of the right reception of force through the appropriateHealing, 85:and properly handled. [85] The problem of the right relation of a particular center to its relatedHealing, 86:of control it is due to the failure to establish right relations within the body, or to lack ofHealing, 90:When humanity regains an understanding of the right use of time (which determines the Law of RhythmHealing, 90:will gain enormously, and good health - through right rhythmic living, plus correct thinking andHealing, 91:had the mental condition been changed and right rhythm on the physical plane achieved. But it wasHealing, 92:of time in attempting the impossible and to right effort to carry forward that which is possible.Healing, 94:otherwise and say that when soul energy and the right use of the will (which in the individual isHealing, 94:qualities. Soul energy, expressed through right thinking, can cure diseases to which man is prone.Healing, 108:drugs and operations to an understanding of the right use of the energies which pour through fromHealing, 109:in this connection. By the understanding of right methods of assimilation and elimination will comeHealing, 110:differing points on the ladder of evolution. Right timing and a sound knowledge of the working ofHealing, 111:factors when they come as the result of right timing by the soul. It must be realized by studentsHealing, 113:begin to work with the Law of Liberation, with right thought, leading to right attitudes andHealing, 113:of Liberation, with right thought, leading to right attitudes and orientation, and with theHealing, 117:two aspects of one whole - the aspect which is right, and along the line of high spiritualHealing, 119:thought life, so that the man is conditioned by right thinking under the impulse or theHealing, 125:of the significance and esoteric meaning of right human relations. The problem of workers withHealing, 127:must arise whilst cleavages are being healed, right identification achieved and correct orientationHealing, 128:free circulation of all that is required for right human living will characterize the world to be.Healing, 130:and therefore concerned with the establishing of right rhythm and right contact with theHealing, 130:with the establishing of right rhythm and right contact with the environment. The drawing in of theHealing, 131:first group of problems; and the establishing of right relation by right sounding forth of theHealing, 131:and the establishing of right relation by right sounding forth of the attractive note of the soul,Healing, 132:their latent powers, they can overcome by the right use of the OM, and finally of the Sound, theHealing, 132:which will lead to unity, to harmony and to right relations, and to the release of the intuition.Healing, 148:and purpose. Related to the pineal gland. The Right Eye - the ajna center - Love. Buddhi. The eyeHealing, 149:spread out like the wings of an airplane to the right and left of the head, and are symbolic of theHealing, 149:and left of the head, and are symbolic of the right hand path and the left hand path, of the way ofHealing, 151:ajna center The throat center The third eye The right eye The left eye The pineal gland The
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