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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RIGHT

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Magic, 461:existence, [461] through the process of right thought, the awakening of desire, and the nurturingMagic, 461:the awakening of desire, and the nurturing of right public opinion. They thus bring about theMagic, 462:and unrecognized energy which is capable of right direction and right purpose and for theMagic, 462:energy which is capable of right direction and right purpose and for the furthering of the Plan, ifMagic, 462:by the Knowers will be the establishing of right relations between the four kingdoms in nature, andMagic, 462:between the four kingdoms in nature, and right relations between units and groups in the humanMagic, 471:intelligently. To give the impulse, through right speech which will animate that which he hasMagic, 473:reality. Act as the thinker, and learn it is not right to prostitute thy thought to the base use ofMagic, 475:upon that world. These simple rules will lay right foundations for the carrying forward of theMagic, 475:the mental body so clear and so powerful that right motive will control and true work in buildingMagic, 478:radio and television are the first steps in the right direction. Putting the truth as simply asMagic, 480:you who can, employ it with frequency and with right thought so that the world purification mayMagic, 481:of the divine activity in the large sense. It is right here, in the use of thought, that theMagic, 490:by his own embodied ideas, be they temporarily right or basically wrong. Forget not that all rightMagic, 490:right or basically wrong. Forget not that all right ideas are temporary in nature and mustMagic, 493:this salvation is brought about through a right understanding of the mystical experience we callMagic, 496:all the atoms of the body are held in their right place and subordinated to the "will-to-be" of theMagic, 507:those "prisoners of the planet" whose note is right and justly tuned to that which must be made.Magic, 512:and the seventh ray is rapidly coming into right activity. Much will consequently occur to make manMagic, 512:provided he can preserve constantly a right orientation, purity of motive and of life, a stabilizedMagic, 517:The interlude between breaths is only capable of right use when a man has achieved the power toMagic, 517:and the five rules, and have achieved right poise, can begin to use the interludes between the twoMagic, 518:will make divine purpose to be. It would not be right nor proper for me to enlarge here upon theMagic, 518:Because the efficacy of black magic is found right here. There is a point where both black andMagic, 529:with that soul and thus finding peace. This is right and in line with divine intention but it isMagic, 531:and know it not. The clue to suffering lies right here in the realm of mind. Pain and agony,Magic, 541:the danger of wrong thought and the power of right. The potency of human thought at this time isMagic, 553:appears an eye; projecting downwards toward the right from this eye pours forth a stream of energyMagic, 567:plans fail to materialize and the reason lies right here. A plan is, after all, an idea let looseMagic, 567:emanate, understands not this critical period. A right adjustment of forces has here to beMagic, 570:"It may help the student if he realizes that the right control of prana involves the recognitionMagic, 574:This imposition of his will could be either right or wrong. When right, it would mean that he wasMagic, 574:of his will could be either right or wrong. When right, it would mean that he was speaking underMagic, 574:trends and inclinations. This would indicate the right or the wrong use of first ray force. ShouldMagic, 577:along the line of least resistance from left to right and others from right to left. CertainMagic, 577:resistance from left to right and others from right to left. Certain centers transmit theirMagic, 577:Certain centers transmit their energies via the right hand and others via the left. Much knowledgeMagic, 578:those who in some degree either directly (by right of initiation or of advanced discipleship) orMagic, 579:an effect. This has, of course, to be coupled to right quality and skill in action. The qualityMagic, 580:work consciously and will knowingly tread the right or the left hand path. D. The speed of theMagic, 580:of the subjective purpose, so will the right direction and the impact of the force, followMagic, 582:expression of Reality. This involves, we noted, right type, quality, strength and speed. BuildMagic, 582:must necessarily clothe it, which give a man the right to be a recognized worker with the planMagic, 586:this with frequency. He has to learn to do the right thing as he sees and knows it, irrespective ofMagic, 587:seven centers are automatically brought into a right condition of rhythm, vitality and vibratoryMagic, 594:is rare indeed. It is indeed true that at the right moment the Master will appear, but the rightMagic, 594:the right moment the Master will appear, but the right moment is contingent upon certainMagic, 595:driven by desire for some new thing, and lack right poise and the needed mental development. TheMagic, 609:aspirants. It is persistence in the attitude of right observation that brings about detachment fromMagic, 619:This tendency to aspiration and to service is right and good and should be seen as forming part ofMagic, 622:guides may suspect, but even they have not the right to withhold opportunity. When there is thisMagic, 624:inspiration, and because they know it to be right and they also have the rhythm of work. Others areMagic, 624:embodies what they desire, what they think to be right, but which is separative and the child ofMagic, 628:by the spiritualists and psychic investigators right down the ages is the mode of approach and theMagic, 630:perceived. The achievement of true vision, plus right understanding, brings about freedom from theMagic, 636:wisdom, to give themselves sufficient sleep, right food (which must vary for each individual), andMagic, 637:treatise on the control of the astral body and a right understanding of its laws. Only mentalMeditation, 2:their conceptions to the world of form. It is, right through, a question of an unimpeded channel.Meditation, 41:in every field of endeavor of the idealists (right or wrong) and their bitter warfare. What was theMeditation, 57:stress and search) its spiritual note with the right key and subtone, what is the result? ItMeditation, 65:of all true meditation and can be reached by the right use of the Word. In the meantime, owing toMeditation, 66:on the inner side. [66] If all conditions are right, it likewise results in a linking with theMeditation, 69:where the members (through graduation and karmic right) will be trained for discipleship and forMeditation, 70:Sacred Word in Meditation June 23, 1920 You are right in thinking that conditions today are notMeditation, 85:fire; that can only be done in due form, in the right key and subject to certain rules. [86] WhenMeditation, 88:in daily life. This desire is wise and right, and the object of all that has been imparted, but atMeditation, 96:results may indeed be more serious. What are the right methods of thought elimination? How canMeditation, 107:future that he cannot evade. This is somewhat right, but is only one aspect of the whole. Let usMeditation, 130:largely responsible for much of the danger. The right type of body for the holding and the handlingMeditation, 142:units. He acknowledges this and acknowledges the right of all other separated units so to considerMeditation, 155:pupil's causal body) and when a foundation of right living has been laid which neither storms norMeditation, 160:the emotion and turn it upward. When, by right use, the emotional body is cleared of the emotionalMeditation, 163:on their use, and can employ them in the right place and subject to certain conditions. They areMeditation, 180:electrical rays (no matter what the terms used) right to the heart of the unknown. This same ideaMeditation, 186:that affect kundalini, and arouse it in the right manner. By the power of the vibration they sendMeditation, 194:of men can sound it correctly on the right note and in the right cadence or rhythm, then theMeditation, 194:sound it correctly on the right note and in the right cadence or rhythm, then the downflow of forceMeditation, 197:specified ends. This has been well understood right down the ages, even though the methods,Meditation, 199:be largely under their direction, for - when the right time comes - They will be able to use theseMeditation, 204:continue to apply yourself to the search for the right answer. Certain definite laws govern theMeditation, 204:forces of supply and demand... Blind faith is right for the mystic. It is one of the means wherebyMeditation, 213:The dangers are too great, for in the right understanding of the laws of color and in the knowledgeMeditation, 222:he seeks to find the esoteric colors and their right application to the planes and centers, to theMeditation, 225:Let us briefly take up each point, for in the right apprehension of the law lies the ability toMeditation, 242:that science which aims at the provision of right conditions and the building of bodies that areMeditation, 248:it is almost impossible as yet to provide the right conditions for the application of this color,Meditation, 264:A Master of the Wisdom is One Who has earned the right through similarity of vibration to work withMeditation, 269:subplane of the higher mental to which he - by right and karma - belongs. All this is brought aboutMeditation, 271:Master's aura, till he blends and has earned the right to be gathered closer to his Master's Heart.Meditation, 272:[272] desires and will. This he has won by the right of similarity of vibration, and because theMeditation, 275:centers, and to carry the circulating fire in right geometrical progression from the base of theMeditation, 277:could they realize how seldom they provide the right conditions through meditation which willMeditation, 277:will be largely attained. In that effort the right conditions between pupil and Master, and aMeditation, 281:these letters. If the student but provides the right conditions, if he conforms to the necessaryMeditation, 282:will be the guarantee to him that he is on the right path. But I would here point out again thatMeditation, 288:a time when the student is suddenly conscious - right within the physical brain - of certainMeditation, 292:increases his facility to throw himself into the right vibration, he builds up a pathway (if so weMeditation, 292:of fact. Good work earns for the man in time the right to be with the Master at stated periods.Meditation, 298:in incarnation at the same time. They achieve by right of agelong effort, and because in previousMeditation, 303:from Them. They say not: "Our method is the only right and true method." They say: "When receiving
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