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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RIGHT

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Meditation, 310:but ever the watch must be more thorough, ever right action must be taken with no regard to result,Meditation, 343:deal not. To you they are known. I indicate the right, and by adjustment of the life of service toMeditation, 343:these days; see, all of you, that it commences right. A right beginning is liable to eventuate inMeditation, 343:see, all of you, that it commences right. A right beginning is liable to eventuate in continuousMeditation, 347:by small steps, but each step, taken at the right time, and each moment wisely occupied, leads toPatanjalifollowed by energy, memory, meditation and right perception. 21. The attainment of this statePatanjali, 12:is proceeding concurrently with his own. In his right apprehension of this problem comesPatanjali, 16:on its own plane. This is achieved through the right use of the mind as an organ of vision andPatanjali, 17:of perception; only thus will he arrive at a right understanding of this science. The process to bePatanjali, 17:the mind might be described somewhat as follows: Right control of the modifications (or activities)Patanjali, 17:five other senses. Result: Correct knowledge. Right use of the perceiving faculty, so that the newPatanjali, 17:assent of the intuition and the reason. Right transmission to the physical brain of that which hasPatanjali, 22:cases. Students will do well to remember that right activity of the mind and its correct use is thePatanjali, 24:contacted and the realizations evoked by the right use of the mind as a sixth sense. All thesePatanjali, 27:seeks to give this meaning in the words "the right use of the will is the steady effort to stand inPatanjali, 36:the medium of the five senses but which the right use of the organ of the mind will reveal. He getsPatanjali, 38:followed by energy, memory, meditation and right perception. In the previous groups of yogins dealtPatanjali, 40:goal is perceived, then activity ensues - that right activity and that correct use of force whichPatanjali, 40:the goal nearer and make theory fact. Memory, or right mindfulness. This is an interesting factorPatanjali, 40:interesting factor in the process as it involves right forgetfulness, or the elimination out of thePatanjali, 41:the vehicle upon the physical plane. Right perception. The experience of the soul, and thePatanjali, 63:The five rules, (See: Book II Sutras 32 to 46.) Right poise. (See: Book II Sutras 46 to 48.) ThisPatanjali, 63:the emotional nature has been brought about and right poise achieved, can the aspirant to Raja YogaPatanjali, 64:with the vital fires and direct [64] their right progression up the spine. Few there are as yet whoPatanjali, 65:of the senses. There is a questioning which is right and proper. It is that "asking of questions"Patanjali, 73:work intelligently and hence the necessity of a right understanding of the principles or qualitiesPatanjali, 78:fourth means of yoga and states that only when right poise has been achieved (the third Means) as aPatanjali, 108:and the other modes of vision are seen in their right proportions. The senses are no longerPatanjali, 112:or Yama, the Rules or Nijama, posture or Asana, right control of life-force or Pranayama,Patanjali, 112:the pairs of opposites no longer limit. 49. When right posture (asana) has been attained therePatanjali, 112:posture (asana) has been attained there follows right control of prana and proper inspiration andPatanjali, 112:inspiration and expiration of the breath. 50. Right control of prana (or the life currents) isPatanjali, 112:on concluding Book I, "how desirable and how right, but how shall this be? What must I do? WherePatanjali, 129:avidya or ignorance. The aspirant is reminded right at the beginning of his investigations into thePatanjali, 138:of the divine Life impulse, and therefore is right. The will to be or to manifest upon any specificPatanjali, 138:or through any specific group of forms is not right when that sphere of manifestation is outgrown,Patanjali, 140:they can be exterminated in the latent stages by right habits of thought resulting in the settingPatanjali, 150:some translations give it) may be avoided by a right adjustment of a man's energies so that throughPatanjali, 151:which must be warded off. This sutra brings us right back to the great basic duality ofPatanjali, 178:be described as twofold: The practice of the right means whereby union is brought about, ThePatanjali, 180:or Yama, the Rules or Nijama, posture or Asana, right control of life-force or Pranayama,Patanjali, 181:instance, has to understand the significance of right breathing or of posture as they relate to thePatanjali, 181:the outside world. Means II The Rules. Nijama. Right observances. These are likewise five in numberPatanjali, 182:internal reactions. Means III Posture. Asana. Right Poise. Correct attitude. Position. This thirdPatanjali, 182:of the life of the spirit. Means IV. Right control of the life-force. Pranayama. Suppression of thePatanjali, 183:manifestation. Means V. Abstraction. Pratyahara. Right withdrawal. Restraint. Withdrawal of thePatanjali, 186:which form the basis of what the Buddhist calls "right conduct," it will be seen [187] that theyPatanjali, 198:not steal from another the opportunity to do right, to measure up to responsibility and to do hisPatanjali, 199:has completely subdued the lower sex nature. The right use of the sex principle along with entirePatanjali, 204:Both forms and the process of incarnation are right and proper in their place but for the man whoPatanjali, 211:one Existence, God devotion to Ishvara. Thus a "right attitude" to all things covers this set ofPatanjali, 216:forces of good and evil and searches for the right attitude to both. The astral plane is thePatanjali, 217:Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union 49. When right posture (asana) has been attained therePatanjali, 217:posture (asana) has been attained there follows right control of prana and proper inspiration andPatanjali, 220:of Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union 50. Right control of prana (or the life currents) isPatanjali, 221:and their awakening. The kundalini fire and its right progression up the spine. II. ThePatanjali, 221:conditions of that pupil. It is not possible nor right to give in a book intended for the generalPatanjali, 224:universal triplicities must be recognized, and right control of the life currents must be seen toPatanjali, 225:Some knowledge of this is essential to the right control of the life currents, so that the disciplePatanjali, 225:the lower man becomes possible through the right control of the pranas and this "illuminatingPatanjali, 227:It may help the student if he realizes that the right control of prana involves the recognitionPatanjali, 229:inner purity be arrived at, not only must the right attitude towards all things be cultivated andPatanjali, 229:must be worked at. So the aspirant is taught the right withdrawal or abstraction of thePatanjali, 255:that the aspirant has to do is to provide the right conditions. The growth then will take care ofPatanjali, 270:this first great result of meditation takes one right back to the true facts anent divinePatanjali, 292:head. Technically neither of them are entirely right, for to the trained adept the "central organ"Patanjali, 330:correct control and through mastery of it, the right direction of the pranas of the body becomesPatanjali, 338:power to hear on the astral plane. This in its right place and when controlled from above throughPatanjali, 339:give him the freedom of the heavens and the right to pass through certain gateways into the KingdomPatanjali, 344:plane. Usefulness, or basic purpose. This is the right use of every element in the great work ofPatanjali, 354:or rationalizing mind is his privilege and right. The mind need no longer be used to apprehendPatanjali, 362:and the lives animating those forms are good and right in themselves and are pursuing their ownPatanjali, 364:and of its location within the whole." Right through the Yoga Sutras it has been made apparent thatPatanjali, 382:your nature. Desire that which is true and right, pure and holy, and your consciousness of thesePatanjali, 384:mental attitude, Meditation, The cultivation of right thought. They concern more specifically thePatanjali, 384:commandments, the rules, posture or attitude, right control of the life force, abstraction,Patanjali, 384:Commandments, the Rules, posture of attitude, right control of the life force, abstraction,Patanjali, 388:are the result of desire. Meditation of the right kind is a purely mental process and into itPatanjali, 399:of using that mechanism and its employment in right directions and for the achieving of knowledgePatanjali, 399:man is manifesting or can manifest (given the right conditions). These are, as we have seen, thePatanjali, 402:that for the two aspects their own path is the right path and that the impulses which lie hidden inPatanjali, 403:from certain angles when twisted from their right use, and it was this realization that led thePatanjali, 403:cry out and say "I have perverted that which was right." The two lines of development are separatePatanjali, 422:the method of their overcoming is the same. The right tendencies and rhythm having been set up, itPatanjali, 428:economy of the races, is seen exemplified in the right use of the mind and its utilization by theProblems, 5:inauguration of new attitudes of mind regarding right human relations. In the recognition of theProblems, 6:but difficult to implement) of establishing right human relations between men and between nations.Problems, 9:gradually but inevitably into the stage where right human relations become of prime importance.Problems, 10:what the cost to others; they regard this as a right attitude and as characteristic of goodProblems, 11:breeds dislike, distrust and the disruption of right human relations. All nations are guilty ofProblems, 13:seen as important, wherein the establishing of right human relations will be deemed desirable, notProblems, 14:and one in which people are trained in right national citizenship upon the one hand and on theProblems, 18:of the German people. Given that and given right idealistic propaganda, the German people canProblems, 18:propaganda, the German people can develop right habits of thought as easily as they have been ledProblems, 19:be born, the significance and the importance of right human relations? Can they then continue thisProblems, 19:speaking, they can more easily be changed under right methods of teaching and conditioning than anyProblems, 24:Their real problem is the attaining of right internal relationships. Although the problem ofProblems, 27:psychological problem of humanity. The goal is right human relations; nations will stand or fallProblems, 27:the will of God - is to see the establishment of right human relations. We are entering a vastProblems, 28:and the end of these chaotic conditions is right human relations. Every country also has much to
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