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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RIGHT

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Psychology2, 444:have a man who is ambitious for power, but with right motive, because he is truly idealistic; whoPsychology2, 444:But most of them can be corrected through right understanding. It will be apparent to you,Psychology2, 445:and is interested in bringing about the right results. The answers to the following questions willPsychology2, 446:of energies? One of integration, requiring right understanding of what has happened, and leading toPsychology2, 446:of what has happened, and leading to right adjustment of the fused powers to environing conditions?Psychology2, 450:freedom, towards mutual understanding, towards right group and personal conditions of living and ofPsychology2, 450:of living and of thinking, and towards right external and internal relationships. This is a factPsychology2, 450:and selfish hands. They are anxious for peace, right relations, the proper distribution of time andPsychology2, 450:distribution of time and the understanding and right use of money. Such indications are unusual andPsychology2, 451:the adjustment of human misery, and also for a right emergence of spiritual government (thePsychology2, 451:being the determination of man to bring about right conditions and proper environing situationsPsychology2, 455:in the life of the personality through the right use of the creative power of thought. As aPsychology2, 456:to them inimical to their fixed idea of what is right and true. The men who engineered the SpanishPsychology2, 465:interpretative capacity, patience to wait till right understanding can be developed, and a happyPsychology2, 473:mind nature; because his orientation is good and right; because he is on the Path of Probation; andPsychology2, 474:conditions of functioning which were normal and right in Atlantean times, but undesirable andPsychology2, 477:do, or what shall be done to him to bring about right conditions? Many of these people find theirPsychology2, 483:of God and that Will therefore must be good and right, in the second group there is an attempt toPsychology2, 487:rapidly humanity is turning towards the world of right meaning, of true spiritual values and ofPsychology2, 492:undue personality control. The mind must make right application of the imparted truth or guidance.Psychology2, 492:truth or guidance. Where there is true and right apprehension of the inner divine voice, then - andPsychology2, 492:and interprets this knowledge in a truly right way, he is perforce simply achieving recognition ofPsychology2, 494:that the true psychology will only appear and right techniques be used when psychologists ascertainPsychology2, 522:which the energy of the soul must pour when the right time comes, pouring consciously and with thePsychology2, 526:personality expression take its place. This is a right and good change and tends correctly to aPsychology2, 532:stages of mystical development, if there were right guidance of the mental life and of thought,Psychology2, 532:in this particular period of development. If right help can be given at this time by educators,Psychology2, 539:use sequentially, correctly and in conformity to right ray methods, all the different centers. ManyPsychology2, 546:the processes of elevation. Then (under right direction and guidance plus a knowledge of the rules)Psychology2, 590:when this is recognized will we begin to have a right handling of these problem cases. It is rarePsychology2, 591:of the consciousness, for the establishing of right relations between the man and his environmentPsychology2, 595:takes place by a forced process and is not under right direction, there must inevitably bePsychology2, 596:dangerous, rules be given, which will lead to: A right distribution of energy. The focusing of thePsychology2, 597:aware of it; that they are not preserving the right or ordered sequence of development, as outlinedPsychology2, 603:no sense of proportion, where the conventions (right or wrong), social training, economicPsychology2, 604:desire may eventually succeed in severing all right relations both within himself (with hisPsychology2, 605:on these [605] points. The mystical way is the right way for people at a certain stage ofPsychology2, 606:visionary and life-giving, spurring on to right orientation and stabilizing certain standards andPsychology2, 608:the head, either before the eyes or over the right shoulder. The sensing of this diffused mistyPsychology2, 610:that their problem lies in the control and the right direction of such energies. Much of thePsychology2, 610:works through and would be directed through the right eye which is (as you have been told) thePsychology2, 611:upon which the health of the entire body and its right functioning rests. When there is a correctPsychology2, 612:to soul impulse. There will then be balance and right direction of all the life forces and a rightPsychology2, 612:and right direction of all the life forces and a right development (following ray indications) ofPsychology2, 612:of all the centers in the body. Through this right rearrangement of the life forces in the body andPsychology2, 617:to understand correctly and could - given right opportunity - take right action. Where thePsychology2, 617:and could - given right opportunity - take right action. Where the criticism is voiced andPsychology2, 638:of humanity stand Those Whose privilege and right it is to watch over human evolution and to guidePsychology2, 639:hatred and separativeness, and who seek to see right conditions established on earth through mutualPsychology2, 640:human freedom, the problem of the left and the right party, communism, fascism, nazism, the NewPsychology2, 641:to bring order out of chaos, and to defend the right as they see it. Love of humanity and desire toPsychology2, 641:realized by a few. The attempt has been made to right wrongs, to expose evils and evilPsychology2, 644:cooperation and achieve steadiness in the right attitudes to their fellow men, they are graduallyPsychology2, 655:Upon this fact we take our stand and, given right opportunity and adequate aid, the work of the NewPsychology2, 657:based upon an intelligent good will, upon a right understanding of brotherhood and upon aPsychology2, 657:the uniquely separative individual has been the right and desired technique in the past. ThePsychology2, 657:Group of World Servers, is intended to be the right and desired technique of the future. Psychology2, 660:last analysis to economic stability. The [660] right order by which men will find that stability isPsychology2, 661:various fields of human expression. By means of right inner activity and wise leadership, the NewPsychology2, 661:divinity, must be skillfully preserved; the right use of opportunity, plus the consecratedPsychology2, 661:in action which comes from true dedication and right meditation. The New Group of World Servers hasPsychology2, 662:any coercion, mental or physical. The laying of right foundations and the promulgation of rightPsychology2, 662:of right foundations and the promulgation of right principles is of tremendous importance and mustPsychology2, 665:They need to be very sure, however, as to their right action from the angle of time. Skill inPsychology2, 670:of government and religion. Their measures seem right and good to the self-imposed leaders, butPsychology2, 671:(but with his own selected ideas as to the right solution of that country's problem) are todayPsychology2, 671:no real effort to bring them into a condition of right understanding. It is the same in thePsychology2, 672:brought to a condition where there is a just and right sufficiency for all? How can nationalPsychology2, 672:clarify and elucidate those basic principles of right living, good will and harmony, which arePsychology2, 672:which are recognized, but not applied, by all right thinking [673] people today. These principlesPsychology2, 674:new policies, and educated in the technique of right thought, non-aggressive action, and thePsychology2, 675:or races. They will stand as the interpreters of right human relations, for the basic oneness ofPsychology2, 677:be regarded as the conscious establishing of right relations with one's fellow men. When the massPsychology2, 677:people in the principles of good will and right relations. They in their turn will educate thePsychology2, 677:an intelligent response, an ardent desire and a right [678] activity. In this way the idea of thePsychology2, 678:world cycle, - these interpretations and their right and intelligent application must be carriedPsychology2, 679:developed so as to make it possible to initiate right activity. The New Group of World ServersPsychology2, 683:accomplished and the world situation. The needed right activity will be apparent when the timePsychology2, 691:waiting to carry out God's plans, when given the right and the permission of men? Your major job atPsychology2, 691:and the resources of men of good will, and of right inclination in the world today. Resist notPsychology2, 698:endeavor which is of such moment that, it the right time, it will produce, in its growing momentum,Psychology2, 699:Those Who wield it. Through its medium and the right understanding of the Law, it should bePsychology2, 719:which came under consideration were: The right resolution of the present crisis, so thatPsychology2, 725:the stimulating of the human consciousness along right lines. It could, and did impress upon thePsychology2, 728:in the world today is the possibility and right procedure, by means of a more specific and definitePsychology2, 729:friendships and the commencement of a new era of right and constructive world contacts. HithertoPsychology2, 731:with the field of money and its significance and right use. The general method employed is one ofPsychology2, 738:out (consciously or unconsciously) because the right of every human being to live and work and bePsychology2, 740:educate such people in the laws of love and of right understanding, which are in truth the laws ofPsychology2, 741:good will which must, in the long run, bring the right kind of peace, but not pacifism, on earth.Psychology2, 745:reread it you will be preparing yourself for right participation in the coming Wesak Festival. ToPsychology2, 748:I seek to have you train yourselves in such right activity, beginning with your own lives and yourPsychology2, 750:expedited. The need and the opportunity call for right understanding, and they demand also a joyfulPsychology2, 750:Group of World Servers. The responsibility for right action and for the effort to reach the publicPsychology2, 751:here have said. Everything now depends upon the right action of the men of good will. Rays, 11:of the life comes eventual synthesis and the right control of time with all that eventuatesRays, 11:time with all that eventuates therefrom. In the right elimination of that which is secondary, andRays, 11:which is the hallmark of the occultist. In the right aspiration at the appointed time comes theRays, 22:see a point of clear cold fire, and in the fire (right at its very heart) let the One InitiatorRays, 23:may Transmutation disappear. Let the OM be heard right at the center of the group, proclaiming God
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