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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RIGHT

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Soul, 33:human conduct, but not in the ethical sense of right or wrong conduct. It is the science of humanSoul, 52:psychic mechanism? Was not St. Paul, in short, right in saying that man has a natural body and aSoul, 86:ventricle consists of two ventricles: the right and left lateral [87] ventricles, which communicateSoul, 113:cerebrum and the cerebellum - and, as well, its right and left divisions." - Prasad, Rama, Nature'sSoul, 121:The Occidental psychologists are consequently right when they state that a man is what his glandsSoul, 122:their super-activity or subnormality, and their right or wrong functioning may be determined by theSoul, 126:and is indicated by his being seated on the right hand of God. And is the possession of theseSoul, 131:perfect interplay between soul and body which a right activity of the centers is claimed to bringSoul, 135:Alice A., The Light of the Soul, p. 187. Poise. Right control of the life force and hence directSoul, 146:can form no idea.' I imagine Dr. Frazer is right in thinking that 'a way of looking at phenomena'Soul, 148:into the nature of telepathy are tending in the right direction, but this technique of telepathy isSoul, 153:griefs; they grow too great For narrow creeds of right and wrong, which fade Before the unmeasuredTelepathy, 4:many minds. No one person can claim individual right to the enunciated principle or truth. SeveralTelepathy, 14:Intuitional telepathy. I would remind you right at the outset that sensitivity to the thoughts ofTelepathy, 19:ideas, there will be little progress made in the right understanding of modes of communication.Telepathy, 22:It constitutes one of the major rewards of right meditation and involves much true responsibility.Telepathy, 26:plane, upon the levels of emotion, and through right thought. Let the love of the soul sweepTelepathy, 33:must occupy themselves increasingly with right understanding, right designation and rightTelepathy, 33:increasingly with right understanding, right designation and right definition of the new science ofTelepathy, 33:with right understanding, right designation and right definition of the new science of telepathy.Telepathy, 34:that detachment which will enable one to take right action. Sensitivity to the thoughts of othersTelepathy, 37 To:on a weakness or a strength, upon a mistake or a right attitude, it evokes from you no slightestTelepathy, 37 To:you sense and register. Your conclusions may be right or wrong, but a definite effort to comply andTelepathy, 39:minds, you have what is called "black magic." Right motive may protect the group from any seriousTelepathy, 39:will be to leave him with a strengthened will to right action, an intensified interior light, anTelepathy, 40:vitalizes and galvanizes the personality into a right relation to the soul, to the environment, andTelepathy, 48:and will lead to the expansion of the idea of right human relations which has hitherto - as aTelepathy, 48:and will be expanded to include not only right human relations to the superhuman kingdoms, butTelepathy, 48:human relations to the superhuman kingdoms, but right human relations with the subhuman kingdomsTelepathy, 49:and have our being"; it will put mankind into a right relationship with all aspects and expressionsTelepathy, 69:valuable to humanity - when presented in right form by the Hierarchy - are registered by Them. TheyTelepathy, 69:of the Hierarchy, will ever express itself in right action and right human relations, and that willTelepathy, 69:will ever express itself in right action and right human relations, and that will manifest - whenTelepathy, 76:and the Bible. It is really the content of their right thinking along spiritual lines and can do noTelepathy, 91:part of the promotion of that Purpose through right impression on all forms of life at anyTelepathy, 103:and longings which have hitherto prevented right registration. The disciple then ceases to createTelepathy, 115:simple; all the disciple has to do is to develop right receptivity, plus an intuitive intelligenceTelepathy, 121:plus the effort to become sensitive to the right emergence of that Plan (embodying ever an aspectTelepathy, 122:the cooperative interplay which is demonstrated right through the chain of Hierarchy from the veryTelepathy, 144:he will be wilfuly bringing in; this is the right use of the word "wilful." It is not easy for theTelepathy, 175:into the needed radiatory condition by right living, high thinking and loving activity. TheseTelepathy, 186:that point is Sanat Kumara Himself; when the right time comes (though the hour is not yet) He willTelepathy, 195:who constitute the outer circle, and this is right and good; they are delayed by the beginner and
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