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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RIGHTLY

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Discipleship1, 521:tension resume its sway. You might at this point rightly ask: How shall I prevent this happening?Discipleship1, 524:children and it should have been severed (and rightly severed) several years ago. It would haveDiscipleship1, 549:impression and would wield greater power through rightly directed thought. Ponder on this. YourDiscipleship1, 550:dynamically in the realm of thought. You might rightly ask me the question: Direct knowledge ofDiscipleship1, 591:in them the seeds of world salvage and can - if rightly and wisely furthered - produce lastingDiscipleship1, 632:the physical plane through the activity of love, rightly used. You could do much with this thoughtDiscipleship1, 638:activity. The thoughts below, my brother, if rightly used, have in them the seeds of the neededDiscipleship1, 642:note them in your spiritual diary, attempting rightly to interpret them. [643] I give you noDiscipleship1, 661:- R.R.R. May 1939 BROTHER OF MINE: You may here rightly ask me: In what way do I hinder? I am notDiscipleship1, 666:You will find this of deep interest and, if rightly appreciated, it will produce fruitfulDiscipleship1, 669:relations, knowing that the potency of love rightly expressed is great and is - at this time - theDiscipleship1, 692:disciples wield comes as a response to a life rightly lived and love fully given. There is a greatDiscipleship1, 697:we call humanity. The disciple now naturally and rightly questions how thought power and spiritualDiscipleship1, 733:into the category of true lower psychism; rightly interpreted and explained, they can constitute aDiscipleship1, 734:and even years to learn. Tension, when focused rightly, is the great releasing power. So manyDiscipleship1, 738:gives to the members of his group or Ashram is rightly warranted and whether, as a result, theDiscipleship1, 740:in your life. The radiation is effective when rightly received, registered and consciously used toDiscipleship1, 749:with any group affiliation the disciple may rightly hold upon the physical plane, but to hisDiscipleship1, 764:and initiation. They demonstrate, when rightly understood, the nature of the Science of the Breath.Discipleship2, 4:produce at times a surface turmoil, but this, if rightly handled, need cause no true disturbance.Discipleship2, 5:I have seriously considered what action I should rightly take. Various alternatives presentedDiscipleship2, 7:the individual group units are aligned and rightly adjusted. Why is it necessary for the discipleDiscipleship2, 13:of the disciple, and every crisis met and rightly handled provides (once the difficulty is occultlyDiscipleship2, 34:They are potent in their transforming effect, if rightly used. I have not been too satisfied withDiscipleship2, 86:and is the responsibility of all three. If rightly handled, its distribution will be automatic,Discipleship2, 101:of a spiritual continuity of knowledge and of a rightly oriented attitude. Thus time will not beDiscipleship2, 119:Yours is to do the outlined work and this, when rightly done, makes the due result inevitable. ButDiscipleship2, 133:these words will convey a specific meaning, and rightly apprehended will bring about changes in theDiscipleship2, 163:energy locked up in substance itself; this, if rightly used, can and will completely alter andDiscipleship2, 170:hence exceedingly powerful - this of course when rightly done. "Energy follows thought" and theDiscipleship2, 183:in the personality sense. The Invocation, when rightly used by humanity and when it becomes a worldDiscipleship2, 263:with Formula One. They bring about, when rightly used: The revelation of group feeling. TheDiscipleship2, 274:of points of revelation." These formulas, when rightly studied and eventually somewhat apprehended,Discipleship2, 293:development, his mental capacity to recognize, rightly interpret and rightly relate that which hasDiscipleship2, 293:capacity to recognize, rightly interpret and rightly relate that which has been conveyed to him byDiscipleship2, 293:pours in, bringing the power to recognize and rightly interpret and relate. As the disciple and theDiscipleship2, 300:which are possible if the disciple is rightly focused and oriented. These are within latentDiscipleship2, 319:of the emergence of the will aspect. Why is this rightly so? [320] That disciples in all theDiscipleship2, 321:itself at the apex of the triangle. The clue to rightly orienting your thinking lies in theDiscipleship2, 342:program, and are my thoughts and activities rightly directed? This would involve the dual life ofDiscipleship2, 355:try to show you a little (not all) that a hint, rightly approached, can convey. As I do so, it willDiscipleship2, 363:Kingdom of God and from the Hierarchy. They are rightly oriented energy patterns. They are relatedDiscipleship2, 375:the ages or centuries. His ray energy which, rightly used, conditions his work with and for theDiscipleship2, 394:it is also the result of frequent distress (rightly handled) and of spiritual anticipation. TheDiscipleship2, 448:bring all the three phases of your life into one rightly oriented functioning whole. Is yourDiscipleship2, 452:and determine activity. By means of them also (rightly used) you can arrive at a real understandingDiscipleship2, 485:[485] registered impression, the ability rightly to interpret it and then to draw from it correctDiscipleship2, 530:basic in its teaching value for you if you grasp rightly the implications. May I ask you to reflectDiscipleship2, 542:first to admit; you have prided yourself (and rightly) on being realistic and factual, but yourDiscipleship2, 556:in his heart, so is he." That injunction, if rightly followed, brings about the imposition ofDiscipleship2, 559:to the very ends of the Earth. This book, if rightly distributed, can act as a great magnet,Discipleship2, 611:your heart lies. When you have successfully and rightly freed yourself from other claims, I wouldDiscipleship2, 620:and recognized for what they are and so handled rightly can then be [621] eliminated. The taskDiscipleship2, 626:goal of its great enlightenment. It is, as you rightly point out when viewing the subject from theDiscipleship2, 655:into play and is used by you consciously and rightly. I give not what you yourself can provide, butDiscipleship2, 753:direction, but it is for you to understand rightly and then react. Your initial interpretationDiscipleship2, 757:wish. Words are the expression of the soul, when rightly employed. You do not use those words. YouEducation, 3:absorbed lands. This too has been regarded, and rightly so, as a racial achievement. The variousEducation, 6:in education. This problem is to gauge rightly the center or the focus of a man's attention and toEducation, 14:emotionally [14] focused. They need to feel, and rightly to feel beauty, strength and wisdom. TheyEducation, 29:antahkarana must be built. This, however, when rightly understood, will not negate individualEducation, One of:and evoke attention; their ideas are followed - rightly or wrongly - with attention, appreciationEducation, 50:to civilize the child will be to train and rightly direct his instincts. The second obligation uponEducation, 50:culture, by training him to use his intellect rightly. The third duty of education will be to evokeEducation, 51:which I have touched: Those capable of being rightly civilized. This refers to the mass of men.Education, 77:his motivation), by an inability to employ time rightly (for the directional will is often, at thisEducation, 78:If these [78] aspects of the child's life are rightly handled, then the truly wrong things, theEducation, 78:home circle and existing educational agencies rightly to aid him in making his adjustments to lifeExternalisation, 5:of human affairs if the present crisis is to be rightly appreciated and its splendid opportunitiesExternalisation, 5:appreciated and its splendid opportunities rightly employed. I have felt it wise to write a fewExternalisation, 15:and mediums, but that we should train them rightly and guard them intelligently and so link,Externalisation, 17:in all esoteric schools is necessarily, and rightly, laid upon meditation. Technically speaking,Externalisation, 28:A tiny seed is a potent force - if duly tended, rightly nurtured and ripened by sun and waterExternalisation, 70:and evoke attention; their ideas are followed, rightly or wrongly, with attention, appreciation orExternalisation, 91:symbol). Some things are lost and disappear and rightly so. Some newer modes of life and what lifeExternalisation, 108:understanding and goodwill. You might here rightly enquire how this can be so when humanity isExternalisation, 111:this present world crisis, if met correctly and rightly controlled, will result in theExternalisation, 123:but little studied. Emphasis has, however, been rightly placed upon divine interference andExternalisation, 132:It will also be apparent to you if you have rightly understood the above suggestions that theExternalisation, 143:used if the method outlined by me is studied and rightly organized by each of you, and so theExternalisation, 145:is potent and [145] dynamically effective when rightly used and will produce changes, destroy thatExternalisation, 146:OM as it should be used. The Great Invocation, rightly used by the many hundred thousand people whoExternalisation, 148:to spiritual contact and teaching and so able rightly to interpret the intent of the Hierarchy. Externalisation, 155:the soul. 3. When the Great Invocation is thus rightly used and the world centers are consequentlyExternalisation, 157:plane will cover the entire story. These rightly carried forward will prove effective. Would itExternalisation, 160:Great Invocation which we are studying can be rightly said, the three great planetary centers canExternalisation, 161:is not our responsibility. Our duty is to learn rightly to contact the Hierarchy, via our ownExternalisation, 161:to contact the Hierarchy, via our own souls; rightly to use the Great Invocation as souls, andExternalisation, 161:to use the Great Invocation as souls, and rightly to render ourselves responsive to and sensitiveExternalisation, 165:is ever found when the Shamballa force is rightly contacted, even in the smallest degree, and theExternalisation, 203:when the war is over. When these problems are rightly approached by the men and women of goodwill,Externalisation, 213:hands of certain determinations which could, if rightly directed, carve out for them a new andExternalisation, 216:II - The General World Picture If you will rightly grasp the reality of the statements made above,Externalisation, 248:you now another set of phrases which can (if rightly used) invoke the Forces of the Divine Will onExternalisation, 253:concerns man's responsibility to man; the other, rightly understood, concerns the rightExternalisation, 255:this grows out of past activities, and these rightly met and correctly handled lay the foundationExternalisation, 270:skillful activity. When this invocation is rightly used and voiced by an adequate number of people,Externalisation, 274:spiritual thinkers of the world whose minds are rightly focused. The Rider on the white horse orExternalisation, 274:secret place, reached by those whose hearts are rightly touched. The Lord of Civilization, theExternalisation, 315:below. It is dynamic, affirmative and - if rightly used - should link head and heart, leading thus
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