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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RIGHTLY

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Intellect, 78:Gita, VI, 16-17. Meditation can be regarded rightly as part of the natural process which thus farIntellect, 98:a right understanding of this, for humility is rightly considered as one of the most characteristicIntellect, 130:have always testified and to which the mind - rightly used - holds the key. Intellect, 220:performed successfully when the body is relaxed, rightly poised and then forgotten. The handsIntellect, 239:so that the work may be carried forward rightly. Perhaps it might be said that the saints andIntellect, 255:[255] and must be dealt with carefully. Rightly handled, they will soon disappear, but if they areMagic, 62:when you are seeking to help others to live rightly. Are they on the ebb or are they beingMagic, 71:most comprehensive. It will take us some time rightly to handle it. We have in it an interestingMagic, 99:acting under the influence of the soul, force is rightly and wisely handled and good eventuates.Magic, 115:of unity. The term "opposing forces" is used rightly if you employ it only in a scientific senseMagic, 152:warrants the closest consideration and study. Rightly understood and rightly studied it would leadMagic, 152:consideration and study. Rightly understood and rightly studied it would lead each aspirant out ofMagic, 162:will ensure the survival of every thought form, rightly engendered in meditation by the man,Magic, 191:not easy to remember that as we live purely and rightly, we are verily and indeed working withMagic, 207:breathing exercises produce potent effects, if rightly used over a long enough period of time. AndMagic, 230:and the spiritual inflowing tides meet, can rightly practice true discrimination and thatMagic, 246:knows that all forms are the product of energy rightly used and directed. With full knowledge ofMagic, 294:it would not be possible for man to interpret rightly and utilize correctly the information whichMagic, 301:that the work of the trance mediums will rightly and mercifully come to an end. The ordinary commonMagic, 347:also from the path of endeavor, knowing - and rightly knowing - that it leads through trial andMagic, 385:period) that he is a duality. The mind, rightly used, becomes therefore a recorder of two types ofMagic, 403:greatly hinder the work. You might here ask and rightly so: What is this plan? When I speak of theMagic, 420:upon the soul, the physical plane life will be rightly handled. It will be realized that there isMagic, 422:the mechanism of the brain so that it can rightly register and correctly transmit the soulMagic, 434:to focus his understanding and to function rightly is equally true. That in the revelations thatMagic, 435:purpose of any incarnation. This, of course, if rightly handled. It holds the secret of his future,Magic, 453:commands which only his illumined intuition can rightly interpret. With the higher grades ofMagic, 467:information and indictates a law which - if rightly followed - leads to release and liberation. TheMagic, 472:to help increases, and unless he learns to build rightly and correctly to motivate that which heMagic, 478:is the sevenfold sacred word, AUM. This, when rightly used by the soul on the mental planeMagic, 490:guard himself from these dangers? How shall he rightly build? How shall he preserve that balanceMagic, 490:which will enable him to see truly, judge rightly, and so preserve his mental contact with his soulMagic, 507:We can frequently think with clarity and desire rightly but the working out into physical planeMagic, 516:becomes active and in so far as it has been rightly oriented and held in a purely receptiveMagic, 516:delineates a mechanism, trained and adjusted and rightly responsive - a rare thing indeed to find.Magic, 578:A man should know his status before he can rightly heal. This does not apply to those healers whoMagic, 610:disinterested disciples who can be trusted to rightly recognize and interpret the need of the hour.Magic, 624:inner life remains poised and normal, sane and rightly oriented. Others are breaking up emotionallyMagic, 629:misapplied and misused. When, however, they are rightly understood and used, and transmuted by theMeditation, 58:of the Sacred Word in meditation man should (if rightly sounding it forth) be able to do both theMeditation, 65:Word is correctly sounded by a group of people rightly intermingled? A strong current is set upMeditation, 114:force comes the needed impetus that may - if rightly grasped - drive to the Feet of the Lord of theMeditation, 160:suppressed emotion, the effect of the form (when rightly followed) will be to transmute the emotionMeditation, 164:drawn in any specific direction. A mantram, when rightly sounded forth, creates a vacuum in matter,Meditation, 166:mind holds greater sway, these occult mantrams - rightly imparted and rightly enunciated - will beMeditation, 166:these occult mantrams - rightly imparted and rightly enunciated - will be part of the ordinaryMeditation, 196:the Lesser Mysteries. In this paragraph, as you rightly think, lies material that enlarged wouldMeditation, 224:Only four as yet can be communicated, but if rightly understood they hold the key to the presentMeditation, 251:- which powers are the product of meditation, rightly pursued - will the capacity to make use ofMeditation, 277:Meditation provides these conditions, when rightly followed. It prepares the field for labor andMeditation, 307:years the seeds of it may be laid if students rightly apprehend the work to be done. There will bePatanjali, 17:is seen as it is. That which is perceived is rightly interpreted through the subsequent assent ofPatanjali, 54:aspect, and just as the Word of Nature when rightly [55] emanated provides the forms which arePatanjali, 55:the soul or second aspect, so the Pranava, when rightly expressed, demonstrates the Father orPatanjali, 55:Christ in us, the hope of glory. The Word when rightly apprehended causes the second, or ChristPatanjali, 185:affairs and appropriates nothing which is not rightly his. This is a large concept covering morePatanjali, 189:basis for all future progress. When this is done rightly the three remaining rules can be morePatanjali, 217:it is brought out that when they are adjusted rightly, when poise on the physical plane and onePatanjali, 224:and form; there are certain words which when rightly understood give the key to all practicalPatanjali, 332:When the body is purified and its energies rightly directed, and when rhythm is achieved, then aPatanjali, 337:concerned: The speech of the Earth, so as to rightly use it, The Voice of the Silence, so as toPatanjali, 338:of God, incarnate in all nature. When speech is rightly used and the sounds of earth can likewisePatanjali, 378:by their accuracy and infallibility when rightly employed. Their working is as [379] instantaneousPatanjali, 388:form-consciousness. The meditation process, when rightly understood and carried on, necessitatesPatanjali, 391:point of equilibrium is reached, and man acts rightly because the law of love or of the soul,Problems, 89:a fixed intention. This type of nationalism rightly fosters its individual civilization but as aProblems, 91:today is full of [91] clamoring minorities who - rightly or wrongly - are making claims upon theProblems, 93:and is earning a name in those countries (rightly or wrongly) as imperialistic; Great Britain isProblems, 95:for recognition and for what they consider (rightly or wrongly) their just rights. The story of theProblems, 159:relation to each other. This work, when rightly carried forward, will evoke response from thePsychology1, xvii:factor, if the present day unfoldment is to be rightly utilized and the stress and strain in thePsychology1, 28:see that type of thought prevailing which (when rightly applied) will serve as the connecting linkPsychology1, 43:its range of contacts, the true Plan cannot be rightly grasped. The will, lying behind the purpose,Psychology1, 124:meaning is obscure. They will also teach men how rightly to nourish the body and to draw from thePsychology1, 218:so this lowest of all the kingdoms will be rightly understood only when all the seven kingdomsPsychology1, 306:ground therefore than the marriage relation, rightly used and rightly understood. The bringing ofPsychology1, 306:than the marriage relation, rightly used and rightly understood. The bringing of the animal naturePsychology1, 313:raising matter up into heaven, and of glorifying rightly the form side of life through hisPsychology1, 390:be remembered that all natural processes are rightly slow in their tempo, or the effects would bePsychology2, 26:sequences most carefully in mind, if they are rightly to appreciate the world problem, andPsychology2, 56:angle of esoteric thought, [56] conditioning (if rightly understood) concerns the response, innatePsychology2, 76:on physical existence. The young forget, and rightly forget, the inevitability of that finalPsychology2, 86:and the virtues are only effects of group life, rightly handled, which are attempting to expressPsychology2, 92:ray of conflict is the ray whose energies, rightly applied and understood, bring about harmony andPsychology2, 103:the theme of esoteric psychology and, when rightly understood, will explain The Saturnian influencePsychology2, 146:A dedication that holds nothing back that can rightly be given. A harmlessness which, though notPsychology2, 180:and essential statement, if the objectives are rightly to be understood. In these groups thePsychology2, 184:barriers to success, the question will arise and rightly so: What makes it possible to establishPsychology2, 218:and move and have our being." One may ask (and rightly ask) wherein all this information can be ofPsychology2, 242:application. Some might enquire then and rightly: Why then give out this information? Because thisPsychology2, 276:battlefield of life. This attitude recognizes rightly, as did Arjuna, the demands of both armiesPsychology2, 289:type of energy when upon the Path, in order rightly to condition his mind and through the mind, hisPsychology2, 319:in our minds today, in order that we may rightly understand the correct use of this whole sectionPsychology2, 371:is over and that which it has evoked has been rightly handled, then the light streams forth,Psychology2, 380:blend and fuse. These five energies, when rightly related to each other, produce one active forcePsychology2, 387:note. The second ray disciple, through rightly applied technique, produces curiously enough, thirdPsychology2, 402:of humanity in its grasp and it has the power (rightly developed and employed) to save the race.Psychology2, 417:your careful consideration and assure you that rightly understood they will aid in the solution ofPsychology2, 424:It is the sense of "I, the dramatic actor". This rightly used and developed, is of real value andPsychology2, 438:will then be adjusted and his sense of power rightly oriented. A tendency to over-emphasis may also
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