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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RING

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Meditation, 107:bounds our dual manifestation. All within that ring vibrates to a certain key-measure, and conformsMeditation, 108:his threefold body of manifestation and set his ring-pass-not with the purpose in view of buildingMeditation, 109:plane is his great need. Yet, even though his ring-pass-not seems to proscribe and limit hisMeditation, 109:staging and a stronger urge, and a closer ring-pass-not until he complies with the will of his Ego.Meditation, 211:source. The bands of color form a circulating ring which, moving at different rates of vibration,Meditation, 260:Ego, but the full chord of the Monad, and can ring the changes therefore at will upon all the notesMeditation, 359:of force by means of which the Logos manifests. Ring-pass-not This is at the circumference of thePatanjali, 19:whether it is the planetary atom, within whose ring-pass-not all our kingdoms of nature are found,Patanjali, 148:highest initiation and can pass beyond our solar ring-pass-not know somewhat of the essentialPsychology1, 136:response apparatus which is bounded by the ring-pass-not of a solar system. Each form, from that ofPsychology1, 151:ray forms, permeate every form within the solar ring-pass-not, and thus link every form with everyPsychology1, 168:and caused every atom of matter within the "ring-pass-not" of His system to vibrate in sevenPsychology1, 391:soul pattern. This is the predisposing goal, the ring-pass-not or destiny which the immortalPsychology2, 356:upon the periphery" of the divine [356] "ring-pass-not" which he has himself established. It is atPsychology2, 378:he lives. If he transmutes the pentagram into a ring of fire, he serves the Plan." Psychology2, 482:by them as such that within the imposed ring-pass-not and lines of limitation they determinePsychology2, 684:than those to be found at this time within the ring-pass-not of our planetary life. May I give hereRays, 62:During our various incarnations we strike and ring the changes on all the intervening notes, andRays, 103:the severing of a thread which links him to the ring-pass-not within which he has chosen toRays, 132:progress, surrounded by that circle, that divine ring-pass-not. There is still the broad confiningRays, 143:within the limits of the planetary ring-pass-not. Beyond those limits - who knows? Light can beRays, 162:and still others pass out of our planetary ring-pass-not altogether. Thus the Law of theRays, 166:pledge to serve temporarily within the planetary ring-pass-not. Such Members of the Hierarchy WhoRays, 177:take even still higher initiations within the ring-pass-not of our planet - a task of profoundRays, 215:work and are given free play within the group ring-pass-not; still others are of a more mundaneRays, 217:life in which the soul is "by-passed" and its ring-pass-not is destroyed, is of such profoundRays, 220:is enriched and then precipitated outside the ring-pass-not of the group life; this precipitationRays, 241:of reception," the Masters' Ashrams within the ring-pass-not of the Hierarchy. These seven types ofRays, 282:of his consciousness and of its self-imposed ring-pass-not. From thence he never moves, but isRays, 283:and superhuman - is also clear. Within the ring-pass-not and in the world of sentiency and inRays, 283:the Master to break through the planetary ring-pass-not, and thus arrive at the door of the HigherRays, 284:that He succeeds in piercing the planetary ring-pass-not; He is then given the freedom of theRays, 333:- important to all contained within the group ring-pass-not. They have their own chosen andRays, 370:for the entire ashramic life is guarded by a ring-pass-not, created by its radiation; the seven andRays, 372:identifications - lying beyond the planetary ring-pass-not - confront Him; His choice of one orRays, 379:in its differentiated groups is guarded by a ring-pass-not. This ring-pass-not is provided byRays, 379:groups is guarded by a ring-pass-not. This ring-pass-not is provided by radiation. The forty-twoRays, 381:formed its own magnetic field, possessed its own ring-pass-not, and became a dynamic mediatingRays, 384:way out of the ranks of humanity and inside the ring-pass-not of the Hierarchy. In the beginning,Rays, 389:to another and wider freedom on ahead, and the ring-pass-not of our planetary Life in itselfRays, 401:agency for astral energy within the planetary ring-pass-not. I also said that many Masters Who haveRays, 405:which are extra-planetary but within the solar ring-pass-not. Those Masters Whose decision it is toRays, 405:the door on the periphery of our planetary ring-pass-not. Then - out of incarnation and workingRays, 408:Them indefinitely to the limitations of the ring-pass-not of Their body of manifestation, a planet.Rays, 471:understood and expressed. Within the planetary ring-pass-not the initiate moves with freedom andRays, 486:His much vaster scale - He concentrated within a ring-pass-not (defining His desired [487] sphereRays, 487:the needed energies are confined within a mental ring-pass-not, prior to the later process ofRays, 488:been restrained within the carefully delimited ring-pass-not, and the bridge-builder is ready forRays, 489:influence which works upon and within the ring-pass-not of accumulated energies, held in a state ofRays, 489:two energies: one, quiescent and held within a ring-pass-not, but at a point of extreme tension,Rays, 512:of the work to be done is necessary. A ring-pass-not of consciously gathered energies must beRays, 512:a point of tension within the previously created ring-pass-not. The active picture-forming energyRays, 523:and relates all beings within the planetary ring-pass-not into Itself." By becoming the Path,Rays, 567:Logos will demonstrate living purpose within the ring-pass-not of the three lower cosmic planes.Rays, 568:forms of manifested life within our planetary ring-pass-not. These Lords of the Rays are theRays, 588:and spiritual worker in energy within the ring-pass-not of the three worlds and - as I haveRays, 600:of Decision that the illusion of the planetary ring-pass-not finally disappears. The Master thenRays, 605:and it is this ray which has determined the ring-pass-not within which humanity must work. At thisRays, 605:place within the periphery of the fourth ray ring-pass-not, then (if humanity's decision is correctTelepathy, 62:carries out its purposes within our planetary ring-pass-not. In its turn, humanity will provide theTelepathy, 62:will provide the area of mind within whose ring-pass-not the subhuman kingdoms will find theTelepathy, 148:for that matter, even beyond our planetary ring-pass-not. The concept of separateness, ofTelepathy, 150:are conscious but only conscious within their ring-pass-not, and are therefore fundamentallyTelepathy, 183:to every form which is held within the planetary ring-pass-not of the planetary Life or Logos. This
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