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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RISING

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Healing, 689:to the modern ear. It is this Sound which the "Rising One" must learn to recognize, and to which heHercules, 50:good. Everybody talks about the problem; and the rising generation are asking in no uncertainHercules, 188:the spirit of man is sound and pure, is rising to the occasion and we are coming through, but don'tInitiation, 60:[60] transmuting and directing, and the present rising tide of democracy has his directing handIntellect, 111:own mind to the wonderful wisdom of God... Man rising to the summit of his mind is exalted God." -Magic, 108:activity until such time [108] as there is a rising up the spine of that fiery energy. This isMagic, 240:destruction. But the work of Antichrist is only rising now to its height, and the delusion ofMagic, 358:heat, the light of day, the radiance of the rising sun and perfect knowledge of the Truth appear.Magic, 435:the Sun is posited at the time of birth. The rising sign to which the man should respond. The moonMagic, 435:of his life during incarnation. The ascendant or rising sign indicates the line along which hisMagic, 436:life are indicated to the soul in this way. The rising sign, embodying another type of energy,Magic, 565:fire and flame menaces now, and dimly yet the rising smoke is seen. Let him again, after the cycleMagic, 591:the spinal cord which could prevent the free rising of the fire at the base of the spine, commonlyMagic, 613:mist which veil the world form and also veil the rising sun. Then we have that halftime, thatMagic, 617:him is the blue of heaven, the radiance of the rising sun, the pureness of the mountain air. EachMeditation, 24:permeate, much as yeast causes a movement and a rising in a mass of dough. The man is conscious ofMeditation, 173:how apparent it is that all the sons of men are rising. Even the ones - so apt to be despised - whoMeditation, 323:the sign of the pupil's nativity - his sign, rising sign, and controlling planets. These curtainsPatanjali, 308:the "quickening" and life makes itself felt. A rising up takes place, and the correspondence canPatanjali, x:is indicative of the general trend of this rising second Ray impulse. This interest will beProblems, 18:who have a firm determination to train the rising generation to know [19] themselves as men and notProblems, 73:continue indefinitely in the face of humanity's rising demands and the steady emerging of theProblems, 101:non-existent for decades, antagonism is rising; in Great Britain its evil head can now be seen, andProblems, 107:vision with which we must deal and the steady rising into power of millions of people who have, asProblems, 144:because His resurrection guarantees our own "rising again", and "because He lives, we shall liveProblems, 156:present generation. The signs, however, of its rising are already to be seen on the horizon, andProblems, 158:extremity. That great and wordless invocation is rising everywhere today. Then there is theProblems, 159:is in great evidence and their invocation is rising to the Most High. Then, lastly, there are theProblems, 171:of worldwide famine and pestilence, of nation rising against nation and of the complete collapse ofPsychology1, 63:of blue veils his eternal purpose, but in the rising and the setting sun his orb of red is seen.Psychology1, 78:God and His Angels now arise and sense the odor rising from the burning-ground of man. Let the firePsychology1, 332:which are of an astrological nature, such as the rising sign, or the governing planets? ThePsychology1, 365:earth can evade ritual or ceremonial, for the rising and the setting of the sun imposes a ritual,Psychology1, 394:Their astrological sign is Capricorn, with Virgo rising. Mercury and Virgo play a prominent part inPsychology2, 547:astrological sign - either his sun sign or his rising sign and will be considered later. ContagiousPsychology2, 548:lower center becomes intensely active prior to rising upward. This will produce over-activity ofRays, 220:and its first expression is simply the slowly rising tempo of the group "Sound" or note. As youRays, 220:coming Science of Invocation. This group sound, rising as the tension increases and stabilizes, isRays, 513:Resurrection and Ascension. This is the rising up of the consciousness out of soul and personalityRays, 704:initiate which leads to revelation; i.e., his "rising out of the ocean of matter into the clearRays, 704:and leading to Ascension, or a complete "rising out of," or "mounting higher," leading toRays, 730:of sleep are haunted nights, the thought of rising up and out of all these circumstances, ofRays, 730:the prefix means "back to an original state" by rising. This return to an original state isRays, 730:death could not hold Him. At that time of His "rising," a far more important event took place andReappearance, 35:The use of this Invocation or Prayer and the rising expectancy of the coming of the Christ hold outReappearance, 39:unhappy world of men, the cry is ceaselessly rising: "May Christ return to Earth." For the threeReappearance, 143:faith - must be met. The demands of humanity are rising to Their ears and the Christ and HisReappearance, 151:extremity. This great and wordless invocation is rising everywhere today. Then there is theReappearance, 152:is in great evidence and their invocation is rising to the Most High. Then, lastly there are theReappearance, 189:to the demand of humanity. That demand is rising and mounting every day and "in such an hour as you
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