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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RISKS

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Autobiography, 202:naturally degenerate and are not going to take risks when they know the risks exist. I would likeAutobiography, 202:are not going to take risks when they know the risks exist. I would like to have the sex problemDiscipleship1, 88:that the life of the disciple is ever a life of risks and of dangers, entered into willingly andDiscipleship1, 617:its encouragement, its responsibilities and its risks. As you are now on the Path of DiscipleshipDiscipleship1, 649:and worker into one who is willing to take risks for the cause of humanity and through love of hisDiscipleship1, 680:of the world aspirants to take the personal risks, incident to this preparatory work. There areDiscipleship2, 4:cooperation, I must myself perforce take certain risks, and there must be established between us aDiscipleship2, 64:them. This necessarily brings added strains and risks, sometimes even to the point of death, butDiscipleship2, 316:revelation to the unready might involve serious risks. It was therefore decided that a truerDiscipleship2, 327:All these planetary developments are attended by risks, and none more so than that of theDiscipleship2, 641:will lead to greatly minimizing other risks later in your planned work. A.A.B. will talk with youDiscipleship2, 729:brings the needed protection, as well as certain risks of over-stimulation. The love andExternalisation, 126:the Shamballa force (in spite of its attendant risks) to pour into the world. The objective was toExternalisation, 152:such an acceleration carries with it its own risks, and consequently we have the appearance of theExternalisation, 175:of crisis and of tension. Those who perceive the risks, the opportunity, and the important decisionExternalisation, 233:who endorse a [233] pacifism which involves no risks: With what do you propose to fight the forcesExternalisation, 447:be the case; it means, however, that the risks involved and the clash of minds will also be farFire, 910:and if the thinkers of the race can be shown the risks incident upon present happenings in the devaHealing, 60:nature) remains the same. Women, owing to the risks they run in childbearing, through the turningHealing, 255:in the medical curriculum and method; the risks to the human subject are too great, and the goodHealing, 285:be effective, sound, right and permissible. The risks of over- or understimulation seem too great;Healing, 285:experimental nature has always its own special risks. Many have been the casualties of science, andHealing, 286:the same courage must be shown and the same risks assumed. The safeguard from the strictly legalHealing, 543:convey to the lay reader a general idea of the risks involved, and thus produce caution in theHealing, 604:with [604] great force. An understanding of the risks involved, a sane appraisal of possibility andHealing, 646:delicate and subtle and involves far greater risks. The true healer who is an initiate employs bothHercules, 147:ice. A soldier, intent on defeating the enemy, risks life itself. A mother, snatching her childInitiation, 6:Much must remain esoteric and veiled. The risks of too much knowledge are far greater than theIntellect, 261:is most dangerous. In view of this, why take risks? Why not be warned by the experience of others?Meditation, 79:possible as yet to furnish more information; the risks involved would be too great. The method ofMeditation, 120:in the three bodies; we have touched upon the risks that may be run when the karma of the studentMeditation, 128:this be the case, and it carries with it certain risks that will inevitably work themselves intoMeditation, 132:events, big and little, in the daily life, the risks of being led astray will be nullified. A thirdMeditation, 140:for you any forms for careful following. The risks, as before I have pointed out, are too greatMeditation, 181:in an occult sense. I have dealt here with the risks run by anyone who calls within his magneticMeditation, 318:of the school - sole judge and autocrat. The risks of occult training are too great to permit ofPatanjali, 44:attended however with certain dangers and risks. There is the risk of uneven development, [45] of aPatanjali, 188:yet intellectual brother. He will not run the risks that his unprepared brother takes. The wordsPsychology1, 206:ray of the dashing cavalry leader, reckless of risks to himself or his followers. It is the ray ofPsychology2, 148:he seeks to enter) and safeguards him from the risks and perils of that initiation which must bePsychology2, 722:remember that a Master inevitably takes certain risks and chances when He "occultly inspires" aRays, 716:in 1975, and also in the year 2000, but the risks will then not be so great as in the first impact,Rays, 742:of life are struggling to awaken humanity to the risks they are running, and to the finality of the
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