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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ROAR

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Autobiography, 76:until I got sick to death of hearing the men roar out, "Just like the ivy, I will cling to you,"Autobiography, 100:in making an audience - large or small - roar with laughter. I can always laugh at myself, too. ButDestiny, 146:the following words: [146] "The Lion begins to roar. He rushes forth and, in his urge to live, heHercules, 96:seizes all who cross his path. His shocking roar is heard throughout the night and all areHercules, 97:of fear. "Not so", replied a third, "I heard its roar about the mountain wild this week." "And I,Hercules, 97:he searched the Way and listened for the lion's roar whilst the people of Nemea crouched downHercules, 97:quite unafraid, the lion roared, and with his roar the young trees shook, the Nemeans fled andHercules, 98:he came and from the cave there came a lusty roar, a rumbling savage voice which seemed to bid himIntellect, 209:in the jungles of our great cities, in the roar and bustle of daily life and intercourse, men andMagic, 138:therefore, submerged as you are in the smoke and roar of battle, to judge results with accuracy orMagic, 335:emanating from the planet at this time. The roar of machinery, the rumble of the transportation
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