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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ROBERT

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Autobiography, 224:It was there for the first time that we met Dr. Robert Assagioli, who had been our representativeAutobiography, 225:Assisi and says that the morning he spent with Robert was a high-water mark of his European trip.Bethlehem, 40:by them and joined with them." - Paracelsus, by Robert Browning. Man the human being, a soul inBethlehem, 146:light Supposed to be without." - Paracelsus, by Robert Browning, Oxford Edition, p. 444. Thus, forBethlehem, 244:life and light are one." - The Modernists, by Robert Norwood, p. 57, Socrates. It might here beFire, 653:the half formed creatures round. - Paracelsus by Robert Browning. 13 Man is an animal, plus aIntellect, 58:man begins anew a tendency to God," - Browning, Robert, Paracelsus. and he is driven by a divineIntellect, 83:for a light Supposed to be without." - Browning, Robert, Paracelsus. The whole object of thePsychology1three souls, one man. - Death in the Desert by Robert Browning [xvii] The question arises, eachSoul, 62:pp. 131-132. Also writing in the 17th century, Robert Boyle brought forward the same hypothesis andSoul, 92:what Is; three souls, one man." [92] - Browning, Robert, A Death in the Desert. Soul, 154:half-formed creatures round." [154] - Browning, Robert, Paracelsus.
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