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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ROOM

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Astrology, 134:decades in others, and that there is little real room for questioning. This is equally true of theAstrology, 136:all his wares into the window, and often in the room behind the window there is little to be found.Astrology, 167:a pitcher of water," Aquarius, and in the upper room introduced them to union and unity under theAtom, 60:and great purity and holiness of life) the room had appeared to be lit up momentarily byAtom, 72:that the world has ever seen. There is no room for pessimism and despair, but only for theAutobiography, 25:in the schoolroom, and then down to the dining room at 9 for family prayers. We had to start theAutobiography, 25:We were allowed to have lunch in the dining room but were not permitted to speak and our goodAutobiography, 26:or maid got us ready to go down to the drawing room. White frocks, colored sashes, silk stockingsAutobiography, 26:then, hand in hand, we had to go to the drawing room where the house party were sitting after tea.Autobiography, 27:go for a walk we had to go to the housekeeper's room for jellies and soup for some sick person onAutobiography, 30:have quite forgotten what it was. I went to her room; I collected everything she had of value -Autobiography, 32:marched in solemn procession into the dining room on the ground floor. This I did to the admiringAutobiography, 35:and the servants. I was sitting in the drawing room reading. The door opened and in walked a tallAutobiography, 44:was preparing to sleep in the little sitting-room off my bedroom and when I expressed surprise sheAutobiography, 44:me. We went into what was called the red drawing room and when we were alone he said: "I have toldAutobiography, 54:night if out on pass, and also a Gospel-meeting room, equipped with a harmonium, hymnbooks, BiblesAutobiography, 54:girl (and I was abnormally shy) to walk into a room with perhaps three hundred men in it and,Autobiography, 55:one Sunday afternoon on a platform in a large room, facing a couple of hundred soldiers and someAutobiography, 55:conclusion, the next night I went to the meeting room to get ready and proceeded to light the gas.Autobiography, 55:light the gas. I nearly blew myself across the room and singed my hair and could not take theAutobiography, 55:shaky. Then a voice came from the back of the room: "Cheer up, Miss. I'll finish it for you andAutobiography, 56:the platform and was dissolved in tears in my room. I had failed, both Jesus and myself, and I hadAutobiography, 56:on. I got accustomed to going into a packed room in India, with perhaps four or five hundredAutobiography, 61:there every evening to their Army Temperance Room. It meant getting there at 6 p.m. and returningAutobiography, 61:for me to hold a Gospel meeting in their A.T.A. room after the canteen closed. After due [62]Autobiography, 62:I loved it! The canteen lot used to come to the room every evening to see me. I made no attempt toAutobiography, 65:women besides myself at the table in the dining room and five apparently wealthy and mostAutobiography, 65:I made a speech, taking care to be in the dining room before the other two girls arrived but allAutobiography, 73:a soldier came to the door of our sitting-room, with a very grave face, and asked if I would mindAutobiography, 76:the popular songs on the piano in the reading-room until I got sick to death of hearing the menAutobiography, 76:I looked up and there at the back of the room was a General, his adjutant and his staff who hadAutobiography, 81:done and I had gone to bed, she would come to my room and sit on the edge of my bed and we wouldAutobiography, 82:travelling everywhere with me, caring for my room and bringing me my breakfast every day. [83] IAutobiography, 84:into the courts of heaven. It was an immense room, with long French windows opening out into theAutobiography, 88:I could not sleep. I walked up and down my room and felt entirely desolate. I went out on to theAutobiography, 88:nothing there but mosquitoes. I returned to my room and stood by my dressing table for a minute.Autobiography, 88:a broad shaft of brilliant light struck my room and the voice of the Master Who had come to me whenAutobiography, 89:Him this time but I stood in the middle of the room and listened to what He had to say. He told meAutobiography, 93:going to the hotel. I remember going up to my room and lying down on my bed, too tired to unpack orAutobiography, 94:got off the train to go to the ladies' room. Trains were not as comfortable in those days as theyAutobiography, 94:kinds of accommodation. We dignified the ladies' room by the name W.C. She came back to the trainAutobiography, 95:contented to be with her. I can see the sitting-room now in the boarding-house at the littleAutobiography, 96:getting up to welcome me in her lovely sitting-room. Her uniforms were made of heavily corded brownAutobiography, 104:seminary, on the top floor of which we had one room. Her name was Mrs. Snyder and she adopted me onAutobiography, 107:minority. The problem will have to be solved and room made for the Negro in the national life. TheyAutobiography, 111:school teachers. The rectory was a small, six-room bungalow between two larger houses, one of whichAutobiography, 115:waking up and hearing a man go rapidly out of my room and down stairs. It was just the doctor whoAutobiography, 131:your hands on that dirty rag in the women's room. I've got the other half and will hang it up whenAutobiography, 134:Rumor reached me that they were having a drawing room meeting on some peculiar subject and a mutualAutobiography, 134:present I do not think anyone in the room knew what he was talking about. Nothing that he said madeAutobiography, 147:so would you if (as a girl in [147] the school room) you'd had to do your lessons whilst holdingAutobiography, 148:had left, one of them would take me to my room, around 11:30 p.m., look in my bathroom andAutobiography, 148:rest of the rooms. There were four doors in my room, one on to the verandah, another into theAutobiography, 148:one on to the verandah, another into the sitting-room and still another into my fellow-worker'sAutobiography, 148:and the bed stood in the exact center of the room with its legs in deep saucers because of insects.Autobiography, 148:India, we always slept with a lamp alight in the room. I awoke around two o'clock in the morning toAutobiography, 148:in the morning to hear a noise in the sitting-room and to see the handle of the door being turnedAutobiography, 149:thief trying to get into the safe in the sitting-room. Many hundreds of rupees were deposited inAutobiography, 149:I knew that if they succeeded in getting into my room it would be the end of me because it was aAutobiography, 149:you will take any chance. I walked across my room and opened the door only to find the two managersAutobiography, 149:in the house at the time and by mistake (as his room was next to mine) the very nicest man in theAutobiography, 149:the very nicest man in the house walked into my room one night. He had been reading late, downAutobiography, 150:door he naturally thought it was his dressing room. In the meantime, the wind had awakened me and IAutobiography, 152:There were lecture halls, class rooms, a shrine room where members of the Esoteric Section met andAutobiography, 155:The first time that I went into the Shrine Room I saw the customary pictures of the Christ and theAutobiography, 155:the man who had walked into my aunt's drawing room, and it was not the Master Jesus. I wasAutobiography, 163:to again one evening as I sat in my sitting-room after the children had gone to bed. Again IAutobiography, 178:to be recognized and proclaimed and there is no room for muckraking and personality slandering byAutobiography, 189:started a Secret Doctrine class and had rented a room on Madison Avenue where we could [190] holdAutobiography, 194:out in the field. We started with one room. We now (1947) have two floors at 11 West 42nd StreetAutobiography, 195:It had seemed to me and still does that there is room in the world today for hundreds of trueAutobiography, 203:a wing of the house which consisted of one large room over the maid's quarters downstairs. ThereAutobiography, 203:There were windows on three sides of this room and there I lived and worked. Craigie was with usAutobiography, 204:recollection is sitting up nights in my room with three sides of glass, watching for the lights ofAutobiography, 205:in" and wash dishes and tidy up the sitting room when the day was over. Autobiography, 205:hole in the screen so that he could get into my room and from that moment it was entirely happy,Autobiography, 209:than from anything else and found a packed room filled with all the elite of the nobility andAutobiography, 211:holding little seances in Alice's huge living-room. Autobiography, 224:beauty of character. He could not come into a room without his essential spiritual qualities makingAutobiography, 233:find the water-carrier who led them to an upper room where the communion service was instituted.Autobiography, 233:great picture of the communion in the upper room is the great symbol of the [234] Aquarian age, forBethlehem, ix:at the feast Of humble bread served in the upper room Where that sad cup was passed from hand toBethlehem, 19:of Aquarian unity, as He foretold. The "upper room" is a symbol of that high point of achievementBethlehem, 36:and passing through an open door into a larger room. All that is transpiring is no indication ofBethlehem, 55:and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn." (St. Luke, II, 6, 7.) InBethlehem, 208:gathering the disciples together into the upper room, and there sharing with them the communion ofDiscipleship1, 369:hovered o'er the blue prints in the Inner Room and looked the Master Workman in the face. And stillDiscipleship1, 383:to you earlier, but when you retire to your room at the stated intervals to carry forward your tenDiscipleship1, 390:that the entire planet lies outside of the room in which you are pondering my words and is onlyDiscipleship1, 461:light, and where there is joy there is little room for glamor and misunderstanding. Discipleship1, 480:as it would be for you to enter the sleeping room of those of soiled environment and persons.Discipleship1, 550:Do you not realize that in the quiet of your own room and away from the chaos of modern life (whichDiscipleship1, 550:comes the training (again in the quiet of his room) to use it dynamically in the realm of thought.Discipleship1, 551:much for F. C. D. from the quiet of [551] your room. I might add, that he is seeking to help youDiscipleship1, 598:You have for years been like a man standing in a room with his back to the window - a window thatDiscipleship1, 598:so sadly needed cleaning that the light in the room was dim and only partially diffused. You areDiscipleship1, 598:see that which is around much more clearly. The room is better lighted, and you are now moreDiscipleship1, 598:of what you need to do for yourself and the room. This is much, my brother, for you have done itDiscipleship1, 598:to your position and attitude and to the room in which you lived. Your knowledge of what layDiscipleship1, 598:to finish cleaning the window and illumining the room, thereby associating yourself with the life
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