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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ROOMS

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Autobiography, 53:in Ireland and, after settling my sister in her rooms in Edinburgh, I went [54] over to Ireland toAutobiography, 54:nightly, paying for the food at cost. There were rooms where they could write letters, play games,Autobiography, 63:accounts, doing the flowers in the reading rooms, writing letters for soldiers, taking endlessAutobiography, 73:in and out of the coffee-shop and reading-rooms, only to find that my presence made them worse.Autobiography, 76:trained. I lost it in singing in smoke filled rooms. I suppose I sold more packages of cigarettesAutobiography, 122:to be afraid of him. We took a shack of three rooms in the depths of wild country not far fromAutobiography, 148:then hear him going through the rest of the rooms. There were four doors in my room, one on to theAutobiography, 152:or Los Angeles. There were lecture halls, class rooms, a shrine room where members of the EsotericDiscipleship1, 598:what you want them to be and they live also in rooms with darkened windows. When you look throughMeditation, 318:will work more in the seclusion of their own rooms than in class room with the students [319]Meditation, 322:detached house which will contain - besides the rooms in which he will live his private life - aPsychology2, 171:Direction of Ray VII "Under an arch between two rooms, the seventh Magician stood. One room wasSoul, 125:the dead to life. Christ could pass unseen into rooms, and could raise the dead. (See Luke XXIV,
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