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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ROOT

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Fire, 379:affected by the coming in of manas in the third root-race, and that therefore in incarnation on theFire, 383:and is its life and works out His purposes. A root-race, simply is analogous to the "seven parts"Fire, 383:phrases it) as played by the midget, man. In a root-race a Heavenly Man is simply living out HisFire, 386:mind, or manas, was effected during the third root-race, and that the definitely human familyFire, 389:which began for us in the middle of the third root-race of this round and continues until theFire, 393:that outside aid was called in during the third root-race of this chain, and that the evolution ofFire, 417:in Atlantean days, and during the present root race, can be traced back to the moon chain. We haveFire, 425:individualization in the middle of the third root-race. This was produced by a vast destruction ofFire, 430:of that group which we call the fifth root-race. On the fourth subplane of the astral plane, aFire, 430:that numbers of the old Atlanteans (fourth root-race men) will respond to [431] the stimulation andFire, 431:intensified evolution for the units of the fifth root-race, prior to their passing out of and intoFire, 434:and the lower four. This took place in the third root-race and produced a form wherein dwelt SpiritFire, 434:since that time, dying down during the fourth root-race, and waxing steadily greater during thisFire, 434:manasic stimulation of animal man in the third root-race, so in [435] the fifth round will he beFire, 441:seventh plane, the physical, during the fifth root-race and the fifth subrace, and consequently theFire, 456:conclusion the manasic effort of the fifth root-race of mental growth, and will cause results ofFire, 457:will be of a usable nature during the sixth root-race in which the intuition will show real andFire, 457:show real and general signs of existing. In this root-race, units only show signs here and there ofFire, 457:bridge in their individual selves. In the sixth root-race small groups will be intuitive. It isFire, 458:its due recognition. 3. During the third root-race, animal individualization took place, and theFire, 459:individualization took place during the third root-race and in the fourth round, speaking in thisFire, 459:through a chain of globes. 4. In the fourth root-race the "door" (as it is called) between the twoFire, 461:in the future. As we have seen, during the third root-race, opportunity for the animal kingdomFire, 461:occurred and many individualized. In the fourth root-race this cycle of opportunity ceasedFire, 461:is analogous to what will occur in the fifth root-race in connection with man, at the so-calledFire, 461:pralaya. After the rejection in the fourth root-race of three-fourths of the animal units, theFire, 462:required. Since the great division in the fourth root-race, the animal kingdom has been primarilyFire, 467:subrace. This will usher in the infant sixth root-race. The devas of the ethers, with which we areFire, 471:be divided into: [471] World karma. (The seven root-races.) Racial karma, or the destiny andFire, 471:Racial karma, or the destiny and purpose of each root-race. Subrace karma, for each subrace has itsFire, 494:distinctive of the alchemists of the fifth root race who have been practically incapable of thisFire, 496:as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor Every root race has its own particular style of vegetation,Fire, 498:hundred years. The coming in of the two final root races marks the point of synthesis, and theFire, 498:In other words, manas has (during the past three root races) been principally applied to theFire, 499:that which lies ahead in the sixth and seventh root races of this round. To express the wholeFire, 524:manifest in the destruction of the fifth root race by fire. At that great cataclysm - as the BibleFire, 533:of the globes in every chain. The forty-nine Root Manus. The seventy-seven Embodiers of form - aFire, 563:the Separation of the Sexes in the early third root-race, the Lemurian. The same historical fact isFire, 566:What is the purpose back of the present root-race evolution? Can we realize it? What is the purposeFire, 571:between this statement and the [571] fourth root-race development, and this, the fourth or astralFire, 573:plane, in the fourth round, and in the fourth root-race specially. We shall then have theFire, 574:desire, the reflection of the buddhic. 4th Root-Race - The Atlantean, in which the above qualitiesFire, 576:here an analogy to the coming into the fourth root-race of the more advanced Egos. Fire, 579:in the second round and the second root-race, showing how the Law of Cohesion was specially activeFire, 583:of the egoic body. At the end of the third root-race came the first of the great cataclysms thatFire, 588:a point of correspondence, just as the fourth root-race is the one in which the synthesis is firstFire, 588:kingdom of Spirit being then opened; the fourth root-race also developed the astral capacity thatFire, 590:can be seen between these factors and the fifth root-race, the race of peculiarly strongFire, 596:from the astral to the buddhic. So in the sixth root-race and the sixth subrace a similar analogyFire, 596:shattered form of the fifth subrace of the fifth root race, built up under the fifth Ray ofFire, 598:its third in a world period, its fourth in a root race, its fifth in a subrace, and its sixth in aFire, 599:evolutions, the human and the deva. The major root races are chosen under the Law ofFire, 599:under the Law of Correspondence. In the third root race came the third Outpouring, the merging andFire, 599:Triad and the Lower Quaternary. The fifth root race marks a point where higher and lower manasFire, 599:Here again we have a twofold reason. The seventh root race again demonstrates dual attainment, loveFire, 600:- Major 3-4-7 7 Rounds - Major 4-5-7 7 Root races - Major 3-5-7 7 Sub races - Major 1-5-6 7Fire, 605:- The round of manasic attainment. [605] The 5th root-race - The Aryan. Mental development. The 5thFire, 647:took place in the fourth round and the third root-race; the correspondence between the thirdFire, 652:terrific stimulation was given in the fourth root-race during the war of that period, and theFire, 677:They were peculiarly dominant in the fourth root-race, at which time sex conditions reached a stageFire, 677:of the Lemurian Egos has passed into the fifth root-race they will be slowly passed out of theFire, 687:of the Egos in the third round, in the third root race and in the third chain. Individualization,Fire, 714:will do well carefully to consider. In the third root-race 39 individualization took place. It wasFire, 715:and its adaptation to opportunity. In the fourth root-race another adaptation of force occurred.Fire, 715:of the planes in the three worlds. In the fifth root-race, another tremendous happening may beFire, 716:imprisoned must be loosed. So it will be in this root-race, the fifth. Certain cosmic forces are atFire, 717:the time and the hour, will bring about, in our root-race, that which corresponds to theFire, 717:in the earlier third and fourth races. 39 Root races. The Secret Doctrine teaches that these sevenFire, 718:force of this cycle was felt in the third root race. In the next round, during the fourth rootFire, 718:root race. In the next round, during the fourth root race, and for a very brief period, a freshFire, 732:Heavenly Man. The word "incarnation" in its root meaning conveys the fundamental truth involved inFire, 738:but still in the two Halls. The mystery of all root races lies here, and the egoic cycles coincideFire, 738:again and again in the various subraces of a root race until a certain cycle has been covered; thenFire, 738:until in a later (and sometimes much later) root race he will respond to its vibratory call, andFire, 738:of today did not incarnate until the fourth root race. These cycles are one of the mysteries ofFire, 747:receptivity to occurrences at the close of each root-race, when there is, on subtler levels, aFire, 750:or great adept, becomes the embodiment (during a root-race) of a principle; the vestures or sheathsFire, 798:for, if traced back along its central root and its many ramifications, one eventually reaches theFire, 805:the desired point by the middle of the Atlantean root-race. Bringing certain of the lower centersFire, 825:his "coming-in" during the Atlantean root-race. Men of this type refused to incarnate earlier, asFire, 827:and has its correspondence in the Atlantean root-race and its conflict between the Lords of theFire, 840:instance, up till the middle of the Atlantean root-race (S.D., I, 196.) (when the door ofFire, 841:manas. They were quiescent during the Atlantean root-race but have come in during the fourth andFire, 841:in during the fourth and fifth subraces of this root-race. They are a group a good deal moreFire, 842:may succeed in unfolding it before the seventh root-race of this round but the bulk of them willFire, 842:the bulk of them will unfold it in the second root-race of the next round, and will stand readyFire, 853:who have individualized during the Atlantean root-race until the door was shut. Egos who haveFire, 904:will in a great degree before the close of this root-race, these gaseous devas will stand revealed,Fire, 905:which is in process [905] of developing in this root-race is entirely physical, and, under the law,Fire, 905:development is to be anticipated, for the Aryan root-race is that one wherein man - in this fourthFire, 905:senses of hearing, touch, and sight. In the next root-race, astral clairvoyance will be prevalent,Fire, 905:will be more easily achieved. In the earlier root-race of the next round, the fifth, there will beFire, 905:activities of this round, until, in the fifth root-race, the sumtotal of that achieved in thisFire, 906:are now being contacted in this, the fifth root-race; the result of this contact can be seen in theFire, 907:work they are to effect by the end of this root-race, in order to liberate Spirit from constrictingFire, 933:in man at the beginning of the fourth root-race. Spiritual necessity forced its rapidFire, 940:triads, and the appearance of man in the third root race. A curiously interesting sequence of theFire, 940:appearance of triple natured man in the third root race. The triads in the causal bodies of anyFire, 948:produced ever since the middle of the Atlantean root race when the mind factor began slowly toFire, 966:II, 316, 320. From its Atlantean past, the fifth root-race is working out fourth root-race causes.
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