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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ROSE

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Meditation, 236:lamb" or that "the desert shall blossom like a rose". It will be [237] brought about by theMeditation, 247:congestion and increases the flow of prana. Rose acts upon the nervous system and tends toMeditation, 248:beginner will be primarily concerned are orange, rose and green. That the violet ray holds thePatanjali, 91:note of one soul (whether of a chemical atom, a rose, a pearl, a man or an angel) would reveal allPatanjali, 98:we have employed the five [98] senses; i.e., the rose is the objective tangible form; its scent isPsychology1, 77:Winnower of the Chaff The Fifth great Judge The Rose of God The Heavenly One The Door into the MindPsychology1, 78:within the furnace and let him drop within the rose-red center the nature that retards. Let thePsychology1, 163:Balance. Intuition. Raja Yoga. Mercury. Yellow. Rose. III Higher Mind. Exactitude in thought.Psychology1, 163:Bhakti Yoga. Necessity for an object. Mars. Rose. Blue. VII Ceremonial order. CeremonialPsychology1, 239:The kingdom of souls - The secret of the golden rose of light. The symbolic forms in which thesePsychology1, 246:to be seen in the prevalence of the colors red, rose, yellow and orange in the flowers at thisPsychology1, 420:Exoteric Color: Red. Esoteric Color: Silvery Rose. Human Principle: Kama-manas. Desire. DivinePsychology2, 104:a bird flying over it. This is the loved cross (rose being the color of affection), with the birdPsychology2, 153:to that of the perfected initiate of the Rose Croix Chapter. The eighteen centers of force withRays, 63:desert land must be made anew to flourish like a rose and that his task is the restoration (by theRays, 402:eyes a triangle of force in shades of varying rose. By His magnetic power, He concentrates theRays, 767:the flower from out the calix green. Of color rose it [768] is, and many shades thereof; and to theRays, 768:petals. Blue does it appear and blends with the rose, forming at first a deep impenetrable shade
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