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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ROUND

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Astrology, 108:incarnation in Pisces and begins again the great round of manifested life, for Pisces is the oceanAstrology, 130:at the end of the age (I refer here to a greater round of the zodiac and to no shorter cycle), theAstrology, 168:the world Savior in Pisces, thus completing the round of the zodiac and able to say triumphantly inAstrology, 230:- Capricorn - Aquarius - Pisces. and in this round of the zodiac (as far as humanity is concerned)Astrology, 344:wheel at this time for the greater zodiacal round of approximately 25,000 years - the date of whichAstrology, 352:is called. In that far-off time when the greater round of the zodiac was started in Gemini, as nowAstrology, 379:studies it either from the angle of the ordinary round of the zodiac, followed by average andAstrology, 386:find the key to the soul's task upon the eternal round of the wheel of life. You will remember howAstrology, 409:zodiac (a period of 250,000 years, or a complete round) came to an end when the sun entered PiscesAstrology, 409:period of five thousand years where this greater round or cycle is concerned. This period of fiveAstrology, 429:solar system, the manifestation of the zodiacal round, the cosmic triplicities or the tinyAstrology, 467:the human, and to our Earth in this fourth round. In these eight constellations are to be found theAstrology, 624:ceaseless urge, that which produces completion, round out my circle whole, intensify My life andAstrology, 645:the Manasadevas (the solar Angels) of the inner round. We should note here that we again have aAstrology, 646:the vegetable and mineral kingdoms every Second Round." (S.D. Vol. III, 162; Note I) 30. "The sevenAstrology, 649:planets are called in occult parlance "the outer round" or outer circle of initiates. Of these ourAstrology, 649:with certain spheres (or planets) on the inner round a dual opportunity exists for humanity whichAstrology, 664:latent." (C.F. 181) "In the middle of the fifth round, the Lord of Mercury will, with the Logos ofAstrology, 674:in the Logoic Quaternary. Venus is in the fifth round and is therefore further progressed than theAstrology, 675:III, 447 and 458) "In the middle of the fifth round, the Logos of Mercury will, with the Logos ofAstrology, 675:(C. F. 370) "Venus, being in the fifth round, had the mind principle coordinated and developed andAstrology, 675:is one..." (C. F. 377) "Venus is in her last round and has nearly brought the fourth kingdom toAstrology, 677:This avatar makes His appearance in the third round of the third chain and disappears in the fifthAstrology, 677:of the third chain and disappears in the fifth round of the fourth chain." (727) Astrology, 685:to see: The Venus scheme, being in the fifth round, had the fifth principle of manas coordinatedAstrology, 685:perfected fifth. Our Heavenly Man, in the fifth round, will have attained a paralleling point inAstrology, 686:vibration was sensed (occultly) in the second round, but only in the third root-race of the fourthAstrology, 686:but only in the third root-race of the fourth round did conditions permit of His physicalAstrology, 687:to birth; and that His coming in the fourth round with the subsequent awakening of manas in theAstrology, 690:event occurs. Such an event transpired in this round in relation to the center which our planetaryAstrology, 690:will continue to flow through. In the fifth round, it will be felt at its height." (C. F. 699) "TheAstrology, 691:formation of great importance in the next round should be pointed out which will bring threeAstrology, 691:mystery lies here. The evolution of the inner round has a close connection with this problem.Astrology, 692:scheme, and so do the Manasadevas of the inner round. We should note here that we again have aAtom, 94:the earth Serene amid the half-formed creatures round Who should be saved by them and joined withAutobiography, 27:My major recollection of that time is driving round and round the park with her in a Victoria (asAutobiography, 27:recollection of that time is driving round and round the park with her in a Victoria (as it wasAutobiography, 33:"London seasons," participating in the usual round of garden parties, teas and dinners and beingAutobiography, 60:chin and his head is very small and perfectly round," I said, completely puzzled. "Well, then,Autobiography, 298:and very considerable wealth, fulfiling the round of social activities and obligations, as was theBethlehem, 40:the earth, Serene amid the half-formed creatures round Who should be saved by them and joined withBethlehem, 67:and from Galilee, the place of the daily round of life; and this is true, whether one is speakingBethlehem, 131:(St. Matt., IV, 12) going back again to the round of daily living. The Galilee experience can neverBethlehem, 181:of its "heart's desire" and placed a halo round their heads. The long procession of them becomes aBethlehem, 182:crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes,Discipleship1, 111:of affairs. This is taking place in order to round out and enrich your psychic and emotional life.Discipleship1, 111:that your soul chose in this life to balance and round out your personality by placing the emphasisDiscipleship1, 126:yourself to remain. It should be the other way round and the personality - with all its unifiedDiscipleship1, 268:and heightening of your vibration. In the daily round of duties and of detail comes for you theDiscipleship1, 352:supplement your life expression and which would round out your nature. You need more skill inDiscipleship1, 381:and definitely for a while, as it will serve to round out and strengthen your character. I have forDiscipleship1, 385:today as your soul dictates and the future will round out itself in fruitful service. You areDiscipleship1, 425:other aim. The practice of this will balance and round out your undoubted head development. I shallDiscipleship1, 464:it lies behind you, but the smoke which hovers round it still obscures your vision. Pass on withDiscipleship1, 543:your consciousness which is other than the daily round which falls to those who tend a home. So oftDiscipleship1, 543:and mother and the performance of the social round, is deemed an adequate expression of service.Discipleship1, 588:you do this? If you can, you will balance and round out your nature, for the dominating factorsDiscipleship1, 621:Ray of Love-Wisdom and that you must, therefore, round out your development with love to allDiscipleship2, 474:divinely those whom he meets in his daily round of duty, that tells a different tale. No one isDiscipleship2, 583:enrich the group life, enhance its effort and round out its presentation as a serving unit in theDiscipleship2, 712:of yourself, of R.S.U. and F.C.D., she can round out this life cycle with satisfaction to herDiscipleship2, 720:quiet sea of midnight blue. Above, the shining, round-faced moon. Across the sea, a path of light,Discipleship2, 724:a quiet mind, myself. I never am alone, for round me gather those I seek to serve, my brothers inEducation, 9:type of experience which would aid the child to round out his development and bid, supplementary toExternalisation, 269:astrological truth. It refers to that great round of the zodiac (a period of approximately 25,000Externalisation, 567:in mind that we are entering another greater round of the Zodiac, and this coincides with theFire, 26:fourteenth seventh will the chance again come round. The first shall be the last and time be lostFire, 63:one world period Seven world periods make one round Seven rounds make one chain period Seven chainFire, 63:The three fires blend and merge. In this fourth round and on this fourth globe of our planetaryFire, 71:are at present normally active, one for each round. Their activity in an individual may beFire, 101:Logos. Second. In this fourth chain and fourth round, the fourth ether is beginning to be studied,Fire, 114:of incarnation, and of expression. This fourth round finds the solution of its strenuous andFire, 115:ground of the average man and that in this round escape from the etheric vehicle is being achieved;Fire, 122:Doctrine teaches us that in this evolution or Round on this planet the Jivatma - the human soul -Fire, 136:bodies is power at rest, or the static center round which every form of existence, as moving power,Fire, 161:known in matter during this [161] fourth round, and in this fourth chain. As the fifth spirillae orFire, 164:Sight, Taste, Smell. By the time the fifth round is reached, three-fifths of the human family willFire, 172:to the fifth root-race, or to the fifth round in the larger cycle; he is conscious of twoFire, 175:Eternity. Each man of us has gone this ceaseless round, and will repeat it forever and ever. TheFire, 187:fact that the two earliest root-races in this round are not definitely human, and that it is theFire, 196:sight came in with the third root-race in this round, and that the third race saw also the comingFire, 207:influence: Some globe in chain. Some plane. Some round. Some world period. Some root-race. SomeFire, 211:in certain ceremonies connected with the inner round 91 and the triangle formed by the Earth MarsFire, 214:the Occidentals call the Christ. 91 The inner round is a mysterious cycle of which little can beFire, 253:His fourth vibration or principle in this fourth round or cycle, and on this fourth globe, isFire, 253:though not functioning as it will in the fifth round. Much of the trouble present in the planet atFire, 277:might be considered as the cycle which we call a round in which the life of the Heavenly Man cyclesFire, 284:down the scale, we find the lesser pursuing its round ever within the greater. Therefore we haveFire, 290:three rounds up to the entrance upon the fourth round. To attain to the consciousness of the solarFire, 290:levels. This covers the period of the seventh round, and gives to a Heavenly Man (when these roundsFire, 291:Man of the Venus chain has achieved. In each round one subplane of the cosmic astral plane isFire, 291:- a control which will be perfected in the fifth round. He is sensing and responding to theFire, 296:mystery of the Akasha. The secret of the fifth round. The esoteric significance of Saturn, theFire, 297:on the fourth cosmic ether, is in this fourth round, a vital factor in planetary evolution. WhenFire, 299:mystery lies here. The evolution of the inner round has a close connection with this problem.Fire, 299:It occurred in the third root-race in the fourth round. Here we have an analogy between theFire, 300:It has been said that as Venus is in the fifth round, the Venusian Lord is further progressed thanFire, 301:of a planetary chain. The period of a planetary round. Within these three divisions, which are theFire, 304:in the three worlds correspond to a complete round in the cycles of a Heavenly Man. There are sevenFire, 327:Triad. [327] This fourth ether in this fourth round and on this fourth chain has to be completely
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