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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ROUND

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Meditation, 224:they hold the key to the present fourth round, and to its history. This being the fourth chain andMeditation, 224:This being the fourth chain and the fourth round you will note therefore how in the number fourMeditation, 224:ray being one of the three major rays in this round; it wields power in ratio to the four, on theMeditation, 232:by three-dimensional man in this, the fourth round. But the basic reason of the difference can beMeditation, 233:in or the going out of a ray. In this fourth round usually four rays are in flux at any one givenMeditation, 284:likewise does this paramountly in the fifth round of judgment and of separation, so the microcosmMeditation, 287:coloring or tone remains. The next or fifth round will show the greatest exposition of this method.Meditation, 287:exposition of this method. It will be the round of supreme mental development, and will carry itsMeditation, 287:Monads to heights undreamed of now. This round marks the height of the second method, that throughMeditation, 287:that through love or wisdom. It is the fourth round, that wherein the emotional reaches a highMeditation, 304:which will make the four branches of this fourth round. These branches are as follows: ThePatanjali, 140:race on this fourth globe and in the fourth round, the four vidyas and the four noble truths andPatanjali, 141:Truths, brethren, we have run on and wandered round this long, long journey (or rebirth), both youPatanjali, 206:Christian circles; it involves "a turning round" with its consequent temporary turmoil, butPatanjali, 310:importance of the solar plexus in this fourth round of the fourth creative Hierarchy (the HierarchyPsychology1, 123:is a statement of fact that at no time in this round are more than four types of men in incarnationPsychology1, 243:the brain in the head. Towards the close of this round, the monadic ray of the advanced units ofPsychology1, 265:which are connected with a complete zodiacal round, about 25,000 years. Those which are connectedPsychology1, 266:until such time as their cycle again comes round. This process they constantly enact and re-enact,Psychology1, 318:a relative achievement, for this is the fourth round, but there is necessarily a "high-water mark,"Psychology1, 318:mark," if I might so call it, for each round. In the above four races you have the great period ofPsychology1, 320:of human monads, the fourth ray, in this fourth round, on the fourth globe, the Earth, arePsychology1, 320:evolution or the most important. In this round it is. In the next round, the dominant evolutionPsychology1, 320:most important. In this round it is. In the next round, the dominant evolution will be that ofPsychology1, 344:globe of our Earth chain, and in this fourth round is responsible for the tremendous crisis withPsychology2, 171:tottered to a future fall. The magnet turned him round until he faced the scene and room. unseenPsychology2, 209:chain took place in the fifth race of the third round. In Lemurian days, individualization tookPsychology2, 209:it was the third root race and the fourth round. In Atlantis, the door of initiation opened, andPsychology2, 209:the sixth race types who came in in the second round. It is well to remember that the soul who cameRays, 425:tabulations earlier given so as to complete and round out this triple presentation. I do not urgeRays, 438:with this particular time, in this particular round and chain (reverting to the old symbolism ofReappearance, 56:prove the scope of His mission. He will gather round Him, in the flesh, His chosen associates andSoul, 153:the earth, Serene amid the half-formed creatures round." [154] - Browning, Robert, Paracelsus. Telepathy, 54:physical plane as you contact it in your daily round of duties. The world of energies, with its
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