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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ROUTINE

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Autobiography, 127:useless, just doing the chores and the ordinary routine of small town living which hundreds ofAutobiography, 214:were in many ways years of monotonous rhythm and routine - getting up in the morning, working forBethlehem, 68:within the ordinary man. For always the [68] routine is the same - the journey, the new birth, theDiscipleship1, 141:be laid upon the stabilizing of your spiritual routine. Should you feel able to do so and the pressDiscipleship1, 162:each morning - prior to descending to the day's routine... This has for years been your problem.Discipleship1, 212:for the next few months to follow the suggested routine below for a few minutes - fifteen at leastDiscipleship1, 269:to draw upon the full resources of the soul. The routine of the daily demands can usually be met byDiscipleship1, 321:the physical plane. Go forward with the ordinary routine work as I have [322] outlined it for theseDiscipleship1, 408:for you. Not yet have you established the needed routine and rhythm. It is never my intention to beDiscipleship2, 14:thought, understanding follows the prescribed routine, it follows the presented fact. In the lifeFire, 803:cause within the sphere of his own individual routine. He is, in all things, governed by causesGlamour, 183:revelation she conveyed followed the accustomed routine of all secondary revelation from the SourceInitiation, 94:of becoming the Path itself, the more normal routine will again be resumed. Initiation on theIntellect, 12:in Europe can ever return to the old sorry routine, and proceed with any steadiness or continuanceIntellect, 50:few! And ours the blame; For, ever, crassly, by routine and wrath, We undiscerningly damp down andPsychology1, 210:and to try and grind them in the iron mill of routine. It is the ray of form, of the perfectRays, 514:When he has faithfully followed this outlined routine, personality and soul fusion has to beReappearance, 66:certain energies will be released by Him in the routine of His work and coming. People are apt to
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