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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RULES

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Magic, 104:of this Rule and of the previous one, for Rules II and III are the two halves of a whole, I wouldMagic, 108:developments then become possible. In these two Rules, the foundation of the magical work of theMagic, 116:that they are embodied in the commonly accepted rules of decent living. Thou shalt not kill, thouMagic, 121:achieved some measure of mind control. These rules are not for beginners in the occult sciences;Magic, 126:of that matter into thought forms. These rules concern themselves with this information. The secondMagic, 153:thousands of years and with many disciples. Some rules as to breathing, as to helpful process andMagic, 158:The interpretation and significance of these rules can be carried forward along several lines. ForMagic, 184:and adepts, for therein are found those rules and methods which bring the mind under control,Magic, 198:and do the best he can, guided by the age-old rules of Raja Yoga, and the light of his own soul. AsMagic, 211:for consideration now one of the simplest of the Rules for Magic yet at the same time one of theMagic, 219:Rule for Magic. We have completed the first six Rules which deal specifically with work on theMagic, 219:awakening, and the significance of the six first Rules of Magic will become increasingly apparent.Magic, 220:increasingly apparent. [220] These fifteen rules are divided into: Six rules on the mental plane.Magic, 220:[220] These fifteen rules are divided into: Six rules on the mental plane. Five rules on the desireMagic, 220:into: Six rules on the mental plane. Five rules on the desire or astral plane. Four rules on theMagic, 220:Five rules on the desire or astral plane. Four rules on the physical plane. The main thought to beMagic, 220:focused attention of his own soul. In the six rules already considered one or two thoughts mostMagic, 236:be stated in the following terse statements. The rules already studied convey the truth anent theMagic, 278:construction remains basically the same, and the rules and realizations may be summed up in theMagic, 308:him not, but laid down in the Gita the simple rules whereby depression and doubt can be overcome.Magic, 319:up in its three aspects from the ancient Book of Rules, given to chelas of the entering degrees.Magic, 320:chela had to memorize and practice these three rules after he had made some real growth in theMagic, 320:accomplished. A note, appended to these three rules says: "These three energies - of speech, ofMagic, 320:will convey the idea to the illumined; these rules [321] sum up the few thoughts which the averageMagic, 350:known. Take comfort in the assurance that love rules all; take courage from the realization thatMagic, 389:what we call our scientific civilization. Agni rules on the mental plane, and has dominationMagic, 390:controls not only the fires of the earth and rules the mental plane but he is definitely associatedMagic, 420:satisfaction than by the eating of meat. Two rules of life activity must be taught the youngMagic, 430:You ask again: How shall one qualify? The rules are simple, and are three in number. First, learnMagic, 430:for the sign of divinity in all. Three simple rules, but very hard to accomplish. Behind this groupMagic, 449:soul and body. It should be remembered that the Rules for Magic, as understood by the trueMagic, 453:the easiest for the average aspirant. All these rules can be read from the standpoint ofMagic, 453:From the angle of vision of the disciple, these Rules carry certain potent instructions and willMagic, 465:detailed and oft erroneous information anent the rules governing the taking and relinquishing ofMagic, 472:might appositely inquire: Are there some simple rules which the earnest and sincere beginner couldMagic, 472:line with the plan. He will, if he follows the rules I give, avoid the intricate problem which heMagic, 472:Eleven - Analysis of the Three Sentences These rules may sound too simple for the learned aspirantMagic, 475:rule of love enter upon that world. These simple rules will lay right foundations for the carryingMagic, 503:asked if it is possible to give a simple set of rules that could be followed now by all who seek toMagic, 503:I will therefore, give you four simple rules that link up with much that all students are nowMagic, 505:of this practice and the following of these four rules over a period of years will do much toMagic, 507:Interludes and Cycles We now come to the four rules which concern the physical plane. In many waysMagic, 507:more difficult than was the case in the other rules, in just the same way that practicalMagic, 517:have kept the five commandments and the five rules, and have achieved right poise, can begin to useMagic, 537:out another thing. I have given no specific rules for releasing the prisoners of the planet. I haveMagic, 541:danger in imparting the significance of these rules to those who are not qualified in themselves toMagic, 542:which I experience in elucidating these rules lies in the fact that it is today more easy to proveMagic, 548:and as he studies them and lives by these rules, various qualifications will emerge and willMagic, 588:the impossibility of giving general and blanket rules. It is interesting here to note, even thoughMagic, 610:on what is called the black side, for the same rules of magical work hold good for both groups,Magic, 615:Fifteen - The Negation of the Great Illusion The rules therefore end with the statement that theMagic, 615:"blend the fire and water" - but these are the rules for the aspirant. The rules for initiates of aMagic, 615:- but these are the rules for the aspirant. The rules for initiates of a paralleling kind end withMeditation, 14:is being demonstrated, you can then see if the rules laid down here are fundamentals or not. TheseMeditation, 19:It is the building of the Shrine under certain rules into a dwelling place for the Shekinah, andMeditation, 46:their own schools, subject to the same basic rules and under the superintendence of the same innerMeditation, 61:meditate and seeks to conform to the necessary rules. Let me give a few preliminary hints: TheMeditation, 61:of his physical body. No hard and fast rules can be laid down as the physical vehicle itself hasMeditation, 67:chanting of the Word in unison. Later, as the rules of occult meditation are understood andMeditation, 76:see for yourself that it is useless to lay down rules for the development of the centers and toMeditation, 85:form, in the right key and subject to certain rules. [86] When meditation is done in the heart andMeditation, 88:student the desire to submit to the necessary rules, to conform to the prescribed requirements, andMeditation, 100:in meditation and a wise application of occult rules, with due consideration of ray and karma,Meditation, 105:needless, provided the student adheres to the rules of common sense, that he studies wisely his ownMeditation, 107:a certain key-measure, and conforms to certain rules with the aim in view of the achievement of aMeditation, 107:All within that circle is subject to specific rules and governed by a certain key measure, andMeditation, 108:governed in one specific life by certain rules and aiming at some one particular object, - not allMeditation, 112:a rigid adherence to forms and to the strictest rules of living have produced a product the exactMeditation, 114:arises when the occidental bases his endeavor on rules that suffice for the oriental, as has atMeditation, 129:find that by the careful following of certain rules they become more sensitive to the sights andMeditation, 133:can here interpolate the earlier letter with the rules that I there give for the assistance of theMeditation, 148:all lower forms of manifestation, and learn the rules whereby the building devas work. BeforeMeditation, 155:he can build in mental matter and under definite rules, forms that will lead to specific actionsMeditation, 155:to the law, and steady adherence to the rules laid down, with skill in action aimed at are the partMeditation, 169:organization over which the Lord of the World rules. They are but the executives offices in whichMeditation, 170:the approximate method, and lay down certain rules which will serve to elucidate when the timeMeditation, 171:of the Will aspect, works under set rules, rises from point to point under due forms, and broodsMeditation, 171:its method and form of manifestation. The basic rules of expression and of government occupy hisMeditation, 171:occupy his attention, and by studying the rules and laws, and by seeking to comprehend, heMeditation, 232:bringing of all the three bodies under definite rules of refinement. These forces in terms ofMeditation, 282:if he conforms to the necessary [282] rules, if he aims always at regularity, at calmness, at thatMeditation, 288:and the long and patient following of the rules laid down, there comes a time when the student isMeditation, 295:the lack of response. His the part to obey the rules, to conform to the forms laid down, to ponderMeditation, 310:comprehend. I might lay down certain approximate rules, and make certain fundamental suggestionsMeditation, 317:importance. Tomorrow we will take up the rules governing the admission of students and theMeditation, 317:up the personnel of the advanced school, and the rules of admission to both the preparatory andMeditation, 319:upon his own effort and initiatory powers. The rules of admission into the preparatory school willMeditation, 321:physical deformity. These are the fundamental rules which it is at present possible to give. ThereMeditation, 321:pass through some vicissitudes in solving. The rules for admission into the advanced school are farMeditation, 337:the dual physical is to attend to the above rules, and allow time to bring about the remainder ofMeditation, 341:Forget your own progress in conforming to the rules and in the helping of others. When this is so,Patanjalibefore the world is achieved by following the rules herein contained. When all the sons of men havePatanjaliRaja Yoga, or the science of Union, gives the rules and the means whereby: Conscious contact can bePatanjali, 18:to him. It will be noted [18] that these rules are even now regarded somewhat as essential premisesPatanjali, 18:consideration in world affairs. When these same rules are carried forward into the world of psychicPatanjali, 63:(See: Book II Sutras 28 and 29.) The five rules, (See: Book II Sutras 32 to 46.) Right poise. (See:Patanjali, 63:nature has been worked at (as outlined in the rules), and only as a balanced and controlledPatanjali, 75:is not yet complete on all planes and the basic rules hold good throughout, though they arePatanjali, 78:as a result of keeping the Commandments and the Rules (Means one and two) is this regulation to bePatanjali, 112:means of yoga are, the Commandments or Yama, the Rules or Nijama, posture or Asana, right control
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