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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RULING

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Astrology, 65:so widely and different planets can appear as ruling the constellations. There seems to be no fixedAstrology, 80:of the interplay between the three groups of ruling planets as given in Tabulation VI. These, inAstrology, 86:the medium of three constellations and their ruling planets. The following tabulation makes thisAstrology, 98:interesting here to note also that through the ruling planet, Mars, the average man born in thisAstrology, 99:triple activity under the guidance of the three ruling planets - Mars, Mercury and Uranus. MarsAstrology, 119:sphere of influence of Aries which, through the ruling activity of the first ray, both strengthensAstrology, 131:and Sagittarius are connected through their ruling planets (because the Earth is more closelyAstrology, 138:wheel of life, and the Saturn which he senses as ruling Aquarius is the Saturnian influence ofAstrology, 138:of the three rays which are released through the ruling planets: [139] Uranus - Ray Seven - TheAstrology, 147:Aquarius, for Leo is unusual in having all its ruling influences concentrated through the medium ofAstrology, 163:the Cardinal Cross, he is then released from the ruling of Saturn and comes under the influence ofAstrology, 186:- In this particular case, this planet is Mars, ruling the sixth Creative Hierarchy, the lunarAstrology, 210:long pilgrimage. He started in Aries with Mars ruling, and the great war between the dualitiesAstrology, 210:each other. In Scorpio, with the same planet ruling his interior life, the war is on and in thisAstrology, 210:vibration in Sagittarius, where Mars appears as ruling the sixth Creative Hierarchy, the lunarAstrology, 221:the energy of all the four signs and of their ruling planets can pour through him and evoke theAstrology, 222:far more useful chart with the orthodox planets ruling the life. In the case of the horoscope of aAstrology, 226:One group posits Mars, the Sun and Venus as ruling the decanates of Scorpio whilst another regardsAstrology, 226:to the position of the five planets suggested as ruling the decanates (they agree on one); I cannotAstrology, 240:him its secret. He becomes his own legislator, ruling his conduct wisely, controlling his impulsesAstrology, 248:of the energy pouring through the sign (via the ruling planets) to man is at its highest point ofAstrology, 310:is here conveyed as was taught by the Sun ruling exoterically, esoterically and hierarchically. LeoAstrology, 327:are, and these rays affect them, via the ruling planets. I have here opened up to you a very wideAstrology, 362:or a relating planet, because it is found ruling both Gemini and Sagittarius and is potent,Astrology, 363:in evolution of the soul. The three planets ruling and conditioning Gemini (through out-drawnAstrology, 363:the Earth, which are focused through the three ruling planets and which emanate from certain of theAstrology, 369:Sepharial and Alan Leo give entirely different ruling planets, and yet both are right. Uniquely forAstrology, 393:it is He has to do. Such is the test of Vulcan, ruling Taurus, of the soul, ruling desire, of theAstrology, 393:the test of Vulcan, ruling Taurus, of the soul, ruling desire, of the Son of God, fashioning HisAstrology, 402:the second decan whilst Leo gives Venus as ruling the first decan. However, Venus and the Moon areAstrology, 423:the medium of three constellations and their ruling planets. Tabulation IX A Cosmic Series ofAstrology, 480:the medium of their distributing agents, the ruling esoteric planets, will gradually transform theAstrology, 485:even by the novice when he realizes that the ruling planets in Leo are, from all three angles -Astrology, 486:what the planets are to the decanates. The three ruling constellations are Scorpio (on the FixedAstrology, 489:related to the rays, the constellations, their ruling planets and our Earth in a great synthesis ofAstrology, 494:evoke his mental perception. With the aid of the ruling planets (Mercury and Venus) the mind beginsAstrology, 507:four non-sacred planets, controlling or ruling a fifth non-sacred planet - a correspondence to theAstrology, 507:is here mentioned by me as a non-sacred Planet, ruling Scorpio. The reason for this is that thereAstrology, 513:the rising sign, with the esoteric planets ruling, will convey the destiny of the [514] disciple.Astrology, 514:twelve houses. 8. The Sun sign, governed by the ruling esoteric planets and the rising signAstrology, 529:the various national centers and their esoteric ruling energies, revealing in a more universalAstrology, 538:of death, of dissolution, of detachment and ruling Scorpio, the sign of testing and ofAstrology, 545:the Hierarchy. Pisces, through its ruler, Pluto (ruling both the mass and the disciplesAstrology, 589:the medium of three constellations and their ruling planets. The following tabulation will makeAstrology, 595:form the great zodiacal wheel. The Lords or ruling Powers of these twelve sources of light and lifeDestiny, 63:not be possible for them to assign the correct ruling signs to the various countries and nations orDestiny, 66:and their Governing Signs The Nations and their Ruling Signs It is, however, obvious that nationsDestiny, 68:and influence of a country and nation. Country Ruling Sign Egoic Ray Ruling Sign Personality RayDestiny, 68:and nation. Country Ruling Sign Egoic Ray Ruling Sign Personality Ray Argentina Cancer 4th - LibraDestiny, 68:I feel, also be of value if I indicated the ruling sign of some of the capital cities of theDestiny, 68:are themselves definitely governed by certain ruling signs; therefore, before giving the rulers ofDestiny, 69:Signs It is not my intention to give you the ruling signs of the capitals of all the countries; IDestiny, 69:4th Sagittarius 9th An analysis of the signs ruling the different comities will make certainDestiny, 69:race to this, Capricorn will appear as ruling the egoic expression, for the soul will then be inDestiny, 73:via France, once she dies to self. Capricorn, ruling Paris, signifies both death and initiationDestiny, 73:which will lead to the revelation of Virgo (ruling the soul of Paris) there is possible - inDestiny, 75:bias, plus the opportunity offered by Saturn, ruling Paris. This enabled France to stage the greatDestiny, 77:through the dominating self-intensest of Leo (ruling both personalities). Engrossment with presentDestiny, 79:essentials and the inability of its people and ruling government to stand by pledges. The influenceDestiny, 80:Great Britain, we note first that the ruling sign is Gemini from the standpoint of the soul of theDestiny, 82:between any continental power, for Gemini is the ruling sign of both countries, and they have, inDestiny, 83:working through the zodiacal signs and the ruling planets: Gemini - with its rulers, Mercury, VenusDestiny, 85:she follows the indicated lines. Her two ruling signs are Aquarius and Leo and her real function inDestiny, 86:and to Berlin - all of which have Leo as a ruling sign, either of the nations themselves or ofDestiny, 103:the various national centers and their esoteric ruling energies, revealing in a more universalEducation, 54:the energy of intelligence became a powerful, ruling factor. Now the task of vitalizing man withExternalisation, 51:who will act as the intermediaries between the ruling spiritual body and a people who are orientedExternalisation, 370:will of technical, political experts, or of some ruling class or group. In the world which isExternalisation, 430:of the gigantic horror which the evil gang now ruling Germany has precipitated upon humanity. TheyFire, 388:forms a center: [388] The Head center - The Ruling Department The Heart center - The TeachingFire, 454:humanity will have personal knowledge of the ruling powers and forces, will perhaps be on theFire, 525:be part of a natural process, and not a drastic ruling, imposed upon an unwilling people. TheFire, 911:nature, and of all grades and types. Ruling over them on the physical plane is the great devaHealing, 151:head centers are ruled respectively by Uranus (ruling the head center) and Mercury (ruling the ajnaHealing, 151:by Uranus (ruling the head center) and Mercury (ruling the ajna center). This is only where theHealing, 673:achievement for you who read) is arrived at by ruling out the pulls, the urges, impulses andHercules, 67:and world centers of distribution. Mercury, the ruling planet of the sign, is the interpreter, theHercules, 159:you are going to rule men, and you begin by ruling them wrongly. You assert yourself tooHercules, 192:from the soul to the brain via the mind is ruling, we will have public opinion moulded by thoughtInitiation, 129:Purpose of the Rods of Power In the scepter of a ruling monarch at this day is hidden the symbolismMagic, 96:and are motivated by the personal ambition of a ruling mentality. The mind is ever egoistic,Magic, 192:and by an act of the will of the indwelling ruling soul, certain happenings take place which we canMagic, 428:of all that one has until it hurts to give, the ruling of one's life on the basis of surrender,Meditation, 110:body, save in general terms to lay down the ruling that where there is definite disease, congenitalMeditation, 182:schemes which originated in their desires. The ruling Hierarchy deemed the danger too great, forPatanjali, 13:stilled that it becomes possible for the inner ruling entity to liberate himself from thralldom,Patanjali, 394:following words: "In like manner, the same over-ruling selective power, which is a ray of theProblems, 25:"people" and out of the hands of the so-called ruling classes and the aristocracy. Countries suchProblems, 146:not return to rule, for He has never left off ruling, working and loving; but men will come toPsychology1, 169:planet is really the influence of the Hierarchy ruling over that planet. This personal ray is anPsychology1, 201:arising from absolute fearlessness, power of ruling, capacity to grasp great questions in aPsychology1, 298:humanity itself, and not as the imposition of a ruling from without. The training of the publicPsychology2, 79:The establishing of the sense of reality as the ruling principle of the life. The return of thePsychology2, 161:law will begin to hold the dominant place in the ruling of the life. The word "repulse" has anRays, 401:seven major types of energy. Our planet with its ruling Lord is an integral part of the life
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