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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RUN

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Astrology, 133:will save students much trouble in the long run. Gather together, as you read, the statements IAstrology, 289:Aquarian potency. It is inevitable in the long run for men and races; for this all experience inAstrology, 397:spiritual energy, for temper is but energy run wild in the interests of the personality; blindnessAstrology, 514:along which new astrological investigation can run, providing proof of the accuracy of astrologicalAstrology, 532:of the initiates has still another phase to run. But the remainder of this century must beAutobiography, 68:had just been killed and his only daughter had run away with a married man. He had no one left. HeAutobiography, 87:up among the out-patients in a native hospital run by English doctors. Measles was diagnosed andAutobiography, 93:once or twice in my life when I have been too run down. The second thing I remember was being takenAutobiography, 98:and then in the summer I went up to Chakrata to run the Soldiers' Home there. My health wasAutobiography, 152:which fed the people. The place was beautifully run and, when I got there at first, it seemed to meAutobiography, 152:I had been there a short time I was asked to run the cafeteria and - ignorance being bliss - IAutobiography, 176:profoundly convinced that the T.S. was run strictly on personality lines, with the emphasis uponAutobiography, 193:from myself. It is not an easy thing to run an esoteric school. It is [194] far from easy to takeDestiny, 70:others are crystallized and have nearly run their course as personalities; others again are comingDestiny, 86:a most humanitarian and - in the long run - a non-destructive combination. At present, theDestiny, 91:the lines along which their education will run and their religious organizations. Ray 3. - ActiveDiscipleship1, 144:that can cause distress to others in the long run. By this, I refer not to action but to the fruitsDiscipleship1, 246:it, regard it as your meditation process, and so run a dual line of thought and work. Proceed asDiscipleship1, 251:the past two years. Gather them together and run with rapidity through them so as to get theirDiscipleship1, 289:personality do not really matter in the long run and in the light of soul activity, but they doDiscipleship1, 317:work. Within their hearts is rest. They run not here and there, but form a point of peace and rest.Discipleship1, 342:an adequate time to those things which do not run counter to your developing intuition. YouDiscipleship1, 380:suggest the following meditation. This should be run through rapidly and dynamically, prior to theDiscipleship1, 505:matters but the soul. Nothing counts in the long run but service. Take your mind away from all yourDiscipleship1, 589:own group and demonstrate how a group should be run? [590] You are full of plans and of ideas whichDiscipleship1, 594:It is safer and more fruitful in the long run. The group work entails many things and manyDiscipleship1, 698:be able to trust himself before his Ashram can run on right lines and with safety In this work ofDiscipleship2, 68:of God and the kingdom of men. This would run counter to hierarchical intention, which is rapidlyDiscipleship2, 97:Discipleship in the New Age (Vol. I) [97] and run quickly through these two sources of informationDiscipleship2, 238:are fighting; they will not win; in the long run they cannot, for the human spirit is eternallyDiscipleship2, 298:or of the lower self. Let your imagination run wild for a moment, picturing the condition of theDiscipleship2, 462:will have undoubtedly noted) produce in the long run the linking up of the three centers above theDiscipleship2, 679:pay any attention at all. You would like to run the work with your own chosen group of workers. YouDiscipleship2, 680:or else - you can create, engineer and run your own goodwill movement, which may turn out to be aDiscipleship2, 683:merit your confidence and trust and in the long run I would not thus hold your respect. Love isEducation, 7:I can but indicate the ideal, and in so doing I run the risk of producing an effect of being soEducation, 10:into which his life impulses will most probably run. In the first fourteen years, opportunityEducation, 118:many people into error and trouble. In the long run, the result will be the awakening of the publicExternalisation, 113:recognize that when a man's life cycle has been run and he has learnt the lessons which the [114]Externalisation, 138:what lines the activity of the nations will run. But there is very much to be done of an esotericExternalisation, 142:you cannot evade the sacrifice in the long run, even if you have evaded it until now. 4. Then applyExternalisation, 220:process of right and clear thinking, which must run parallel to the demanded outer activity andExternalisation, 278:to interference and whether it must not perforce run its appointed course. I would remind you thatExternalisation, 601:reverse activity is of no importance in the long run, and only of a temporary nature. The secondExternalisation, 626:clothes and luxuries. These statistics run into hundreds of millions of dollars every year. A quotaExternalisation, 638:It will be a predominantly capitalistic world, run by several nations but headed by the UnitedExternalisation, 645:security will be brought about in the long run by the mass of men everywhere, in all lands; it willExternalisation, 653:well as that of the working disciple), does not run riot, creating those thought-forms which couldExternalisation, 678:and instinctual goodness, will in the long run triumph. The intermediate agonies are distressingFire, 268:When the Logos, Who is active intelligence, has run His [269] lifecycle, He will be also love fullyFire, 324:whole is comprehended, human evolution will have run its course. A Master has solved the problem ofFire, 334:through wisdom. His cycles are consequently soon run, and gone like a flash in the night. AFire, 744:on the inner round one planet has nine cycles to run before the purpose of its Lord is completed.Fire, 847:must be driven back [847] for his own good to run his cycle, hidden in his den and confined withinFire, 993:begins thus to flow when any cycle is two thirds run. It deals with the greater Initiations, and isFire, 1049:is more balanced, but lighter. Thus the cycles run until the higher rhythm or vibration is soFire, 1063:follows: The radioactive form is one which has run through its appointed cycles, through its wheelFire, 1068:not go, and when the course of nature has been run, when the wheel of life has run down, when theFire, 1068:nature has been run, when the wheel of life has run down, when the hour for liberation has struck,Fire, 1076:the kingdoms of nature so that when the cycle is run the process of planetary radiation may beFire, 1076:but only upon a very few. The others will run a longer cycle. The initiatory cultural process whichFire, 1173:of time, the appearance of the "seven Suns who run together, and thus blaze forth, producing oneGlamour, 79:is laid upon feeling - which feeling will run the gamut between a potent joyfulness as the manGlamour, 80:of fog and mist through which the Path seems to run and through which he must penetrate and thusGlamour, 150:evil and disastrous results yet, in the long run and in the last analysis, they may condition theGlamour, 151:work. Within their hearts is rest. They run not here and there, but constitute a point of peace andHealing, 60:remains the same. Women, owing to the risks they run in childbearing, through the turning of theHealing, 65:for desire a planned campaign which will run counter in many cases to the normally sensed, definedHealing, 110:which the new art of healing must eventually run, and to give certain hints which will point theHealing, 230:they are perfected, they will in the long run safeguard the race and will return bodies to the soilHealing, 247:average of a general cyclic period is normally run, a point of weakening in the bodily tissue willHealing, 271:[271] on the side of those groups of people who run down and refuse to admit the findings of modernHealing, 295:perfect will-to-good, more potent in the long run than the will-to-harm. These energies pourHealing, 315:as cancer, but not always. As the forces of life run more slowly, as old age creeps on, cancerHealing, 348:nor is the will evoked. When a man's life is run and controlled by the mind from mental levels,Healing, 458:the lines along which future occult study will run. It will be found also that pressure on certainHealing, 603:it to a center in the patient's body, must run no risk of his personal over-stimulation. This is aHealing, 663:wrong in their emphases and methods. In the long run, all the work they do today is relativelyHealing, 688:that they are apt to think that - in the long run - what happens is entirely due to their behavior,Hercules, From n:her finished material for a proposed book having run out. Therefore, a rewrite will be offered plusInitiation, 25:and renewed endeavor, and having in the long run led to triumph, can now be placed at the serviceIntellect, 5:same. Though the mind of the eastern thinker may run to creative imagery and that of the westernIntellect, 76:others have created and after which we endlessly run, only to find them fade away into mist beforeMagic, 23:abstracted or withdrawn when the life course is run. What this something is, who shall say? WeMagic, 54:endeavor will carry them further in the long run. Spasmodic spurts of effort and temporary pressureMagic, 171:them, the Master in the heart, and not run off with the idea (so flattering to their pride andMagic, 193:there is no directing intelligence it will run riot and we then have those sad cases which strewMagic, 207:proceed and his theory must not persistently run ahead of his experience. Perhaps I can give theMagic, 259:you. People whose emotional moods and feelings run riot or who lack physical control cannot beMagic, 280:a home functioning rhythmically, a business run along sound and true lines, a life salvaged, andMagic, 358:couched in symbolic language. The phrases run as follows and it must be borne in mind whilstMagic, 401:which their and future work will run. That such a group is forming is true and holds aMagic, 439:we know little about Pluto. So the story will run. Yet Pluto has always been revolving around ourMagic, 478:ideas are now enabled to take form and so run through their cycle of activity. But this method isMagic, 506:the lines along which future occult study will run. It will be found also that pressure on certainMagic, 586:cultivate courage. It will be needful for him to run counter consistently to the world's opinion,Magic, 586:makes them think they should be elsewhere. Men run away, almost unrealizing it, from difficulty,Magic, 635:may be momentarily glamored, but in the long run nothing can really deter him. What are a few briefMeditation, 10:body is active, no urge arises until the man has run through many changes and many lives, hasMeditation, 76:to focus their thought on any one center. They run the risk of over-stimulation [77], or of
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