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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RUN

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Meditation, 97:so polarized on the mental plane that they run the risk of breaking connection with the two lowerMeditation, 99:beginners in meditation so oft achieve, and so run into danger. The aim should be to make theMeditation, 100:as the aeons slip away and the lesser cycles run their course, fire will permeate the ethers andMeditation, 120:we have touched upon the risks that may be run when the karma of the student and his groupMeditation, 181:occult sense. I have dealt here with the risks run by anyone who calls within his magnetic radiusMeditation, 214:how in autumn, when the processes of Nature have run their course and the cycle is complete, thePatanjali, 102:clearer. Literally, the sutra might be stated to run as follows "Clear perspicuity follows throughPatanjali, 141:the Four Aryan Truths, brethren, we have run on and wandered round this long, long journey (orPatanjali, 176:The stage wherein the chela realizes that he has run the whole gamut of life experience in thePatanjali, 188:selfish yet intellectual brother. He will not run the risks that his unprepared brother takes. ThePatanjali, 268:chord when the great evolutionary cycle has run its course. [269] Problems, 71:light and power which will in the long run bring in heavier financial returns. Exploitation of manProblems, 124:and greater than their teaching. In the long run, that human spirit will defeat them and proceedProblems, 168:for a bare subsistence; and of political regimes run by the corrupt, the totalitarian-minded, thePsychology1, xx:which would achieve great things. So many people run hither and thither after this individual orPsychology1, 86:thought. The aphorisms embodying His qualities run as follows, and were esoterically whispered intoPsychology1, 90:we call nature, and both man and nature are run on immutable laws. There is no free will exceptPsychology1, 112:be nursed and cared for in a protected nursery run by rules and orders. As souls, men derive theirPsychology1, 278:achievement, when the world cycle will have been run and the two separated halves will again bePsychology2forces and energies. These, as they cyclically run their course and play upon and intermingle withPsychology2, 196:group impact" occurring every seven years, will run from December 21st till December 28th, and ifPsychology2, 247:those forms on the outer plane which will run true to the hidden impulse. This is brought about byPsychology2, 372:reality. The word goes out from soul to form: 'Run not so straight. The path that you are on leadsPsychology2, 438:of the gaps induces a man continuously to run across the bridge." Certain [439] aspects of the manPsychology2, 544:process or not. He cannot escape it in the long run, but the occultist is not a true one until hePsychology2, 711:it is a little different from the general run of teaching; perhaps it pleases you to get thesePsychology2, 741:the quality of good will which must, in the long run, bring the right kind of peace, but notRays, 108:Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation In the long run, literally when the path of evolution isRays, 243:incarnating residue from that solar system, have run the gamut of suffering and are in theRays, 255:of the initiates has still another phase to run. The remainder of this century, as I told youRays, 260:from cosmic levels; only when evolution has run its course through all the multiplicity of forms,Rays, 268:It was Their activity which (after evolution had run a long course) brought about the act ofRays, 680:and it does not - in its original platform - run counter to the spirit of Christ. The imposition ofRays, 680:of Lenin and Marx which are also personal and run counter to the meaning of these two men, just asRays, 681:money to purchase governments. These activities run counter to all the plans of the spiritualRays, 682:own individual good but which - in the long run - are not good for the peoples involved. WeReappearance, 48:reverse activity is of no importance in the long run, but is only of a temporary nature. The secondReappearance, 159:and greater than their teaching. In the long run, that human spirit will defeat them and proceedReappearance, 174:clothes and luxuries. These statistics run into hundreds of millions of dollars every year. ASoul, 35:true," continues Dr. Leary, "that, in the long run, when present speculation has been replaced byTelepathy, 55:every man and will not be frustrated in the long run. In this knowledge of goals already achievedTelepathy, 139:would find it of profit to reread what I said; run their eyes rapidly through the books and papersTelepathy, 162:from many different sources; these energies run through or along (both words are equally true) theTelepathy, 172:close and the initiate-disciple has well nigh run his course, the energies are all fully developed,
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