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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RUNS

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Astrology, 54:of opposites." The theme of duality, therefore, runs through the whole story of man's development.Astrology, 92:and thus to face all experience" - thus runs an ancient statement. [93] The keynotes of the signAstrology, 156:by the horn of life." Again, an ancient proverb runs: "The Ram - when it has become the Scapegoat,Astrology, 181:for the path between the pairs of opposites runs straight and level, leaving the depths ofAstrology, 213:of Christian theology, the theme of blood runs ceaselessly and the source of salvation is laid uponAstrology, 220:Who is the ruler of the Piscean Age. The formula runs as follows, speaking esoterically: "... theAstrology, 227:This Path is the narrow razor-edged Path which runs between the pairs of opposites and which - ifAstrology, 258:of the steady unfoldment of the soul principle runs the theme of service. In Gemini, the relationAstrology, 261:passage or progress of the individual man which runs counter to the mass advance; the individual atAstrology, 327:advanced. The theme of service and sacrifice runs, unrecognized, through history. The key to theAstrology, 592:all through these experiences of the divine will runs the thread of a fulfiled synthesis. This isAstrology, 625:of sacrifice or the "process of making whole" runs through all that concerns the will aspect as itAutobiography, 89:and His job is world direction. He never runs around talking sweet platitudes to perfectly mediocreAutobiography, 216:For one thing, the same quality and vibration runs through the two approaches and, for another, theBethlehem, 24:of the Eternal is most wonderfully kind" - so runs the old hymn, and thus is expressed that loveBethlehem, 126:is our history. But persistent through them all runs the thread of God's Plan. Steadily throughBethlehem, 151:after six days of work, so the story runs, and could not bear the sight of so much brilliance.Bethlehem, 169:been that our intellectual grasp of the concepts runs ahead of our own personal development, andBethlehem, 197:and upon the wickedness of man. The theme of sin runs naturally and normally throughout humanBethlehem, 283:tale which is related of the Buddha. It runs as follows: "In the belief that He had attained untoDestiny, 64:for the past renders it impossible; mixed blood runs in all veins, but the effort to produce thisDestiny, 64:feeds pride in the individual and the nation; it runs counter to the true progress of humanityDiscipleship1, 238:disciple [238] is ever balanced in endeavor and runs not to extremes of any kind? Yet balancedDiscipleship1, 422:The Path of Purification, like a silver thread, runs through the golden path of Discipleship. TheDiscipleship1, 528:a Chinese-looking little minaret. A stream runs the entire length of this garden, from east toDiscipleship1, 530:bush" and lilacs. A fine [530] green vine runs all over the wall here, where, at the other end, itDiscipleship1, 530:of white and of purple grapes. A narrow path runs the length of the wall. To the left on the lawnDiscipleship1, 556:force type utilized by you in the physical body runs counter to the usual rule but with disciplesDiscipleship1, 563:might disturb your life of service. The proverb runs: "They say. What do they say? Let them say."Discipleship1, 620:of much of it; we know that service frequently runs contrary to much that one would like to seeDiscipleship1, 638:little stream as it emerges from its source and runs over the stones and rocks, responding to theDiscipleship1, 638:the sea, fertilizing the fields through which it runs and making many human activities possible.Discipleship1, 666:reason: In this life your major vibration runs along the line of 2-4-6, producing theDiscipleship1, 688:changes. Through the thoughts of all beginners runs the note of striving after the vision, ofDiscipleship1, 716:over several lives. The aspirant at this stage runs from one teacher to another, according toDiscipleship1, 749:the Aura The definition, as given earlier by me, runs as follows: "The stage wherein he isDiscipleship2, 76:then it is I who write it. When what I dictate runs counter to the ideas of the disciples, orDiscipleship2, 76:finger on a weakness, or makes a statement which runs counter to the lower mind, then it is writtenDiscipleship2, 238:which has been presented by Soviet Russia runs completely counter to the truth. Their idea is thatDiscipleship2, 338:of seeing a vision or of materializing a vision, runs like a golden thread through the thinking ofDiscipleship2, 356:consists of an injunction to the Master and runs as follows: "Regard and recognize the changes inDiscipleship2, 359:of the Will aspect." So this second hint runs. This sounds relatively simple and to be a ratherDiscipleship2, 367:becomes possible; the same theme of light runs through the analogous process by means ofDiscipleship2, 380:in any way understood. The concept of substance runs through all that is here given; the atrophyingDiscipleship2, 406:initiation" in his own right (as the phrase runs), for he can now be trusted to ask nothing for theDiscipleship2, 417:Let us now consider the seventh hint which runs as follows: [418] Discipleship2, 767:the light of day he came and ran his course. He runs until today. Great is the mystery of pain! TheEducationcomes at a time of crisis, for the theme that runs through critical thinking in the field ofEducation, 104:of the day, their trend of thought normally runs along these undesirable lines. In the Piscean AgeEducation, 132:generation, birth and subsequent manifestation runs like a guiding thread through all esotericExternalisation, 165:love of Shamballa is infinite. The fourth phrase runs: May forgiveness on the part of all men beFire, 126:disease in some part of his body, and he also runs the risk of an over-development of the sexFire, 278:cycle, greater or lesser, in which some life runs some specific course, in which some particularFire, 619:Man occultly is freed or liberated. This idea runs through all manifestations, and the kingdoms ofFire, 837:writing, given through Dr. Anna Kingsford; it runs thus: "You have demanded also the origin ofFire, 954:and which constructs vital thought forms, runs counter to that of the masses of men, awakensFire, 1040:Man, in the antenatal period, in which he runs through the various stages of development. SpiritualGlamour, 145:emotion play into each other's hands and feeling runs so strong usually in relation to glamor thatGlamour, 198:and progress possible. As you know, this prayer runs as follows (Brihadaranyaki Upanishad 1, 3, 28)Healing, 12:lack of harmony, producing what we call disease, runs through all the four kingdoms in nature, andHealing, 21:little point of view. The idea of retribution runs through much of the teaching on Karma, forHealing, 113:soul and personality; this lack of harmony runs through all the kingdoms in nature. The bulk ofHealing, 394:and environment. Yet this type of love runs counter to all our teaching anent the spiritualHealing, 473:predisposition to death. A vibration runs along the nadis. The nadis are, as you well know, theHealing, 558:to a more distant time. This third law runs as follows: Law III Disease is an effect of the basicHealing, 629:mode of presentation of the teacher. This rule runs as follows: [630] Rule Four A careful diagnosisHercules, 120:of the communion. Ever this symbology of bread runs through the Old and New Testaments, and todayIntellect, 52:in line with these theories, and the definition runs as follows: "An entity conceived as theIntellect, 79:of the race. Through all methods employed runs the golden thread of divine purpose, and the way byIntellect, 93:might keep him back. This same idea of fire runs through all books on Christian mysticism, and manyMagic, 4:be found in the words of the Bhagavad Gita which runs as follows: "Though I am Unborn, the SoulMagic, 20:of the teachings. Thus this eternal triplicity runs through every department of the manifestedMagic, 48:deception; and the Maya of His Presence." - So runs the Old Commentary oft quoted by me in earlierMagic, 531:in him. See you how the law of sacrifice runs throughout creation. The sons of mind, human souls,Magic, 546:it, the original being kept at Shamballa. It runs thus, with certain deletions, which it is wiserMeditation, 91:development is equable, only when the intellect runs not too far ahead of the heart, and the mentalMeditation, 93:the dangers of a fine mental concept that runs ahead of the capacity of the lower vehicles,Meditation, 115:and to spend himself loyally on their behalf he runs the danger of crystallization, falls under theMeditation, 118:omitting to balance that group's causal body, he runs into a danger that hurts not only himself butMeditation, 177:open to direct contact with any elemental, runs a risk, and may bitterly rue the day. But, as a manPatanjali, 89:An old verse from one of the hidden scriptures runs as follows and serves to elucidate the idea ofPatanjali, 136:repudiate instead of to synthesize and therefore runs counter to the law of evolution. Hate isPatanjali, 160:of this sutra as given by Johnston which runs as follows: "The seer is pure vision. Though pure, hePatanjali, 201:of the words used. Literally the translation runs "internal and external purification producesPatanjali, 342:with the exception of Johnston's, and which runs as follows: "Mastery over the elements, from thePatanjali, 358:is illuminating and should be quoted here. It runs as follows: "When the presiding deities invite,Problems, 120:the "noble middle path" of the Buddha which runs between the pairs of opposites, straight to thePsychology2, 33:Growth of Soul Influence Then the Old Commentary runs through what would constitute many pages ofPsychology2, 97:It is a governing principle of life itself, and runs like a golden pattern of beauty through thePsychology2, 135:objective upon their consciousness. That pledge runs as follows: "I play my part with sternPsychology2, 142:permit the fostering of the souls of men." So runs the Old Commentary, if I thus modernize itsPsychology2, 231:God is the tendency to synthesis. This tendency runs through all nature, all consciousness, and isPsychology2, 241:of finite man as he lives his little life or runs busily about the planet in connection with hisPsychology2, 255:for humanity to choose the narrow path which runs between them. Upon the battlefield of thePsychology2, 330:and the man emerges into the light of day and runs his little cycle upon the physical plane,Psychology2, 342:Indweller is the soul. As the evolutionary cycle runs its course, three developments take place:Psychology2, 372:is driven by his idea. He, the follower, runs blindly after his Master, his chosen ideal and losesPsychology2, 422:deep depression and a sense of frustration which runs all the way from a submissive life ofPsychology2, 438:this sense of direction or inner guidance which runs as follows: "the bridging of the gaps inducesRays, 124:of the basic fact of hylozoism. The Rule runs as follows: Rule VI Let the group know that life is
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