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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SACRAL

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Astrology, 24:of the centers: [24] The base of the spine. The sacral center. The solar plexus center. The spleen.Astrology, 25:below the diaphragm - the base of the spine, the sacral, solar plexus and spleen centers - areAstrology, 76:focused either in the solar plexus or in the sacral center. A large number of people who are in anAstrology, 77:interpretations. [77] Base of the spine. Sacral Center. Solar Plexus Center. Throat Center. HeartAstrology, 78:Mars and Pluto - function in connection with the sacral center (Mars) and the solar plexus (Pluto).Astrology, 79:and the lower creative organs (between the sacral and the throat centers) and leads eventually toAstrology, 80:of the spine. It should be remembered that the sacral center and the spleen are primarily connectedAstrology, 191:power and protective strength, and also the sacral center which provides the energy for the use ofAstrology, 191:This concerns the relationship between the sacral and the throat centers. These powers (the higherAstrology, 235:flowing through the centers - in this case the sacral center. Finally, through the intelligentAstrology, 397:The throat is a point to which the energy of the sacral center must be lifted so that creationAstrology, 398:and obstruction between the throat and sacral centers; to show that right direction has beenAstrology, 427:its expression of life perpetuation. That is the sacral center. Just as the physical body isAstrology, 427:by true esotericists as not a principle so the sacral center is regarded as "a necessary evocationAstrology, 429:[429] The egoic lotus. The throat center. The sacral center. This triangle when functioningAstrology, 429:force which is formed by: The throat center. The sacral center. The physical body - symbolized byAstrology, 452:the planetary throat center, solar plexus, sacral center and the center at the base of the spine.Astrology, 453:energy which are the most alive and vibrant. The sacral center is slowly dropping below theAstrology, 454:is established between the planetary sacral center (which is related to the third kingdom inAstrology, 456:psychic response. The second kingdom in nature. Sacral center - Deva evolution - 7th ray - 2ndAstrology, 456:to build. Two centers functioning; heart and sacral centers. Focal point of vibratory response toAstrology, 515:center, and by indirect activity affecting the sacral center and - under the major Law ofAstrology, 517:ray - Sun Solar plexus Center - sixth ray - Mars Sacral Center - seventh ray - Uranus Base of SpineAstrology, 517:Solar plexus Center - sixth ray - Neptune Sacral Center - seventh ray - Uranus Base of Spine -Destiny, 33:awareness) and that the seventh ray controls the sacral center, you will see why there is so muchDestiny, 42:and the heart, through the sublimation of the sacral and the solar plexus energies. TheDiscipleship1, 41:same as in Group 2. Group 7 The head, throat and sacral centers. Group 8 The head, heart, solarDiscipleship1, 42:group. [42] Group 9 The head, heart, throat and sacral centers. Group 10 The head, heart, sacralDiscipleship1, 42:and sacral centers. Group 10 The head, heart, sacral centers and the center at the base of theDiscipleship2, 120:at the base of the spine), and this involves the sacral center and other little focal points ofDiscipleship2, 120:definitely related to each other, and the lower sacral and material energies are transferred intoDiscipleship2, 122:above the diaphragm as it is to them what the sacral center is to the solar plexus - a point ofDiscipleship2, 122:center energized and actuated eventually by the sacral center itself. It is an effect or result ofDiscipleship2, 122:with the raising of the energy of the sacral center simultaneously. This is analogous to the factDiscipleship2, 563:about a great transfer of energy from the sacral center to the throat center, and here you have oneDiscipleship2, 605:solar plexus. Repeat also in connection with the sacral center. Recognizing then that four types ofDiscipleship2, 747:and basically involves the transmutation of the sacral center (not the solar plexus, as you mightDiscipleship2, 747:you might naturally think) to the throat. In the sacral center lie the ancient racial fears andDiscipleship2, 747:seated personal desires. Ponder not upon the sacral center, for that would bring these ancientDiscipleship2, 747:vital stream of energy, down the spine to the sacral center in the spine, preserving the streamDiscipleship2, 747:is deflected to the physical counterparts of the sacral center, the gonads. Then see the sacralDiscipleship2, 747:of the sacral center, the gonads. Then see the sacral center (in the spine) as a radiant reservoirDiscipleship2, 747:ajna center, withdraw your attention from the sacral center and the throat center and sound the OMExternalisation, 40:nature. Its instrument of creative work is the sacral and the solar plexus centers. When theExternalisation, 87:in their entirety to the energies of the sacral center of the planet, dealing with the generationExternalisation, 89:forces. The Matter aspect. Planetary sacral center. Conditioning substance. Generation. Fifth RayExternalisation, 93:coincide today, for the one works through the sacral center at this time, and the other through theGlamour, 107:throat center which is the higher aspect of the sacral center (the sex center) and thus led to theGlamour, 149:the forces of his nature are concentrated in the sacral center. Others are motivated by some formGlamour, 149:In the case of maya, they are seated in the sacral center. Glamor is subtle and emotional. Maya isGlamour, 247:by emotional force, pouring through the sacral center and producing desire for the satisfaction ofHealing, 45:Astral body Low grade animal type of men 6. Sacral center Gonads Sex organs Life force PhysicalHealing, 47:between the eyebrows. The solar plexus. The sacral center. Eventually, when man will have "becomeHealing, 50:5. Solar Plexus 6th Emotion - Desire Astral 6. Sacral Center 3rd Reproduction Etheric 7. Base ofHealing, 51:Soul love. Group love. Third ray. Activity. Sacral Sexuality. Over-activity. Social diseases.Healing, 60:Syphilitic Lemurian Physical Mineral Sex organs Sacral center Cancer Atlantean Astral VegetableHealing, 73:base of the spine, thus making a triangle of the sacral center, the solar plexus, and the center atHealing, 78:of those people whom we esoterically call "solar-sacral" people. This is partly due to the agelongHealing, 138:to be transferred to the head; the energy of the sacral center must be lifted to the throat, whilstHealing, 142:center Thymus gland Solar plexus center Pancreas Sacral center The gonads Center at base of spineHealing, 152:stages of development upon the path: The sacral center for the undeveloped and the average man. TheHealing, 153:agent, and in the earliest period of all the sacral center is active. You have, however, oneHealing, 153:creative life of the aspirant shifts from the sacral center into the throat and is becoming factualHealing, 154:higher correspondence to the creativity of the sacral center. In that center the negative and theHealing, 168:the diaphragm - the solar plexus center, the sacral center, [169] and the center at the base of theHealing, 169:speaking - in humanity as a whole, is still the sacral center; the most quiescent center in theHealing, 171:heart centers - above the diaphragm - and the sacral and basic centers - below the diaphragm. ThisHealing, 172:to the heart center. The energies of the sacral center have to be transmitted to the throat center.Healing, 173:Then "the light generated in Lemuria" (the sacral light) and "the light generated in Atlantis"Healing, 176:I - The Psychological Causes of Disease 6. The Sacral Center. This center is located in the lowerHealing, 176:a pamphlet on the subject may be compiled. The sacral center corresponds to the physical sun, theHealing, 176:agent on our planet. The symbolism of the sacral center is concerned primarily with the gestationHealing, 177:center of creation, the throat center. The sacral center is therefore closely related to matter,Healing, 177:or of physical vitality coming from the sun. The sacral center, the predisposing agent towardsHealing, 177:of The throat center, corresponding to the sacral center. The pituitary body, corresponding to theHealing, 178:the key to the spiritualistic movement. The sacral center is also connected with the ajna center inHealing, 178:or Angel. The field of work of the former is the sacral center, par excellence; that of the solarHealing, 178:I - The Psychological Causes of Disease The sacral center registers the energy of the third aspectHealing, 180:desire. We have reversed the direction of the sacral energy, hence the over-developed animal natureHealing, 195:the sex life, and consequent activity of the sacral center, to the goal of the initiate, whichHealing, 213:is known anent the glands connected with the sacral center and about the thyroid gland, but toHealing, 213:a line of least resistance exists between the sacral center and the throat center. Something isHealing, 213:is a considerable wealth of knowledge anent the sacral center (as the source of physical creation)Healing, 214:and the relation between the three centers - sacral, throat and ajna center - is awakened andHealing, 214:upward trend - producing Transmutation. From the sacral center to the throat center. PhysicalHealing, 215:center and the throat center, These two and the sacral center, All three, consciously andHealing, 217:all the centers, with the exception of the sacral center. The fact of their falling easy prey toHealing, 228:destroyed itself, owing to its misuse of the sacral center, which was at that time the most activeHealing, 229:to be brought about through the medium of the sacral center, and thus a most vicious situation cameHealing, 229:of the sex nature through the stimulation of the sacral center, artificially brought about by theHealing, 236:to a cleansing, lifting process; the life of the sacral center will be controlled and the energyHealing, 239:of the main sources of cancer as related to the sacral center, and therefore to the sex organs, hasHealing, 466:base of the spine, thus making a triangle of the sacral center, the solar plexus, and the center atHealing, 551:will come will be the solar plexus center or the sacral center. It is interesting to note that whenHealing, 551:scale that he must be ethically reached via the sacral center, he is often quite easily cured andHealing, 569:the true, is to be seen in the relation of the sacral Center to the throat Center. This relation,Healing, 578:currents from the healer to the patient, via the sacral center and the throat center - theHealing, 578:the point of reception in the patient being the sacral center; neither the heart nor the headHealing, 593:the forces from one center to another: From the sacral center to the throat center. From the solarHealing, 625:The solar plexus center - The pancreas. The sacral center - The gonads. The center at base of spine
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