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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SACRED

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Fire, 1116:Logos, and the other emanates from the "Sacred Bud which veils the Jewel." This is a particularlyFire, 1116:the jewel is revealed, and the three "veils" or "sacred petals" open successively when the threeFire, 1127:be found in the difference existing between the sacred and non-sacred planets, and in the purposeFire, 1127:difference existing between the sacred and non-sacred planets, and in the purpose and place,Fire, 1127:dominated by the devas. Others (of which the sacred planets are examples) are controlled by theFire, 1172:As we know, the planetary schemes (the seven sacred planets) will eventually synthesize, or absorbFire, 1172:the life of the planets which are not termed sacred and the numerous planetoids, as far as the fourFire, 1175:exist in five great groups: The esoteric non-sacred planets, called in occult parlance "the outerFire, 1175:it complicates, the evolutionary process. The sacred planets, called sometimes (when this Law ofFire, 1189:manifesting which are not included by the term "sacred," but that there are numerous other aspectsFire, 1197:entered through the second ventricle within the Sacred Heart, and are (as we are told in the SecretFire, 1203:with our particular planet, which is not a sacred planet, can be somewhat understood if the historyFire, 1231:of the Fire lies hid in the second letter of the Sacred Word. The mystery of life is concealedFire, 1231:heart. When the lower point vibrates, when the Sacred Triangle glows, when the point, the middleFire, 1263:scheme as a school of training as it is not a sacred planet and therefore lacks such a specificFire, 1267:The Dragon who hideth within the lowest of the Sacred Three ariseth in His might. In His mouth HeFire, 1267:This path is entered by a fourfold door. The sacred phrases of the Sons of Light define it thus:Fire, 1270:riseth unto that high place where dwell the Sacred Lhas to Whom the triple Unity within our solarFire, 1271:One that is, the new-made threefold Word, the sacred OM, the fire of God, He treads theFire, 1274:The Path to Sirius. The mysterious Lhas of the sacred hidden fire withdraw Their thought, emergeFire, 1274:one of the seven wives. * * * The Master of the Sacred Heart is He who builds a Path between theFire, 1277:* * The second Word holds hid the number of the sacred blue. As it reverberates, the scales ascend,Fire, 1277:in supplication to the great Adjuster. From the sacred halls of the City of the White Island thereFire, 1278:cosmic Lord from out the greater seven (Whose sacred Name is hid) seeketh the center of His lifeFire, 1278:hid) seeketh the center of His life from out the sacred seven. This is the mystery hid, the innerFire, 1278:of cosmic space within the groups divine. The sacred seven with the greater seven approach theirFire, 1279:the lengthening present. The cosmic Lord, Whose sacred Name holdeth for us the wisdom of theFire, 1279:of Cosmic Love Whose essence is the fire - the sacred Name is heard. The cosmic Second approachesFire, 1279:power shew forth as one. The cosmic Lord, Whose sacred Name as yet is hid [1280] e'en from theGlamour, 21:a huge elemental form which bars the way to the sacred portal, or the idea of a fabricated form,Glamour, 218:and with a positive orientation. Again the Sacred Word is sounded with intent to produce what inGlamour, 254:of the breath is built around the use of the Sacred Word, the OM. The use of the Word is intendedGlamour, 262:rhythmic living and a constant right use of the Sacred Word, the OM. When, for instance, a discipleHealing, 54:give you the third of the Laws which govern the sacred art of healing. Law III Diseases are anHealing, 99:I - The Psychological Causes of Disease The Sacred Art of Healing I do not intend, in thisHealing, 130:or separative existence and of its opposite, the Sacred Word, the OM, is intimately related. ItHealing, 293:[293] and are the planetary Logoi of the sacred and non-sacred planets. If the great informingHealing, 293:are the planetary Logoi of the sacred and non-sacred planets. If the great informing Lives of theHealing, 298:of the seven ray Energies Who inform the seven sacred planets but are not yet as divinely developedHealing, 298:the reason why our planet, the Earth, is not a sacred planet. We are told that Sanat Kumara is theHealing, 357:healers to work together, as a group, with the sacred science of healing? Because as individualsHealing, 458:servant depart in peace." The steady use of the Sacred Word, chanted in an undertone or on aHealing, 619:system, as you know, are to be found the seven sacred planets, which are the custodians or theHealing, 619:within our planet, the Earth (which is not a sacred planet), there are likewise seven centers whichHealing, 619:of the seven ray qualities from the seven sacred planets, thus providing (within the solarHealing, 636:expression, our planet, the Earth, is not yet a sacred planet. The spirit of the earth is yet veryHercules, 28:guarded by the second Gate and find and take the sacred Bull into the Holy Place." The TibetanHercules, 38:into the light which shines where stands the sacred bull. On the horizon rose the island fair whereHercules, 40:the waves." Hercules nearer drew, urging the sacred bull upon the Way, throwing the light upon theHercules, 40:Brontes, arresting Hercules upon the Way. "The sacred bull, Oh, Holy One." "Who art thou? Tell usHercules, 41:fulfiled the task to which I was assigned. The sacred bull is rescued, securely with the Three.Hercules, 43:of the Labor Minos, King of Crete, possessed a sacred bull, which he kept on the island of Crete.Hercules, 43:and all that Hercules knew was that the bull was sacred, that it was born from the sea, and thatHercules, 43:was met by the three Cyclops, who received the sacred bull from him and took charge of it. And thusHercules, 44:signs of the zodiac, and as the four powerful sacred animal signs are both cosmical and spiritual,Hercules, 45:saddle. The dove as we remember, is the bird sacred to Venus, and as the Pleiades are part of theHercules, 50:to note that Minos, King of Crete, who owned the sacred bull also possessed the maze in which theHercules, 53:Brontes, Steropes and Arges will guard the sacred bull, and Hercules, the disciple, will no longerHercules, 53:and once they have gained possession of the sacred bull, the problem of Hercules is solved. The twoHercules, 54:on his task. "Send out the word to guard the sacred tree. Let Hercules unfold the power to searchHercules, 54:went forth. Far in a distant country grew the sacred tree, the tree of wisdom, and on it grew theHercules, 54:Teacher, asking Him the way to go and find the sacred tree and pick the apples. "Tell me the way, OHercules, 54:prove the truth of what I say. Remember that the sacred tree is [55] guarded well. Three maidensHercules, 55:Throughout the land he passed, seeking the sacred tree, but found it not. All men he met heHercules, 55:this stage. Let Hercules proceed." Finding no sacred tree upon the northern way, Hercules turnedHercules, 57:way (third test) seeking no further for the sacred tree. His strength was sapped. He loved, adoredHercules, 58:search: "The fourth stage on the way unto the sacred tree is passed. There has been no delay. TheHercules, 58:on, and north and south and east and west, the sacred tree was sought, but was not found. ThereHercules, 58:hastened then his steps. "Now I shall touch the sacred tree," he shouted in his joy, "surmount theHercules, 58:and pain. He forgot about his search. [58] The sacred tree and apples faded from mind; he onlyHercules, 79:who dwell therein? Bear to the shrine of God the sacred doe, and leave it there, O son of God." Hercules, 83:is elusive and difficult to secure. This doe was sacred to Artemis, the goddess of the moon; butHercules, 84:it close to his heart", and carried it to the sacred temple at Mykenae, where he laid it downHercules, 87:a principle. (The substitution of the Egyptian sacred scarab for the crab seems a recognition ofHercules, 89:said to the born at the winter solstice and made sacred to the sons of light." (E. ValentiaHercules, 92:the hind or doe, for which Hercules sought, was sacred to Artemis, the moon, but was also claimedHercules, 93:the moon, who rules over the form, claims the sacred hind. In its own place, animal instinct is asHercules, 95:time again, past the fourth Gate he chased the sacred doe clear to the temple of the Lord. TimeHercules, 113:strife, a symbol of motherhood and of the sacred Child to whom all human life is truly turned.Hercules, 113:ahead of time, waiting without to seize the sacred girdle of the fighting queen. Forth to the sonHercules, 113:of the possible? Why kill the mother of the sacred Child? Again, we mark a failure. Again you haveHercules, 116:that our earth will be transformed into a sacred planet." (Editor's italics.) Surely these wordsHercules, 117:equivocation, "Why kill the mother of the sacred Child? Again we mark a failure. Again you have notHercules, 171:disillusionment. At the top of the mountain the sacred goat sees the vision and the initiateHercules, 195:February 20th - March 20th) The Myth Within the sacred Council Chamber, the great Presiding OneHercules, 195:a herd of dark red cattle. From Erytheia to our Sacred City must you drive this herd. Beware ofHercules, 196:before him, Hercules turned his face toward the Sacred City. Not far had he gone when he perceivedHercules, 196:swayed, then fell, nevermore to rise. Toward the Sacred City, then, Hercules drove the sleek, redHercules, 197:from the island, across land and water to the sacred city. Hercules sailed to the island in aHercules, 197:had sailed over to the island, took them to the Sacred City, and offered them in sacrifice toHercules, 197:in sacrifice to Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. This sacred city consisted of two towns connected by aHercules, 205:of its own, which must be respected and held sacred. Sometimes mysticism has been the protest ofHercules, 219:in Egypt and in India, and the sacrifice of the sacred ox, as in the Mysteries of Mithras.Hercules, 222:are regarded in our Christian belief as the Sacred Four and we find them presented to us in theInitiation, 2:In the creation of the sun and the seven sacred planets composing our solar system, our LogosInitiation, 9:will, before so very long, be the most sacred ceremony of the Church, performed esoterically as oneInitiation, 20:and demonstrate through the sun and the seven sacred planets, as well as the other planets, greaterInitiation, 28:other occult books in the occident, and in the sacred Scriptures of the East. Suffice it for ourInitiation, 33:of Shamballa will be one of the latest etheric sacred spots to be revealed as it exists in theInitiation, 40:direct communication with one or another of the sacred planets. According to astrological
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