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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SACRIFICE

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Fire, 1112:Angel - Love petals. Monad - Father in Heaven - Sacrifice petals. It then becomes possible for aFire, 1116:- Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind The Sacrifice Petals The energies or forces flowingFire, 1116:activity in the inner tier of petals, the Sacrifice Petals, are again similar in nature to thoseFire, 1116:the natural energies of the solar Angel, and of sacrifice forces pouring in from the Monad. Thus weFire, 1118:to the tips of the four love petals and the four sacrifice petals. This eightfold [1119] energy isFire, 1119:Naught is eventually left but the desire to "sacrifice," and as the vibratory impulse is akin toFire, 1127:and liberation of the man. Group III. The sacrifice Petals. The sacrifice petals in the two outerFire, 1127:of the man. Group III. The sacrifice Petals. The sacrifice petals in the two outer groups. TheFire, 1171:Light - Love petals. The Law of Solar Fire - Sacrifice petals. 7. The Law of Color. To get anyFire, 1194:whom, on account of his great renunciation and sacrifice for mankind, there is none known." - VoiceFire, 1199:"standing aloof from incarnation." Lords of Sacrifice and Love are They, but They cannot pass outFire, 1200:his very self. They are the "Lords of Sacrifice" and "Lords of Love," the flower of Atma-buddhi. InFire, 1207:"The devas hear the word go forth. They sacrifice themselves and out of their own substance theyFire, 1216:more material forms of life. Law 1. The Law of Sacrifice. This involves the immolation andFire, 1216:of Sacrifice. This involves the immolation and sacrifice of that which has been realized. This isFire, 1218:the work of liberation is carried forward. Sacrifice, Service, Magnetism ("I, if I be lifted up,Fire, 1220:Name Esoteric Name Symbol Ray Energy 1. Law of Sacrifice. The Law of Those Who Choose to Die. AFire, 1224:the 1st Shakti or type of force. 4. The Lords of Sacrifice or The Initiates. 4 or 9 The Son,Fire, 1226:nor to show the nature of the cosmic Lord of Sacrifice as He limits Himself in order to save. AtFire, 1226:step along the Path, the extent of that love and sacrifice is opened up as the disciple knowsFire, 1226:himself to be in tiny measure also a Lord of Sacrifice and Love. It can only be appreciated as theFire, 1252:second cosmic path. All of Them are Lords of Sacrifice, and are animated solely by love, and allGlamour, 121:based on undue sensitivity. The glamor of self-sacrifice. The glamor of selfish unselfishness. TheGlamour, 185:way of liberation and it is the way of love and sacrifice. The lives of these Revealers wereGlamour, 226:meeting, even if this entails quite drastic sacrifice on the part of some of the members. I adviseHealing, 51:Power. Head Self-pity. The dramatic I. Cancer. Sacrifice. Dedication of the I. Second ray.Healing, 68:of the greatest of the soul qualities - self-sacrifice, compassion and service. But the ways andHealing, 238:interest in business and leadership - often sacrifice their lives and pay the penalty of misusedHealing, 260:for the first time, presented the idea of the sacrifice of the unit, consciously and deliberatelyHealing, 262:the physical plane and has demanded worldwide sacrifice. It has involved the entire three worlds ofHealing, 413:Healing A Treatise on Cosmic Fire: The Law of Sacrifice and Death is the controlling factor on theHealing, 414:in the three worlds. - Page 596. c. The Law of Sacrifice is the Law of Death in the subtle bodies,Healing, 414:body. - Page 595. d. The Law of Death and Sacrifice governs the gradual disintegration of concreteHealing, 414:disintegration of concrete forms and their sacrifice to the evolving life... - Page 596. e. WhenHealing, 415:- demonstrating on the lower plane as the Law of Sacrifice and Death - but its effect can be seenHealing, 459:Thus, He has progressed always by means of the sacrifice and death of the form. Always, it isHealing, 511:pure reason, pure love and pure will. A "Lord of Sacrifice" Who, through incarnating experience,Healing, 670:type of harmlessness is based on complete self-sacrifice, wherein the will-to-sacrifice, theHealing, 670:on complete self-sacrifice, wherein the will-to-sacrifice, the will-to-good and the will-to-powerHealing, 676:will of the soul, emanating from the petals of sacrifice in the egoic lotus. All true healers haveHealing, 691:give which throws light on the spiritual Law of Sacrifice. It is interesting to note how the soulHercules, 2:mountain top, and towards the place of death and sacrifice. The watching Teacher saw a man emergeHercules, 33:this sign Aries was called that "wherein the sacrifice of righteousness was made," or the sign ofHercules, 34:In the very ancient days in India, the horse sacrifice was linked with the sun god, and, yearly, weHercules, 40:and save it from due death. Minos desired its sacrifice." "Who told you thus to seek and save theHercules, 43:sea, and that its destiny was to be offered in sacrifice to Minos. Hercules, therefore, travelledHercules, 56:To me is given knowledge of the truth and sacrifice for me. Accept the way of life through me. IHercules, 63:under his control, he bound him to the altar of sacrifice and forced him to forget Nereus. The mythHercules, 75:that they make, and bind them to the altar of sacrifice for a longer or a shorter period of time.Hercules, 75:and to lifting the burden of Atlas. After the sacrifice comes the reward, and Hercules received hisHercules, 101:of Knowledge and of Wisdom, Lords of Will and of Sacrifice, Lords of Boundless Devotion, and theseHercules, 104:the human being and bringing about the sacrifice of the individual life and its merging in theHercules, 104:whole. This is the true crucifixion: the sacrifice of the reflection to the reality, of the lowerHercules, 113:gift, offering the symbol of unity and love, of sacrifice and faith. Yet, grasping it, heHercules, 119:and again on the new birth rather than on blood sacrifice. The esoteric meaning is "the blood isHercules, 148:becomes the will to achieve and the will to sacrifice. The harsh, self-centered will is transformedHercules, 183:sun passed into Aries, the Ram, and we had the sacrifice of the lamb, showing that the sacrifice ofHercules, 183:had the sacrifice of the lamb, showing that the sacrifice of the animal nature was beginning toHercules, 186:group and it is not with us yet. 3. Self-sacrifice. The meaning of self-sacrifice is making theHercules, 186:us yet. 3. Self-sacrifice. The meaning of self-sacrifice is making the self holy. That deals withHercules, 197:them to the Sacred City, and offered them in sacrifice to Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. This sacredHercules, 219:of the bull in Egypt and in India, and the sacrifice of the sacred ox, as in the Mysteries ofHercules, 219:inauguration of the Jewish Passover and the lamb sacrifice. It is interesting to note in thisHercules, 220:Friday and on fast days. So we find the lamb sacrifice following upon the bull sacrifice, and theHercules, 220:find the lamb sacrifice following upon the bull sacrifice, and the fish symbol upon that of theInitiation, 14:It leads to the Cross and to that utter sacrifice which must transpire before perfect liberation isInitiation, 18:the inner fire, and by the destruction, through sacrifice, of all that separates. The approach toInitiation, 19:the Lords of the Flame, through Their enduring sacrifice. Man becomes a conscious Ego, with theInitiation, 19:the Masters and of the Christ, and through Their sacrifice in taking physical incarnation for theInitiation, 19:of the World, the Solitary Watcher, the Great Sacrifice. Man becomes one with the Logos through theInitiation, 20:four; through the example it sets of service, sacrifice, and renunciation, and through the constantInitiation, 24:time. There is no phase of agony, no rending sacrifice, no Via Dolorosa that they have not in theirInitiation, 24:of the freedom that comes through the sacrifice of the form by the medium of the purificatoryInitiation, 28:beyond the radius of his aura. He is the Great Sacrifice, who left the glory of the high places andInitiation, 29:manifestation of pure spirit itself. Hence the sacrifice. It must here be borne in mind that in theInitiation, 51:through group karma and a willingness thus to sacrifice themselves, have come before the public eyeInitiation, 69:incarnation or having just left the earth, sacrifice their time in heaven to assist in this work.Initiation, 82:of the heart. Each step up is ever through the sacrifice of all that the heart holds dear on oneInitiation, 82:on one plane or another, and always must this sacrifice be voluntary. He who treads theInitiation, 82:of the lower self by the higher, is willing to sacrifice even unto death. The first two InitiationsInitiation, 85:of the astral is similarly demonstrated. The sacrifice and death of desire has been the goal ofInitiation, 89:or the Crucifixion, is usually one of great sacrifice and suffering. It is the life of the man whoInitiation, 89:his perfected personality, upon the altar of sacrifice, and stands bereft of all. All is renounced,Initiation, 95:great expression of the conscious [95] will and sacrifice of the Solar Logos, and the great symbolInitiation, 95:epitomizing of the purpose of this fundamental sacrifice, has a pre-eminent place. The studentInitiation, 103:living, when not furthered by a life of utter sacrifice for others, and by a reticence, humility,Initiation, 106:Called in some Scriptures "the Great Sacrifice," he has chosen to watch over the evolution of menInitiation, 111:the reality ahead, coupled to a willingness to sacrifice all rather than turn back, are deterrentsInitiation, 115:cycles of incarnation, has poured himself out in sacrifice in order that man might BE. [116] As aInitiation, 138:circles are called respectively the petals of Sacrifice, Love, and Knowledge. At initiation the RodInitiation, 167:aspect of energy, the dynamic use of will in sacrifice, and to him is then committed the key to theInitiation, 193:the primary impulse of the life is towards self-sacrifice and the immolation of the lower nature. Initiation, 222:of spiritual bliss) and choose a life of self-sacrifice, becoming members of that invisible hostMagic, 136:and sincerity, it consists in the failure to sacrifice the personality at all times in order toMagic, 137:the old and hindering thought-forms through self-sacrifice. A refusal to compromise, through clearMagic, 138:the lesser principle and the lesser right, who sacrifice the good of the group for their ownMagic, 223:of sorrow and distress, through the valley of sacrifice and over the mountains of vision to theMagic, 259:the inculcation, through example and precept, of sacrifice and unselfishness, and the martyr spiritMagic, 296:head. There is the meeting place, and there the sacrifice, enacted upon the mount of Golgotha (theMagic, 326:relationship to that Power in terms of fear, of sacrifice or of propitiation. From the rudiments of
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