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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SADISTIC

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Astrology, 213:it a definitely militant religion, oft cruel and sadistic (as witness the murders and torturesAutobiography, 84:sermons are? They are quite atrocious and show a sadistic nature. In one place, for instance, heExternalisation, 425:these men, already distorted with ambition and sadistic inclinations. Who, you ask, do I mean byGlamour, 132:we find emerging fanatics, vague idealists, sadistic enforcers of the idea as grasped, one-pointedGlamour, 132:it becomes simply a nice concept and often a sadistic incentive and thus enters immediately intoHealing, 303:The results cover a wide field, all the way from sadistic cruelty and lust to those marriages whichHealing, 393:This teaching anent hell is a remainder of the sadistic turn which was given to the thinking of theMagic, 312:perversions which cause so much difficulty now. Sadistic tendencies and sex perversions find muchPsychology1, 271:the many types of perversion, and the sadistic cruelties which have grown out of man's misuse ofPsychology2, 224:to cruelty and frequently to an extreme sadistic expression. On the life side, it has led toPsychology2, 404:which have distorted life, to morbidity, sadistic attitudes, self-righteousness and an ultimatePsychology2, 456:church, order or government. They are frequently sadistic in temperament and are the adherents ofPsychology2, 603:too strenuous one-pointed-ness, real fanaticism, sadistic effort with a supposed spiritual motive,Rays, 752:Thoughts of hate, deeds of cruelty, lying words, sadistic action, selfish intentions and the
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