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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAFEGUARD

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Astrology, 588:and women whose will-to-good is strong enough to safeguard them from personal peril in their workAutobiography, 231:understandable and also constitutes a definite safeguard for the gullible and the stupid.Bethlehem, 33:as it did in the fifteenth century, in order to safeguard man from forgetfulness of God, as he drewBethlehem, 235:endeavor to glorify the personality of Jesus and safeguard Christian believers, and to reconcileDiscipleship1, 31:the coming generation. It is for my disciples to safeguard this presentation of truth during thisDiscipleship1, 72:and four in India. I mention this in order to safeguard you against the sense of uniqueness whichDiscipleship1, 617:conscience and much outer plane work tended to safeguard you. See to it most carefully that thisDiscipleship1, 742:higher and lower, as was the Christ. The only safeguard for which he works is to prevent the lowerDiscipleship1, 742:aspects of phenomena? How can they rescue and safeguard others if they fear to enter into realms ofDiscipleship2, 123:and a steadily deepening love of humanity will safeguard disciples at this stage - the stage ofDiscipleship2, 172:simple performance of duty, and the desire to safeguard human rights. Few men were heroes, as theDiscipleship2, 458:head so will his vision appear on Earth. A great safeguard for you exists in the elimination of allDiscipleship2, 476:is in no way a hindrance; it is seemingly a safeguard, [477] simplifying their lives. Because ofDiscipleship2, 708:as a general rule, which is a great safeguard; and in those times when your personality impulsesEducation, 117:if nothing were done to call a halt and thus safeguard him from himself - even at the cost ofExternalisation, 10:word service that the whole story lies, and the safeguard. When this true Mediumship is betterFire, VII:remembered, will give us a second much-needed safeguard against that quality of the concrete mindFire, 450:the knowledge of these mantrams and the need to safeguard them from interference and misuse. PowerFire, 474:use of ceremonial ritual as a protection and safeguard to man will assume its right place. [475]Fire, 909:the laws will become more stringent, in order to safeguard the race during a transition period.Healing, 230:they are perfected, they will in the long run safeguard the race and will return bodies to the soilHealing, 286:must be shown and the same risks assumed. The safeguard from the strictly legal and human angleMagic, 129:must be your strength, and wherein the only safeguard lies in a close searching of all underlyingMagic, 172:and force Him to use His energy in order to safeguard the work from error and the disciple perhapsMagic, 294:contacts and realizations. Here also lies the safeguard for the majority of human beings, in theMagic, 440:the lines of the future astrology in order to safeguard the present. One thing astrologers need atMagic, 635:forward and a lesson learnt by failure acts as a safeguard for the future. Thus it leads to rapidMeditation, 137:Cross. And now what methods may be employed to safeguard the worker in the field of the world? WhatMeditation, 244:the modern enlightened medical man, and thus safeguard [245] him from error, enabling him to judgeMeditation, 319:demonstration of the laws of construction; they safeguard him as far as may be in his contact withProblems, 82:- trusted and chosen by the people - should safeguard these potencies. If this energy is releasedPsychology1, 283:and also to the failure of the legal machine to safeguard the family unit and to interpret humanPsychology1, 303:and prove inadequate, but they do, in a measure, safeguard the little feeble ones, and will bePsychology1, 362:narrowness, - a narrowness that is needed to safeguard infant souls. The seventh ray will releasePsychology2, 517:Hierarchy of our planet, the major task is so to safeguard mankind that, when this period ofRays, 112:of the Hierarchy by Shamballa in order to safeguard the Mysteries and prevent a too prematureTelepathy, 40:thoughts and ideas, and to a love which will safeguard you from all love of power. Thus you will
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