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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAFEGUARDED

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Astrology, 235:be a proper and divine function and will then be safeguarded by right education of the young andDiscipleship2, 136:minds of men, and this because their hearts are safeguarded by the fire of love." Ponder upon thisDiscipleship2, 407:being withheld until the kingdom of souls can be safeguarded from the narrow claims of any church,Discipleship2, 470:that you have lifted your family with you and safeguarded them also all the time. Having achievedEducation, 72:not with ignorance and criticism; they will be safeguarded and not punished; they will beExternalisation, 6:rent veil which has, until a short while ago, safeguarded the [7] many. Add to this the inadequacyFire, 486:has been lost; or rather, the knowledge has been safeguarded until a period is reached in theFire, 984:comments. In this way, the magical work is fully safeguarded, and at the same time sufficient isFire, 1006:clear thinking. Having "purified" the waters, or safeguarded his desires, the thinker next proceedsGlamour, 45:is at the nursery stage as yet, wherein men are safeguarded from themselves by the imposition ofIntellect, 209:and ascertained for us the opportunities, and safeguarded for us the rules. They held in safety forMagic, 338:other than the human. [338] The truth which is safeguarded in all these schools is one truth andPatanjali, 109:faculty is developed, the man is thereby safeguarded from error and from danger. This has been veryProblems, 16:in old Europe be remembered, and that France be safeguarded and protected. She demands that nothingProblems, 67:to be found in all nations. This energy must be safeguarded from monied interests; it must bePsychology2, 497:careful attention and the patient must be safeguarded from himself, from the environing racialRays, 758:which wisdom brings; this has in the past safeguarded human aspiration and human progress intoSoul, 92:through the form in which he has presented it, safeguarded the public also from a too quickTelepathy, 49:"over-shadowing cloud of knowable things") is safeguarded from the sensitivity required to register
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