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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAFEGUARDING

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Autobiography, X:and how amazingly she transmuted them, thus safeguarding all those hard pressed, strugglingBethlehem, 248:The first thought is that immortality is the safeguarding of what we really care about. The factorDiscipleship1, 235:a chela and to me has been assigned the work of safeguarding you. I say "work" with deliberationDiscipleship1, 767:and has passed out of the supervision and the safeguarding of a Master into a direct relation withDiscipleship2, 330:development with the new disciple, act as a safeguarding group, and this is true, no matter whatDiscipleship2, 330:When a disciple is temporarily bewildered, this safeguarding becomes a major necessity, and whereExternalisation, 10:Let us speak first of the training and safeguarding of our psychics and sensitives. Externalisation, 15:they are sometimes called, and the training and safeguarding of the aspirants found working inExternalisation, 125:handicapped and hindered by coercion and undue safeguarding but should express its major divineExternalisation, 340:recognized and protected. No such recognition or safeguarding hinders the activities of the forcesFire, 452:out, for it holds the key to the reason for the safeguarding of the words. Selflessness, sight, andFire, 908:to the violent reaction at this time against the safeguarding laws of civilization, it has beenMeditation, 336:application differs in all three, and hence the safeguarding of the secret. It holds the mysteryPsychology1, 284:at present exist between men and women, and the safeguarding of the family unit. This will involveRays, 349:aspirant; he practices purity for his own safeguarding and not in order that he may become a
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