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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAFELY

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Astrology, 170:earned the right to stand, he can [170] never safely be given the information which is imparted toAstrology, 227:pairs of opposites and which - if it is to be safely trodden - requires the development of a senseAstrology, 451:two conditions. He can then become consciously, safely and correctly creative. These two conditionsAstrology, 587:are mentally polarized can focus that will and safely shoulder the responsibility for its wise use.Atom, 102:that in atomic matter the only thing that we can safely predicate is that it shows intelligence,Autobiography, 259:control. With this foundation, knowledge may be safely imparted which far transcends the personalAutobiography, 275:results will be demonstrated normally, safely and sanely as well as automatically when the innerAutobiography, 291:is the only legitimate claim that anyone can safely make; and the claiming that one is an initiateBethlehem, 92:divine and spiritual characteristics can be safely revealed to us and in us? There may be futureDiscipleship1, 59:It will be brought about gradually and safely by the daily use of the group meditations which I mayDiscipleship1, 63:for any specific service, whether they can be safely used or not and whether their sensitivity isDiscipleship1, 111:developed and sanely used; they can be unfolded safely by the man who is mentally polarized andDiscipleship1, 205:second Ray of Love-Wisdom and this enables you safely to evoke and use your first ray Will, for itDiscipleship1, 317:as group qualities, if the work planned is to be safely undertaken. The producing of these groupDiscipleship1, 328:and more of contemplation. In order, however, safely to increase the length of time you can spendDiscipleship1, 440:rest of the activity is in my hands and you can safely leave it to me. This exercise will aid youDiscipleship1, 600:to me and to the group, confident that you can safely turn to the teacher for confirmation orDiscipleship1, 731:energy so that accepted disciples can handle it safely and act as distributing agents. The energyDiscipleship1, 766:consecrated," will proceed normally and safely. I mentioned the permanent atoms to show the linesDiscipleship2, XIII:fellow man the centers will unfold naturally and safely without attention to them. The Master alsoDiscipleship2, 61:to be undertaken. Expansion - if it is to be safely undertaken - must proceed hand in hand withDiscipleship2, 61:take this increased potency correctly and safely? Will the aspirants of the world - givenDiscipleship2, 135:the same time to make as much of it as we can (safely and wisely) available to our seniorDiscipleship2, The fu:lies beyond the Nirmanakayas and can only be safely carried forward in united meditation, underDiscipleship2, 309:first of the points of revelation which could safely be given to the general public. The assertionDiscipleship2, 318:through the medium of hints which could be safely given in a more open form. They have no intentionDiscipleship2, 523:of Shamballa to which you so easily respond can safely pour in; then, too, will come the wisdomDiscipleship2, 530:age wherein all things will become new. They can safely be relinquished when their place is takenDiscipleship2, 553:soul and the personality. Then their sound can safely be added to the sound of the Ashram,Externalisation, 9:that the dangers can be avoided and men can go safely forward to their new and glorious heritage?Externalisation, 20:is freedom from danger and the aspirant can safely meditate and aspire and work. His motive isExternalisation, 80:humanity along the path of life and bringing us safely and satisfactorily to our present point ofExternalisation, 223:political views and group loyalties. It is safely anchored upon the physical plane, is of vastExternalisation, 249:to step it down sufficiently so that it can be safely used by all, yet at the same time preserveExternalisation, 253:they will not have been embroiled, but will have safely (even if uncomfortably) looked on. In soExternalisation, 262:a possibility that it might now be more safely permitted if enough people can stand togetherExternalisation, 308:a group inspiration, and therefore can be more safely handled. This group inspiration can happenExternalisation, 320:no real part in the war, except what can be done safely and at the least possible cost, andExternalisation, 323:so that the Hierarchy could find those who could safely carry spiritual power and be channels ofExternalisation, 329:in every possible way and in every country open safely to contact. Plan this work along soundExternalisation, 446:only upon sacrifice can world stability be safely founded - the sacrifice of selfishness. In thoseExternalisation, 627:widespread financial dealings, preserving them safely by the threat of the atomic bomb and theExternalisation, 668:right action and of right human relations can be safely trodden. The task of the Master R. is,Fire, 210:but in triangular formation transmission comes safely. The two Masters Who thus sponsor theFire, 259:phenomena to its initiatory impulse, can only be safely imparted when the bridge between higher andFire, 323:can be communicated on the matter. It may be safely pointed out, however, that the generativeFire, 482:his attention on the Not-Self. It can only be safely done when the magician knows five things. TheFire, 487:and mineral atoms of those sheaths, then can he safely - through affinity of substance - aid theFire, 615:of the ego; then, and only then, can he safely, wisely, and intelligently cooperate in the plan. AsFire, 625:achieved this in his own nature he can then safely become a magician and contact, control and workFire, 664:names. It is possible, therefore, to transmit safely information of a character incomprehensible toFire, 858:through animal and racial instinct, and can be safely left to the stimulation emanating from hisFire, 860:his centers according to plan, and if he wishes safely to follow along the line of the true psychicFire, 995:need of a better. The student of magic who can safely undertake the enterprise, will haveFire, 1155:on the physical centers. Such meditation is only safely undertaken when a man is no longerFire, 1232:us to seek for terms to express that which lies safely hidden behind all ideas and all thought,Glamour, 255:- the WILL. Therefore, the only person who can safely [256] and usefully practice breathingGlamour, 256:to be established, then breathing exercises can safely and profitably be attempted. You see, myGlamour, 257:idea has to be launched, then the student can safely follow certain scheduled breathing exercisesGlamour, 261:sources of inspiration will automatically and safely swing the centers into needed and appropriateHealing, 183:The sushumna path is not used correctly and safely until the antahkarana has been built and theHealing, 185:initiation behind him. He, and he alone, can safely raise this triple fire from the base of theHealing, 187:centered in the 1000-petalled lotus. This can be safely stated, as the spiritual will is as yetHealing, 187:When it is aroused, they will know what they can safely do. The three centers in the head are alsoHealing, 213:from the center, via the nadis, will be safely related and brought into a synthetic functioningHealing, 217:Causes of Disease This process is wisely and safely carried out over a long period of time and -Healing, 547:tremendous new potencies will be released, and safely released, into daily life. Healing, 547:and by the use of the will they can then work safely and with power on the head center of theHealing, 614:If you can grasp this adequately, we can safely proceed to the consideration of Law VII and RuleHealing, 646:his aid. Only initiates of high degree can deal safely with this powerful involutionary Elemental;Hercules, 92:in the mass; he is no longer one of the sheep, safely guarded in the sheepfold; he is no longer oneHercules, 166:powers and forces. I do not know anyone who can safely be trusted to wield power. Why? BecauseInitiation, 67:rounded out and balanced) and can therefore work safely and with intelligence in this type of work.Initiation, 85:the further expansion of the channel can be safely permitted. Many of us are working on all theInitiation, 87:mental body controlled, then the initiate can safely wield and wisely use the psychic faculties forInitiation, 88:now the fully consecrated physical body can safely bear the vibrations of the two other bodies whenInitiation, 88:the purified astral and controlled mental can safely stand before that KING. When purified andInitiation, 88:of reading and comprehending the records be safely employed, for with fuller knowledge comes addedInitiation, 201:may flow through it. This study can only be safely undertaken at present in group work and underIntellect, 85:of the soul will begin to demonstrate normally, safely and usefully. The process is summed up forIntellect, 112:in our instrument made, before a man can safely and wisely meditate. All men are not equipped toIntellect, 227:with a kind of effortless content which may safely be empowered." - Comfort, Will Levington,Intellect, 231:as "be still, and know that I am God," can be safely carried into the meditation work. The call forIntellect, 247:himself in the small things before he can be safely trusted with the big. The ludicrous arroganceIntellect, 252:have no time for platitudes; these can safely be left to the parrots of the world; they are tooMagic, 78:be surmounted. Certain things the aspirant may safely undertake in the equipping of himself forMagic, 94:the hierarchical plan so that it may be safely concluded that the collective brain of the humanMagic, 121:the average aspirant to discipleship, it may be safely assumed that the past has seen muchMagic, 121:leash, and seeth the world as in a mirror can be safely trusted with the inner senses. Only he whoMagic, 169:lower powers must be quiescent. They can only be safely used by advanced disciples and initiates.Magic, 200:texture of daily living before new truth can be safely imparted? Magic, 206:out however that no breathing exercises can be safely used where there is no attempt to imposeMagic, 242:serious situation is apparent, which can only be safely worked out when the soul assumes control ofMagic, 277:in all ages must come slowly, and therefore safely, to the birthing. [278] All new forms, if theyMagic, 351:only "in the blood of the heart" can power be safely gained and wisely wielded. As you go on and,Magic, 577:in the way of group progress. It is only wielded safely by those who have trained their arms toMagic, 578:uplifted in blessing. Only the "armed hand" can safely be used in the work of salvation; only thoseMagic, 588:surrounds them. This is all that can be safely undertaken by the majority, and it is with thisMagic, 590:and unfold more slowly and therefore more safely. Unfold they inevitably will and the slower andMagic, 591:deal with it. This triple blending can only be safely undertaken by the highly organized and
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