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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAFELY

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Magic, 595:widely known. But more than this cannot yet be safely given. The intricate nature of this scienceMagic, 617:of all souls and can only be known and safely used by those who have realized the Self as One. HeMeditation, 21:foundation of facts before he can wisely and safely proceed much further. The wise teacher, inMeditation, 84:lies in the fact that so little [84] can be safely said, that the real use of the Word is one ofMeditation, 89:invoking of devas in meditation cannot yet be safely given to individuals, though a beginning isMeditation, 130:spiritual faculty before psychic faculty can be safely permitted; they demand service to the raceMeditation, 149:find the God within his own being before he can safely venture on the path of occult law. TheMeditation, 152:out of him before the secrets of the Path can safely be entrusted to his care. In meditation heMeditation, 180:either the devas or the elementals can only be safely undertaken by one who has the power toMeditation, 241:in order to be handled correctly and therefore safely, should be dealt with at length, and the oldMeditation, 248:Green has a general healing effect, and can be safely used in cases of inflammation and of fever,Meditation, 280:and the subhuman evolutions. This can be safely done by the pupil through the protective effect ofMeditation, 280:and bring them to a point where they can be safely stimulated by the Rod of Initiation. More onMeditation, 312:of himself to a considerable degree he may not safely work, for instance, with the deva or angelPatanjali, 62:up so that the work of force direction may be safely undertaken. The disciple has to pass thePatanjali, 63:link. The third adjustment spoken of can only safely be undertaken after the first three means ofPatanjali, 63:poise achieved, can the aspirant to Raja Yoga safely proceed to the more esoteric and occult workPatanjali, 82:are awakened that their counterparts are also safely awakened. These seven head centers correspondPatanjali, 188:into line with these requirements, then he can safely proceed with the forms and rituals ofPatanjali, 188:can take up the practise of yoga much more safely than his more worldly and selfish yetPatanjali, 210:within the etheric centers will take place safely, under law, and normally. The three verses quotedPatanjali, 221:of the teaching conveyed in this sutra can only safely be given directly by the teacher to thePatanjali, 229:ego or soul, to the brain via the mind can be safely undertaken. Patanjali, 256:is enabled to take full advantage of, and safely to cultivate the powers of concentration,Patanjali, 293:Love must ever be developed before power can be safely used. Therefore the light of love must beProblems, 82:into constructive channels and if it remains safely guarded by the right men, the capitalisticPsychology1, 44:only when the time comes for the purpose to be safely revealed. Its units of energy inPsychology2, 11:Influence Before, however, the many men can be safely self-assertive, there must be an increasedPsychology2, 75:of Initiation with as much rapidity as is safely possible. Remember that understanding must alwaysPsychology2, 303:better than any other. He will then, one can safely predict, eventually change his hypothesis intoPsychology2, 354:until, in the fourth life, he can function safely through a first ray personality without losingPsychology2, 376:into incarnation who will eventually work more safely and more correctly with these new potencies.Psychology2, 475:of the body-organs has lain, most desirably and safely, below the threshold of consciousness, andPsychology2, 486:with real knowledge, and, therefore, quite safely; others are profoundly ignorant not only ofPsychology2, 498:be well to leave shut until they can be more safely opened. The second method which is sometimesPsychology2, 498:like to point out that this method could be more safely applied if the subjective dream life andPsychology2, 514:various centers to those centers which can more safely handle them, thus producing a more evenPsychology2, 606:of the Plan in the place of the Vision can [606] safely proceed. The children of the race who arePsychology2, 738:that security which will enable them to live safely within their borders, free from attack, or toRays, 155:that as he passes upon the upward way he may not safely so do without the safeguards which protectRays, 222:Word has gone forth and all is well and safely accomplished. But it is not so in verity. By theRays, 440:but the Plan engrosses His attention. He deals safely with "the simplicity which is Shamballa" andRays, 472:him pours that love; his will is love and he can safely work, for love divine will color all hisRays, 477:highly trained human enquirer can soundly and safely build the bridge between the highest and theRays, 667:first initiation, they can, in all probability, safely assume that such people have taken theRays, 761:leash, and sees the world as in a mirror can be safely trusted with the inner sense. Only he whoRays, 762:filled, drained, and seen as naught, it cannot safely hold within that which is later given. ButReappearance, 123:that the extent of the coming revelation can be safely grasped. There are planetary energies andReappearance, 176:financial [176] dealings, preserving them safely by the threat of the atomic bomb and the shaking
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