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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SALVAGE

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Astrology, 157:the Scapegoat and the will of God in love and salvage is demonstrated. The Bull becomes theAstrology, 319:this influence is established, he goes out to salvage and to save. He acts consciously as a worldAstrology, 342:its consequent sacrifices and pains, in order to salvage the lives with which it had an affinity.Astrology, 526:with the Forces of Light [526] and endeavored to salvage human freedom - political, religious andAutobiography, 231:Christ, are working out gigantic plans of world salvage. This attempt to lead humanity onward alongAutobiography, 251:the world Savior at this time and will salvage the world and inaugurate the new era after the war.Bethlehem, 66:from past aeons to this very work of world salvage, He has first of all to submit Himself to theBethlehem, 246:unrecognized, but busy with the task of world salvage and service. There is no heaven of peace andDestiny, 100:with the Forces of Light and are endeavoring to salvage human freedom - political, religious andDiscipleship1, 16:of energy which will be of service in world salvage. Each of you should remember that purity ofDiscipleship1, 591:of the Plan have in them the seeds of world salvage and can - if rightly and wisely furthered -Discipleship1, 657:the nature of a Son of God. Thus can I [657] salvage those who suffer on the way of life, and liftDiscipleship1, 772:yourselves with humanity. The call to world salvage has gone out and today disciples are assemblingDiscipleship1, 783:the World Savior at this time and will salvage the world and inaugurate the new era after the war.Discipleship2, 13:active help and cooperation in the work of salvage. All disciples and aspirants are needed, and allDiscipleship2, 13:whole-hearted cooperation in the work of world salvage. Discipleship2, 33:they are doing what they can and must be done to salvage the consciousness of the children and toDiscipleship2, 173:vehicles through which he had been attempting to salvage humanity; it indicated to him what mightDiscipleship2, 244:of all disciples is the one thing which can salvage mankind, enable humanity to move forward on -Discipleship2, 288:over," through identification, of the task of salvage, of revitalizing and of presentingDiscipleship2, 310:over,' through identification, of the task of salvage, of revitalizing and of presentingDiscipleship2, 469:on the difficult path of teaching and of world salvage. Discipleship2, 499:ancient peninsula (where your work began) to salvage some remnants of the School and thusDiscipleship2, 725:evolved during the past six months for world salvage and unity. One of them was supposed to be inEducation, 65:those forms and, incidentally, to redeem, salvage and purify them so that the substance of the nextExternalisation, 23:which, [23] given time and opportunity, can salvage a distressed world and bring light andExternalisation, 24:the aid of meditation, money and thought, to salvage the world, to educate public opinion and soExternalisation, 64:by one of the Great Ones as "the loving salvage of the world." They must be led to realize thatExternalisation, 100:the divine energies with which he will some day salvage the planetary life. The presentation ofExternalisation, 152:are by this process learning the work of world salvage and becoming gradually fitted for the postExternalisation, 162:to express the will of God in love and as world salvage, established the first major link with theExternalisation, 167:and the giving up of one's practical life to the salvage of the world. It is living in order thatExternalisation, 226:If you are to do your share in this work of salvage, it will necessitate certain attitudes andExternalisation, 323:the individual as in aiding the Hierarchy to salvage humanity. For this work, training is required,Externalisation, 328:any similar groups which are engaged in world salvage, primarily along the psychological line, forExternalisation, 333:in all relationships, for the power which must salvage the world is the precipitation of love, andExternalisation, 402:and strengthen you to play your part in world salvage. Externalisation, 442:energy and money to the enormous task of human salvage? [443] On these points I shall not dwell.Externalisation, 454:spiritual values are the only values which can salvage humanity, that the Hierarchy stands, andExternalisation, 473:the world that They are attempting to aid and to salvage. The state of humanity today is known toExternalisation, 482:the objective policies. These Forces will salvage the cultural gains of the past (a past which isExternalisation, 526:aspect of all forms; Its present agency of salvage and of service is the mind, as it expressesExternalisation, 539:behind the scenes. When this interim work of salvage is accomplished, then the Hierarchy willHealing, 235:describe have both been tried in the effort to salvage humanity. Today, death by fire is theHercules, 125:"Go forth, my son, and capture the wild boar; salvage a ravaged country, yet take the time to eat."Hercules, 202:not self-assertiveness; they are too busy doing salvage work to have time to talk about themselves.Intellect, 44:it has come to us from the Orient, will lift and salvage our civilization which is so fast breakingMagic, 428:the Lord of Life in order that the work of world salvage may go forward, the elimination out ofProblems, 35:They will inevitably succeed and thus salvage the religious spirit. Then let us endeavor to seeProblems, 41:and neurologists along this needed line of salvage; yet their specialized work is sorely needed andProblems, 41:as possible, to care for their own people, to salvage their own children, to restore their ownPsychology2, 95:and artists. Their work is the work of salvage, of restitution, or renovation and revelation, and,Psychology2, 96:Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life b. The Work of Salvage or Salvation The Law of Sacrifice meansPsychology2, 96:or Salvation The Law of Sacrifice means also salvage and underlies all the evolutionary processesPsychology2, 97:this urge to sacrifice in order to win, gain or salvage that which is deemed desirable isPsychology2, 97:of esotericism to note that this urge to salvage and to sacrifice in order to redeem works out inPsychology2, 125:strenuously strive, nor is it a method of world salvage. This distinction must be clearly grasped,Psychology2, 183:of energy which will be of real value in world salvage. For the individual it should be rememberedPsychology2, 511:of our civilization and will eventually salvage it. Be not, therefore, afraid of the technicalitiesPsychology2, 641:who - with good intention - are attempting to salvage the world, to bring order out of chaos, andPsychology2, 725:differences in the needed activity which would salvage the world, educate the race in a few simpleRays, 230:of the disciples who are engaged in world salvage, for it is through these disciples that theRays, 233:used to call it) of a new type of salvation or salvage. Up till now the mark of the Savior has beenRays, 743:welding together into a united group for world salvage and service. The spiritual opportunity is,Reappearance, 187:of the Christ has gone out; the call to world salvage has sounded forth, and today
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