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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SALVAGING

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Astrology, 328:mental plane and - under the influence of the salvaging, serving egos of the fifth kingdom -Astrology, 397:be developed into the selfless service of the salvaging initiate. The task of the Taurian is a hardBethlehem, 276:it has place in a more general and universal salvaging. Promise is held out in the Bible that "heDiscipleship1, 438:second ray who are in training for future world salvaging. Like our Great Master, the Christ, youDiscipleship2, 286:sense as the world Saviors come forth for the salvaging of humanity. Sanat Kumara is the prototypeDiscipleship2, 310:to the disciple in his contribution to the salvaging of humanity. These three are Penetration,Discipleship2, 460:preparation for treading this path of aiding and salvaging humanity, you have to learn (throughDiscipleship2, 460:futility of emotion and feeling as a means of salvaging your brothers. You need to acquire thatDiscipleship2, 461:of that compassion which is the hallmark of the salvaging Elder Brothers of Humanity. Such is yourDiscipleship2, 464:a world impact and achieve a measure of world salvaging. Many times in the past, I have pointed outDiscipleship2, 498:can aid greatly in re-establishing. The work of salvaging Europe, spiritually and psychologically,Discipleship2, 592:who are preparing to do their share in salvaging humanity and in re-establishing (on sounder andEducation, 46:from country to country, serving the soldiers, salvaging the sick, feeding the hungry and studyingExternalisation, 123:interference and intervention; this succeeded in salvaging an ethically sound minority (the wordExternalisation, 250:a great potency may be released for [250] the salvaging of humanity and the immediate defeat of theExternalisation, 386:inherited, and all that we have succeeded in salvaging for them. The thought of the children in theExternalisation, 526:last analysis, is this Hierarchy? It is a great salvaging corps of dedicated, liberated Units ofExternalisation, 536:was left free for the work of rehabilitation and salvaging, for reconstruction and for theExternalisation, 650:preparation for the coming of the Christ and the salvaging of mankind demand courage, organization,Glamour, 266:cooperating with the Plan and occupied with the salvaging of humanity and, secondly, as a discipleHealing, 519:or Master in order to carry on the work of salvaging humanity. Students would find it of value toHealing, 610:but it involves also the sacrificial work of salvaging substance and forwarding the evolution ofMagic, 400:with their fellow workers in the work of salvaging humanity. It does not matter if theirMagic, 529:Then he is pledged to the magical work, to the salvaging of souls, to the releasing of theMagic, 557:to the spiritual objective, perform miracles in salvaging the world. I here appeal to all who readMagic, 561:learn never to criticize in thought or word, the salvaging of the world would proceed apace and theProblems, 40:demanded and the well-nigh impossible task of salvaging the children and youth of the world, themProblems, 44:from country to country, serving the soldiers, salvaging the sick, feeding the hungry and studyingProblems, 144:and who work with Christ for the helping and salvaging of humanity will be the goal. The fact ofPsychology1, 106:concerned at this time with the work of salvaging the world. They have not the time for personalPsychology1, 129:Savior has been, for many lives, at the task of salvaging. When a man is two-thirds of the wayPsychology2, 51:of the soul or ego comes about when its work of salvaging matter (through utilizing it and buildingPsychology2, 74:human nature, the more rapidly will the task of salvaging the world proceed. The more painstakinglyPsychology2, 106:in the history of the world and its periodical salvaging from conditions which are wrecking thePsychology2, 106:that aspirants grasp the fact that that salvaging process must be carried on under the Law ofPsychology2, 115:of mediatory work - a work carried forward by a salvaging group of servers, who are in training forPsychology2, 115:always in unison with all other servers, the salvaging of humanity will go forward with muchPsychology2, 436:of the Christ consciousness, in its unifying, salvaging and constructive aspects, appears. ThePsychology2, 699:work, - a work carried forward this time by a salvaging group of Servers, who are in training forPsychology2, 700:servers at the time of the May full moon, the salvaging of humanity can go forward with muchPsychology2, 718:race. If this does not take place, the immediate salvaging of humanity will have to be postponedPsychology2, 719:human beings might consider that objective. The salvaging of the form is but incidental to theRays, 90:which emphasize the part the Christ plays in the salvaging of man. [91] It is now possible,Rays, 278:love may flow out into the world of men in the salvaging task of creation. Transformation - theRays, 282:prompts the Hierarchy to carry on its work of salvaging and stimulation. But that is only a partialRays, 284:Working in the three worlds of creative salvaging Achieving ashramic purpose and consequent groupRays, 292:himself; his task is the hierarchical one of the salvaging of others, and not his own salvation.Rays, 311:in the field of religions, of education, and of salvaging or saving the life aspect in all forms inReappearance, 16:condition in which to work, and one which no salvaging, energizing Son of God has ever before hadReappearance, 105:stream, carried onto intellectual levels, thus salvaging Vyasa's work from the mists and glamors
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