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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAME

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Discipleship2, 763:and definite withdrawal of yourself, and at the same time will lead to a still warmer expression ofDiscipleship2, 768:after. They served their time. We seek to do the same. Education, 13:accompanied by a deep love, personal yet at the same time impersonal, for those who are to beEducation, 15:very considerably. All, however, teach these same fundamental things; they teach the youth of theEducation, 17:its instrument, the lower mind. Yet at the same time, the mind will remain the recorder andEducation, 18:to limitation. The human monad followed the same procedure and - in time and space - limited itselfEducation, 21:the activity of the three aspects, in the same way that the three major rays are enhanced and aidedEducation, 25:the questions upon the child, yet at the same time dropping the solution of the question subtlyEducation, 28:center of energy in the world of thought. At the same time, this antahkarana is interwoven with theEducation, 34:the world. The mystic today continues with the same process, but under the evolutionary urgeEducation, 40:analogous to the prenatal stage; the same recapitulation goes forward upon the Path when a manEducation, 41:when it is awakened to mental values and at the same time it is demanding material values; and whenEducation, 43:in the world of external realities, and at the same time capable of recognizing himself as livingEducation, 47:of these five great declarations and are, at the same time, taught the futility of hate and war,Education, 50:between culture and civilization. Putting this same truth in other words, and recognizing as aEducation, 61:Hierarchy, and the Black Lodge employ the same universal energies but with different motives andEducation, 72:for life, can throw upon the problem. At the same time, it is essential that such schools andEducation, 73:which will be predominantly mental, and at the same time idealistic, brilliant, coordinated, and aEducation, 74:once arises: How can one achieve this and at the same time bring about a high level of individualEducation, 78:he is the future in embryo), and when, at the same time, he is taught a sense of proportion byEducation, 80:for a long enough time. Let us remember at the same time that this demonstrated potency can workEducation, 100:yet play a distinct individual part, and at the same time a group-directed part, in the life of theEducation, 105:totalitarian states it is not permitted on the same scale, as the youth in those states are forcedEducation, 106:middle class has naturally been involved in the same interest, from the point of view of financialEducation, 107:capacity, interest and ability. At the same time there will be an effort to intensify the sense ofEducation, 112:Let us work towards that end. But at the same time, let us never forget that it is the Life, itsEducation, 113:races and nations appear and disappear, but the same individualities come and go with them,Education, 124:with the whole, without his losing, at the same time, his sense of individuality. Whether he joinsEducation, 124:the differentiation of thought, and at the same time substantiate my conclusion that men areEducation, 127:differentiated (with the relationship at the same time recognized) from the animal. The state ofExternalisation, 5:of the tearing of the planetary web, and at the same time it is a part of the evolutionary plan andExternalisation, 5:still more glorious future. But there is, at the same time, no denying the fact that great andExternalisation, 11:almost equally unintelligent fellowmen. At the same time, there are mediums of a very much higherExternalisation, 16:discipline," or, "Their work is not the same as ours." It is this attitude which is hindering theExternalisation, 16:in analogous schools and working under the same spiritual impulses are members of the one schoolExternalisation, 33:upon the outer plane of appearances and, at the same time, be equally awake and active upon theExternalisation, 34:civilization and current culture) and at the same time to absorb and thus transmit knowledge,Externalisation, 37:the chitta or mind stuff, and can do this at the same time as they are conditioned and limited byExternalisation, 38:understood. This is an illusion and at the same time a great and [39] significant spiritual fact.Externalisation, 47:of their planned undertakings. Now we can do the same with the remaining groups, particularly withExternalisation, 48:classes and the bourgeoisie everywhere. At the same time there is to be found a vast number ofExternalisation, 76:of the coming humanity of that system. The same thing occurred in the system before this one andExternalisation, 78:him for a greater future. There must, at the same time, be a realization by the Jew and Gentile ofExternalisation, 79:stands. Behind all that is going on today, the same group of spiritual Forces and the [80] sameExternalisation, 80:the same group of spiritual Forces and the [80] same Elder Brothers and Masters are to be found asExternalisation, 80:land and among widely differing peoples, the same desire exists for understanding, for theExternalisation, 81:with a vision similar to yours and with the same ideals and spiritual aspiration are to be found inExternalisation, 82:situation. It is so easy to drift into the same habits of speech and thought which we find aroundExternalisation, 85:organization are different. And it is the same for groups, organizations and nations. Externalisation, 90:clue to what I have to say comes later in the same ancient writing, and here I will roughlyExternalisation, 90:lot - acquired knowledge. The knowledge was the same, but the soil within [91] the lots differed.Externalisation, 91:the goal of reaching towards the heavens was the same as in the second (a reference to theExternalisation, 94:founding the kingdom of heaven upon earth, the same procedure is being followed as was used in theExternalisation, 95:to initiation, so today humanity is faced in the same way with a similar situation andExternalisation, 96:neglecting them - you temporarily failed. This same critical factor (if I might call it so) actsExternalisation, 110:and drastic changes in their lives, so the same is true of the world aspirant, Humanity. To theExternalisation, 127:times. Suffice it to say that many of the same personalities (on a higher turn of the spiral) areExternalisation, 130:into concentrated wholes, responding to the same inspiration but employing their own specializedExternalisation, 132:through these three groups of nations. At the same time, the Shamballa force is active in all ofExternalisation, 135:goal or ambition, with clear vision and at the same time myopic reactions, cruel or wise as theExternalisation, 135:the past and the victims of the present. At the same time, they are the agents of destiny, theExternalisation, 137:Or you can speak of God and the Devil with the same basic implications. For what is man himself butExternalisation, 139:and by specious arguments. But there are, at the same time, enough people in the world who areExternalisation, 141:the Forces of materialism are working. At the same time, also, kill out all hateful criticism inExternalisation, 145:purpose of the formula being used and, at the same time, carrying on the task of sending forth theExternalisation, 156:makes any appeal to your consciousness, the same results will be achieved if you seek to link upExternalisation, 162:and then at the end of His life, reiterated the same thought in the words: "Father, not my will butExternalisation, 167:may differ in formulation but the theme is the same and the effect is to call forth the spirit ofExternalisation, 168:of soul and body, humanity is achieving the same ends and the result of this final stage of theExternalisation, 170:to completion. Within the planetary life, the same process goes on. The life of humanity as a wholeExternalisation, 172:of being effective in service, whilst at the same time fighting off emotional reactions. TheExternalisation, 180:regarded as murder. The principle remains the same, whether it is killing an individual who isExternalisation, 182:world, three nations are now playing the same part. The allied nations and the United States areExternalisation, 185:For our encouragement let us recognize that the same humanity which has brought about theseExternalisation, 191:good of the greatest number and who at the same time offer opportunity to all, seeing to it thatExternalisation, 195:intuitively he has vision, but at the same time he possesses no sense of fusion with other peoples.Externalisation, 201:more complicated problem [201] and yet, at the same time, with a far easier one. The reason forExternalisation, 201:between the major world religions. At the same time, they are profoundly interested in theExternalisation, 208:to be reckoned with. Human beings will be the same as before the war, except for exhaustion and aExternalisation, 234:thinking of those who hate war and who at the same time swell the tide of conquest and delay trueExternalisation, 234:shrinks in horror at what is being done. The same love of peace which inspires the ordinaryExternalisation, 235:and of all economic resources. And, at the same time, the greatest and most powerful neutral nationExternalisation, 239:was not impregnable. The neutrals at the same time have chosen and are still choosing the negativeExternalisation, 240:will perforce draw forth a response and, at the same time, deprive mankind of its right to settleExternalisation, 241:myself in the position of assuring you at the same time that every step of that way will entail aExternalisation, 241:is the flower of that civilization, but at the same time it will be neither of them. It will be aExternalisation, 245:stand not alone in selfishness, for [245] the same faults taint every national record. But theyExternalisation, 248:for the good of your own country, whilst at the same time swelling the tide of the national effortExternalisation, 249:so that it can be safely used by all, yet at the same time preserve its challenging, dynamicExternalisation, 253:so doing they overlook the third aspect of this same law, to which we have given the name of freeExternalisation, 256:- Section II - The General World Picture At the same time, the forces of good are seeking to offsetExternalisation, 257:of what they think Christ meant, at the same time excluding that real love which characterized HisExternalisation, 258:their few allies who are not by any means in the same category of power - fortunately for them.Externalisation, 264:must be forthcoming, though it may not take the same form as of old, because man is today - inExternalisation, 275:be dissipated when the highest aspect of the same energy is given free rein among the sons of men.Externalisation, 280:of energy - vibrating, protective, and at the same time of such power that it can repulse those whoExternalisation, 289:all that is (God Immanent), and of that same life, providing that still greater cosmic relationExternalisation, 293:so in the history of the race of men, the same great illumination may come. Revelation confrontsExternalisation, 298:was Bismarck. Both men came forth within the same one hundred years, thus demonstrating the balanceExternalisation, 304:horse, slain to all eternity." It conveys the same basic idea. This Avatar can descend to the
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