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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAME

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Fire, 1036:the summit, and the irradiated portion. At the same time, each serpent revolves upon itself, andFire, 1037:disciples and people on a similar line. At the same time, the work it initiates is endorsed by theFire, 1047:the sun.' The physical sun (objective). and the same thought can be carried through the monadicFire, 1048:of the Monad itself began to be felt. At the same time, the Monad on its [1049] own plane began toFire, 1065:its highest positive aspect, is ever of the same nature as that of the greater life which isFire, 1067:point in the mineral kingdom which stands in the same correspondential relation to the mineralFire, 1069:greater center in another chain. Practically the same can be said of the vegetable kingdom on theFire, 1072:of magnetic force; in the vegetable kingdom the same thing can be studied in the seed life, and inFire, 1077:from each kingdom of nature is one and the same. The radioactive human being is the same in natureFire, 1077:and the same. The radioactive human being is the same in nature (differing only in degree and inFire, 1083:and its place in cyclic evolution. [1083] The same method of grouping is used in connection withFire, 1084:than ours, only one being approximately of the same magnitude as our solar system. This cosmicFire, 1093:are many lesser wheels all governed by the same laws, actuated by the same three forms of activity,Fire, 1093:all governed by the same laws, actuated by the same three forms of activity, and all (in theirFire, 1101:according to his point of evolution. This same definition will be recognized as true of all atomicFire, 1109:laws of the matter aspect, and is subject to the same rules as are the material vehicles of allFire, 1112:or to that dying solar system which has the same relation to our system as the moon has to theFire, 1135:merges in the animal. In the animal kingdom the same is seen in the animals which individualize,Fire, 1140:the tiny life of an individual in that race. The same laws govern all, though the response to theFire, 1144:force units under cyclic law, and all have the same objective, - the producing of perfectedFire, 1155:D., I, 309, 310, 590, 591. Kernel comes from the same word as corn. Compare the words in Bible:Fire, 1155:forth much fruit." The Sun is governed by the same laws as all other atoms. - S. D., I, 168, 667. Fire, 1160:merging through them is similarly unified in the same head center. The third eye is an energyFire, 1163:of manifestation will become aligned in the same way as the center at the base of the spine, theFire, 1166:that Brahma is born from or in the lotus, is the same. The lotus symbolizes a world-system, andFire, 1173:one flaming ball of fire." On a lesser scale the same law governs the merging of the chains in aFire, 1176:through their cycles in the Heavens under the same laws as do the greater planets. The absorbingFire, 1182:and their effects remain unchangeably the same, varying only according to the form which is theFire, 1190:planets, but the forms they utilize are not the same as ours. There is next, the attractive pull ofFire, 1194:watch over and protect it. Sambhogakaya is the same, but with the additional luster of threeFire, 1204:that the constellation of the Dragon has the same relation to the ONE greater than our Logos as theFire, 1207:him with his lowest principles. They hold the same relation to the Logos as the dense physical bodyFire, 1214:Kingdom a true exponent of cosmic processes. The same laws govern the relationship of these threeFire, 1216:and the unit is established. This is not the same thing as making sense contacts, as the relationFire, 1217:the laws of its own being. This law is not the same as the Law of Repulsion which is used inFire, 1219:the physical plane sheaths or vehicles. The same idea must be applied to the units devoid of aFire, 1226:the sumtotal of the Love of God. We might at the same time consider the type of force wielded by aFire, 1256:spiritual energy. Another mode of expressing the same truth is to say that it is the method ofFire, 1261:of the "Masters of the Wisdom" pass. In the same way many of the "Lords of Compassion" pass ontoFire, 1264:as man in his lesser degree is aiming at the same vision in the system. This might be called theFire, 1278:One and are lost in their primary. Seek ye the same on lesser scale within the inner round and onGlamour- A World Problem references are made to the same discipleship group. In the present volume certainGlamour, 4:in the esoteric sense, but to avoid at the same time the sense of separateness, of isolation and ofGlamour, 4:ability to love all beings and yet, at the same time, to preserve personality detachment. ThisGlamour, 10:may vary from day to day or it may always be the same. Be simply honest in your noting this astralGlamour, 20:dweller on the threshold. They all stand for the same general concept or some differentiation ofGlamour, 20:Maya is oft regarded as being of the same nature as the concept promulgated by the ChristianGlamour, 21:of reality. [21] Illusion is regarded rather the same way, only (as we define it) we lay theGlamour, 22:plane. [22] The Problem of Maya is really the same as the above, plus the intense activity producedGlamour, 23:Today the Christ is carrying forward the same great task and in the spiritual significance of HisGlamour, 28:individual in any of these groups, I can at the same time gauge the quality of the group itself asGlamour, 31:a negative receptivity and is responsive, at the same time, to the higher intuitional inspiration.Glamour, 34:come into conflict with it; and if you do the same for your group brothers and the immediate worldGlamour, 47:will discover many others who are travelling the same way with [48] him, and their numbers willGlamour, 61:idea and upon all who attempt to contact the same idea. The cure is a steady attempt toGlamour, 66:utterance which has bewildered, and at the same time comforted, so many. This signified theGlamour, 67:and life is never again exactly the same thing. They have had their guarantee that all struggle isGlamour, 72:all-enveloping substance - material in the same sense as thought-forms are substantial things butGlamour, 88:today in their individual lives with exactly the same process and conflict. On a tiny scale thatGlamour, 99:whereas all that they do (and many of you do the same) is to react to a self-evident occultGlamour, 109:the Lemurian consciousness flourishing at the same time, just as today in this modern Aryan race,Glamour, 110:of opposites upon the astral plane. At the same time the sense of self-identity or theGlamour, 130:with the other six expressions of the same divine Idea, working out as ideals upon the mentalGlamour, 134:Today, under the name of Brotherhood, the same idea is seeking mental form and the establishment ofGlamour, 146:have never proved assimilable in any nation. The same can be said of the Germans, and from manyGlamour, 146:of the Germans, and from many they evoke the same reaction as they mete out to the Jew, though notGlamour, 147:both guilty (if I may use such a term) of the same basic errors and faults. The German isGlamour, 149:is maya in its emotional form, and it is not the same thing as glamor. In the case of glamor, theGlamour, 174:dominant aspect in the personality; and at the same time a graded, wisely imparted series ofGlamour, 189:route which the revelation then follows is the same in both cases, and illusion overtakes bothGlamour, 195:fusion and identification are by no means the same. The rules for the Technique of Light have beenGlamour, 197:mind, reflecting the light of the sun but at the same time radiating its own inner light upon theGlamour, 216:gives him contact with the glamor - and at the same time he is preparing himself for group serviceGlamour, 216:is preparing himself for group service along the same line. This will not prove an easy task. [217]Glamour, 227:and who see the truth as it is, who can face the same facts in connection with humanity, and canGlamour, 233:the glamor." These words are very nearly the same as those in the individual formula and gainGlamour, 243:move and express themselves in and through that same world of ever-moving, ever-impacting, outgoingGlamour, 244:far as his own little world is concerned, at the same "divine indifference" which characterizesGlamour, 248:an intensely practical problem which is at the same time an intrinsic part of our study and whichHealing, 3:mechanisms at the disposal of the soul. At the same time let it not be forgotten that these fourHealing, 5:to release the energy of the atom is of the same general nature as the work of the esotericist whenHealing, 6:understanding and impersonality, and at the same time to achieve, during their work, aHealing, 37:the centers should normally have reached the same quality of expression as they had attained whenHealing, 49:in each, yet being due basically to the same causes. Diseases which are the difficulties ofHealing, 60:cultivation of the desire nature) remains the same. Women, owing to the risks they run inHealing, 83:synonyms for force or energy and thus convey the same general idea. All of these words refer toHealing, 105:profession on the physical plane follows the same general procedure. Healing, 118:[118] at this time which can be subjected to the same reasoning, and one of the modes of healingHealing, 124:of a more subtle nature arising from the same cause, but not localized in certain definite humanHealing, 130:altruistic devotion. All the rays present the same problems, needless to say, but the second rayHealing, 132:to these specific troubles. At the same time, when they rightly utilize their latent powers, theyHealing, 135:the viewpoint of orthodox medicine, yet, at the same time, orthodox medicine has been steadilyHealing, 138:stages, and each involves progress, but at the same time certain attendant difficulties. TheHealing, 141:seven centers of force are to be found in the same region where the seven major glands are located,Healing, 147:divine idea on the part of the initiate. In the same way, the active interplay between the headHealing, 149:It is not the organ of creation in the [149] same sense that the throat center is, but it embodiesHealing, 149:only two real petals, is not a true lotus in the same sense as are the other centers. Its petalsHealing, 150:related within the etheric body, related at the same time to the subtler bodies, to the states ofHealing, 182:facts somewhat clearer to you, and yet at the same time I must refrain from indicating modes andHealing, 192:from the three interlocking systems, but at the same time a much greater responsiveness to the
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