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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAME

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Magic, 449:crystallize the form he has built, much in the same way that we find architects and bridge buildersMagic, 451:God - as the Christian calls it - performs the same purpose in the universe and [452] produces thatMagic, 465:and the worlds were made, Governed by the same law, forms were created and became materialMagic, 466:human stages and in the stage of animal man, the same group activity reigns, only (as in theMagic, 477:millions, and all playing their part in the same great work, and we have as yet both methods ofMagic, 478:- Analysis of the Three Sentences Carrying the same concepts into the field of real esoteric workMagic, 484:group aura) will coalesce with it, having the same vibratory rate or measure. Then the same thingMagic, 484:the same vibratory rate or measure. Then the same thing will take place in the group aura as hasMagic, 504:in going to sleep and to preserve at the same time his positivity, there is danger in this work.Magic, 507:was the case in the other rules, in just the same way that practical application is far harder thanMagic, 527:set before the individual aspirant, are the same as in the individual meditation; the achieving ofMagic, 537:levels, the imprisoned consciousness. The same statements can be made of death. But unless serviceMagic, 548:if I may express it symbolically, and yet at the same time accurately, be able to utter forth theMagic, 549:must manifest. Spirit, soul and body express the same idea from another angle, added to that whichMagic, 552:are an attempt to express a symbol found in the same ancient book, or rather compilation, referredMagic, 556:until it, in its turn, is deemed inadequate. The same recognitions, on a lesser scale, govern theMagic, 557:time is literally the length of a thought. This same basic truth underlies the creation of allMagic, 571:mental, sentient and vital energies, and those same forces as they are found in the natural worldMagic, 591:literally into the etheric body and yet at the same time to preserve - in full awareness - a pointMagic, 592:behind that center in the forehead, and at the same time forms a protective shield between the ajnaMagic, 610:but on what is called the black side, for the same rules of magical work hold good for both groups,Magic, 611:the Vishnu Purana gives these fires exactly the same nomenclature as does H.P.B. who borrowed theMagic, 635:to work with utter earnestness, and yet at the same time to refuse to work with such earnestness,Magic, 635:what they ought to be", and yet at the same time a distressing lack of proportion, and no sense ofMeditation, 6:and many lives of effort to align the two at the same time. When that is done, the control of theMeditation, 11:aligned and functioning simultaneously in the same incarnation) the plane of perfected personalityMeditation, 16:Ray. All these three different methods have the same result, and are fundamentally all forms of theMeditation, 20:the personality, and of synchronizing it at the same time with the first factor, involving the rayMeditation, 23:of the causal body to other bodies on the same plane. In this letter I deal only with the threeMeditation, 23:to the lower self. Later I will deal with the same consciousness on its own plane and itsMeditation, 34:has direct relationship with other egos on the same ray, and on a corresponding concrete orMeditation, 34:Monad, Spirit or Father in Heaven, in much the same way (only in finer matter) as the Ego is linkedMeditation, 40:and we have seen how each ray aimed at the same goal along a different route, and that each rayMeditation, 45:and to endeavor to force his vibrations, to the same key as that of the oriental. At times, thisMeditation, 46:will each have their own schools, subject to the same basic rules and under the superintendence ofMeditation, 46:basic rules and under the superintendence of the same inner Teachers, but wisely differing onMeditation, 46:on certain points, and (though aiming at the same goal) following different routes. You will laterMeditation, 46:the Head of the School. This Head, being of the same nationality as the pupils, and having theMeditation, 57:with its monadic note, it vibrates to the same measure, it pulsates with the same color, the lineMeditation, 57:to the same measure, it pulsates with the same color, the line of least resistance is at lastMeditation, 61:interruption. If wise, he will always seek the same spot, for he will there build up a shell aroundMeditation, 64:egoic. You will have in the egoic note just the same sequence as in the note Logoic. What had youMeditation, 65:by a group: It is desirable that people on the same ray or on a complementary ray form a group. ItMeditation, 65:It is desirable that the Word be intoned on the same key, or in part harmonic. When this is done,Meditation, 66:it stimulates the lower mind, yet at the same time opens the connection with the higher, whichMeditation, 72:is the organ of emotional vitality, again in the same sense as providing a link; on the mentalMeditation, 72:link; on the mental plane it serves somewhat the same purpose, only this time through this centerMeditation, 74:we are careful to generalize widely) apply the same to the five centers. Period I - wherein theMeditation, 83:change is gradually made, it responds to the same law that governs all cyclic growth in theMeditation, 86:and whose throat center vibrates to the same measure. Then you have will and love blended inMeditation, 113:east and in the west, but the goal will be the same. It must be borne in mind, for instance, that aMeditation, 113:be the case. But always the goal will be the same. Forms may be individual or collective, mantramsMeditation, 114:for those of various nationalities, but the same wise guides on the inner planes, the same greatMeditation, 114:the same wise guides on the inner planes, the same great Hall of Wisdom, the same Gate ofMeditation, 114:inner planes, the same great Hall of Wisdom, the same Gate of Initiation, admitting all into theMeditation, 115:a man enlarges his capacity to serve he at the same time increases the size and number of theMeditation, 126:and fun, enter another body in much the same way that a child loves to dress up. OccasionalMeditation, 134:and then in the future avoid like errors in the same way as a child once burnt avoids the fire. ItMeditation, 143:plane consciousness) has raised himself to that same plane and is likewise aware of his groupMeditation, 147:contacted. [147] Tomorrow we will take up this same subject from a different angle and study theMeditation, 148:greater whole, and therefore governed by the same laws. The mystic works as a general rule underMeditation, 151:of mind on both its levels, arrives at the same point. He recognizes the sheaths that veil. HeMeditation, 168:lower, all finding their focal point through the same Initiator, and all, at the same time, quiteMeditation, 168:through the same Initiator, and all, at the same time, quite distinct in their method of approach.Meditation, 169:if I may so express it, are really the same aspects of manifestation under different terms orMeditation, 173:have given to the world, and devotion to the same idea that impels them to action. Therefore youMeditation, 173:subhuman forms of existence, are practically the same, and should in these letters be counted asMeditation, 174:and serried ranks. Devas are to be found of the same rank as the Planetary Logoi, and the Rulers ofMeditation, 176:sense the devas and reach them, but not in the same manner nor for the same reason that you can theMeditation, 176:them, but not in the same manner nor for the same reason that you can the elementals. The devasMeditation, 178:again will vary if the man himself is on the same ray as the group he calls. You ask why protectiveMeditation, 180:used) right to the heart of the unknown. This same idea of force and of the magnetic currents ofMeditation, 184:are practically differentiations of one and the same thing; they are basically the same though inMeditation, 184:one and the same thing; they are basically the same though in manifestation they are diverse. TheyMeditation, 184:similarly, as the earth is vitalized by the same heat and is, for our chain, the point of densestMeditation, 185:each human being which marks him out as of the same nature as the Solar Logos. Here you have fireMeditation, 187:diamond, focuses the three fires in the same way that a burning-glass reacts to the sun, and causesMeditation, 193:to get a sufficient number of people at the same stage of evolution, at the same point on theMeditation, 193:of people at the same stage of evolution, at the same point on the ladder, employing the sameMeditation, 193:at the same point on the ladder, employing the same center and responding to the same ray vibrationMeditation, 193:employing the same center and responding to the same ray vibration to meet in unison, and soundMeditation, 193:to meet in unison, and sound together the same note or mantram. They must also be animated by pureMeditation, 200:of the laws of sound and rhythm. At the same time you will see the misuse of those powers - aMeditation, 204:govern the life of the disciple. They are the same laws that control all life. The differenceMeditation, 206:build his body of manifestation by means of the same laws that that Logos employed in building HisMeditation, 207:both of us use blinds, and both of us use the same blinds as those who have eyes can see. A blindMeditation, 211:is that these seven bands do not all move at the same rate, and herein lies hid the key to theMeditation, 214:and are not esoterically understood in the same sense as you might imagine from the use of theMeditation, 220:therefore, when studying the microcosm that the same relationship will be found, and will open theMeditation, 233:is dominance of an involutionary quality of the same force which at a later period will show forthMeditation, 234:will be seen as having approximately the same basic hue, though with many lesser differentiationsMeditation, 234:somewhat to the other rays in incarnation at the same time, and the rate of rhythm will be slightlyMeditation, 238:of the spectrum. You will expect to see the same effect in the life of the individual, for alwaysMeditation, 239:one after another repudiated by the aid of that same intelligence, or reasoning faculty transmutedMeditation, 263:His relationship with other groups in the same Body under certain definite laws. The value ofMeditation, 265:I communicated to you. I seek not to cover the same ground here, but to deal more specifically withMeditation, Since:They include people whose egoic ray is the same as His, or whose monadic ray is the same. [267]Meditation, Since:is the same as His, or whose monadic ray is the same. [267] This means that two types of people areMeditation, 269:the man [269] with his divine group. The same law effects his liberation from subtler forms thatMeditation, 273:The means of development are ever the same: occult meditation and service; the inner life of
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