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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAME

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Psychology2, 472:astral plane. The Problem of Maya is really the same as above, plus the intense activity producedPsychology2, 476:his curiosity, even if he remains, at the same time, critical. He is, therefore, wasting time andPsychology2, 479:attention see that due care is given. At the same time, take note of the glandular equipment,Psychology2, 484:but the results are nevertheless of much the same quality and reduce the student to a condition ofPsychology2, 487:people, stimulating them astrally and - at the same time - lowering their physical vitality. ThePsychology2, 502:no more than register these thought forms in the same manner as one can register the contents of aPsychology2, 520:the divine expression and manifestation in the same way that his five senses put him in touch withPsychology2, 525:are still selfishly motivated though - at the same time - he is subject to cycles of vision andPsychology2, 530:at the base of the spine is subject to [530] the same rhythmic life as are the other centers. ThePsychology2, 531:Solomon, you find a masculine rendition of the same basically sexual approach to the soul and itsPsychology2, 532:with (frequently) a strong religious bias at the same time. I would remind you here also of thePsychology2, 543:God in manifestation. This is not the same thing as the mystical union. And yet, the whole theme isPsychology2, 546:psychic and physical difficulties arise from the same basic cause and can be offset and controlledPsychology2, 546:cause and can be offset and controlled by the same correct occult and psychological knowledge. ThePsychology2, 554:producing a powerful personality, but - at the same time - the temporary suspension of thePsychology2, 562:him to find that which appeals to him as of the same quality or essence as himself. In all thesePsychology2, 563:and a change in the motivating power. The same idea can be traced in connection with all thePsychology2, 567:this the science of psychometry. Yet it is the same power, turned towards the lower kingdoms as isPsychology2, 569:by the medium and the medium can at the same time by a process of telepathy (via the solar plexusPsychology2, 570:heard. When, however, the mystic opens up these same powers as is sometimes the case, the phenomenaPsychology2, 571:much good - on astral levels. They are, all the same, confusing the reflection with the reality,Psychology2, 576:conditioning influence, is another phase of the same emerging factor. The Aryan state ofPsychology2, 585:psychic control should also be relegated to the same category. The [586] medium is either in trancePsychology2, 601:blazed the mystical trail, who have used the same terminology and employed the same symbols toPsychology2, 601:have used the same terminology and employed the same symbols to express that which they sense, andPsychology2, 601:they long so yearningly. They all sense the same Reality, lying behind the glamor of the worldPsychology2, 601:they all couch their desire and longing in the same symbolic forms - marriage with the Beloved,Psychology2, 602:devotee which follows century after century the same path of yearning search, imaginativePsychology2, 616:- the leader or focal point of the group. These same problems may also affect the three or fourPsychology2, 621:arise from group contact; I do not refer to the same difficulties which are brought by thePsychology2, 651:to indicate possible dangers and suggest at the same time what should be done in the periodPsychology2, 661:the inner subjective relationships and, at the same time, pursue the work in the world with united,Psychology2, 665:light and force in the world and, at the same time, they must be attentive to the cry of humanityPsychology2, 666:work towards the undoing of disciples in the same field as their own. This must not be. There is noPsychology2, 670:and disaster, despair and suffering. At the same time we have the loud shouting and the active workPsychology2, 671:a condition of right understanding. It is the same in the religious field, but the religiousPsychology2, 672:the lines of individual heritage, and yet at the same time exist in harmony and present a unitedPsychology2, 673:lecturers and writers, who will work along the same idealistic lines but with differing methods.Psychology2, 675:the value of the individual and at the same time the significance of group work. The propagation ofPsychology2, 682:World Servers can find those whose aims are the same as theirs and who are pledged to the samePsychology2, 682:the same as theirs and who are pledged to the same service and activity. The same language ofPsychology2, 682:pledged to the same service and activity. The same language of brotherhood and kindness will bePsychology2, 697:into the world of [697] soul energy, so these same men and women, in their aggregate, form a groupPsychology2, 724:the cause. Yet the problem remains ever the same: - can the inner condition, spiritual, potential,Psychology2, 728:in this direction has already been made and the same general idea can be extended elsewhere andPsychology2, 738:whilst others of their fellowmen, in the same country, have too much and hold on to it, andPsychology2, 738:nations. In a world of organized religions, the same condition of chaos is to be seen. The ChurchesPsychology2, 741:approach the problem in his own way but with the same world wide objective of spreadingPsychology2, 742:range success, and yet which can have, at the same time, an immediate reaction. This success andPsychology2, 747:to recognize our brothers who are pledged to the same life of good will and who are awake - as weRays, 6:symbolic ways, all of them dealing with the same one fact in nature: The bringing to the birth ofRays, 16:the initiates in Their Ashrams, and (under the same great process) the place of these initiates,Rays, 18:conditioning qualities of all disciples. These same Rules or Formulas of Approach are the lowerRays, 18:and demonstration have been shown will be the same Hierarchy, characterized by the same soulRays, 18:will be the same Hierarchy, characterized by the same soul awareness, animated by the sameRays, 18:by the same soul awareness, animated by the same spiritual activity, functioning under the sameRays, 18:same spiritual activity, functioning under the same laws, but conditioned by two progressive andRays, 28:In the group application of these ideas the same basic and profound development must take place,Rays, 36:contain members who have all taken the same initiation. By this I mean that the necessaryRays, 36:of all the members simultaneously into the same group development is not required. Basically, whatRays, 37:has in his lesser degree to achieve the same dual function and thereby fit himself for the widerRays, 39:discovers the depths of evil, and at the same time is enticed forward by the heights of a growingRays, 55:occidental type. The only one which is the same in all languages is, esoterically, the AUM. [56]Rays, 77:can go forth with power and effectiveness. The same is true of the disciple's group or of any groupRays, 87:this. The destroying power of spirit is not the same as that of matter. A human being destroys hisRays, 88:or of a murderer, are not the result of the same essential energies. When the din of battle and theRays, 89:comes forth." He thus meets the need, and at the same time strengthens the link which relates theRays, 106:within the orbit of Their influence up to the same measure of recorded recognition and ofRays, 119:second and the third [119] initiations, in the same way as the instincts in a small child are, inRays, 119:the higher center of Shamballa, and at the same time advancing towards the lower center, Humanity.Rays, 120:worlds, and as the spiritual [120] mind at the same time, dealing with all matters connected withRays, 120:and made possible by the dynamic aspect of the same will. It is interesting to note that there isRays, 120:on earth, primarily in the human kingdom. At the same time the second attribute of the will,Rays, 123:undergone, and they will also see the same light in thousands who in previous incarnations haveRays, 125:about a measure of physical purity; but at the same time, he is left with the awareness that heRays, 131:mineral kingdom of the Life of God is to that same Life when it reaches the fourth or humanRays, 150:Ashrams, presided over by a Master on the same ray as the Chohan, and are capable at any moment ofRays, 155:is aiding in his development and at the same time protecting the Way from him until such time asRays, 164:been referring is actively present or not. The same process can be seen taking place inRays, 164:for itself a more adequate form. It is the same under the great processes of initiation, which areRays, 173:literature of the world which has exactly the same quality. Oneness, unity, synthesis andRays, 174:preparation for initiation must go through the same devastating process. Glamor disappears, and forRays, 174:in the protective presence of initiates of the same standing and unfoldment. It is their unitedRays, 178:of all the rules for initiates; yet at the same time it is one of the most practical in applicationRays, 196:the world of men." Let me again quote from the same source and give you the ancient names of theRays, 204:words "spiritual" and "divine." They are not the same, nor do they have the same significance. TheRays, 204:They are not the same, nor do they have the same significance. The quality of spirituality is Love.Rays, 205:together love and will, soul and Monad. At the same time (and later in full expression inRays, 208:to find disciples who are approximately at the same point in evolution, whose rays are "shiningRays, 213:disciples all of whom are being prepared for the same initiation. This is oft a hard saying forRays, 213:composed of men and women all of whom are at the same point in evolution, is a generalization andRays, 221:at this time are, figuratively speaking, at the same stage as the group which we are considering -Rays, 228:For the initiate, this rule simply carries the same message but on an infinitely higher scale, andRays, 229:all illumination, and you have humanity, at the same time, conditioned and made sensitive byRays, 230:also accepted disciples learn to work in the same manner as does the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy worksRays, 231:It is this different approach to the same basic problems which lies behind the new capacities whichRays, 232:example of the oft misunderstood fact that the same energy or identical force will produce resultsRays, 232:the consciousness of Antichrist. It is the same energy, but the forms upon which it plays differ soRays, 237:between the soul and the personality. The same conditioning factors can be seen also working inRays, 238:a clearer light upon the astral plane, in the same way that better physical conditions will have
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