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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SANAT

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Rays, 660:under the stimulus of the evolving purpose of Sanat Kumara Who initiates constantly that which isRays, 660:pledge Themselves to the promotion of Sanat Kumara's project. With this our present group ofRays, 661:the term, or as that word could be applied to Sanat Kumara. They are a definite part of cosmicRays, 675:evolutionary process covers all that is. Even Sanat Kumara is learning and advancing from aRays, 687:by the emanating Source of our planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, and in the two great planetaryRays, 690:peculiar energy which is transmitted to him by Sanat Kumara at the time of his initiation. This isRays, 693:supreme Masters on Sirius, our planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, is still on the Fixed Cross; HeRays, 714:will and purpose - are not identical in meaning. Sanat Kumara and His Council at Shamballa are theRays, 715:divine intention) is that by means of which Sanat Kumara arrives at His goal. On a tiny scale, itRays, 715:veritably the "life of the project." The moment Sanat Kumara has attained His planetary purpose, HeRays, 717:answer has as yet been permitted to be given. Sanat Kumara has created this planet and all thatRays, 717:- guarded rigidly in the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara. It is this mystery and this divineRays, 721:of the planetary Logos) or upon the soul ray of Sanat Kumara. It is not for me to tell you whetherTelepathy, 64:phenomena and their related reactions are, to Sanat Kumara, what a day's experience and reactionsTelepathy, 64:this contact, whether cosmic as in the case of Sanat Kumara, or planetary as in the case of theTelepathy, 66:This statement includes the cosmic reactions of Sanat Kumara down to the scarcely discernibleTelepathy, 66:the Hierarchy and all in the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara (or Shamballa) have invariably passedTelepathy, 68:Council of the Lord of the World, comes via Sanat Kumara because HE is in close contact with otherTelepathy, 68:a united, focused, intelligent Will. It is Sanat Kumara Whose task it is to impress the Lives WhoTelepathy, 80:of reception) with the will and purpose of Sanat Kumara; all of it, during the aeons, achieving aTelepathy, 81:and entities that compose the manifestation of Sanat Kumara which is responsible for the creativeTelepathy, 81:emanate in response to the "acclaimed will" of Sanat Kumara in the Council Chamber. This highTelepathy, 82:much divine impression, conveying the Purpose of Sanat Kumara. This you know. I have taught youTelepathy, 86:much divine impression, conveying the purpose of Sanat Kumara... In these present instructions I amTelepathy, 119:substance, held in solution by the WILL of Sanat Kumara and embodying His intangible purposeTelepathy, 119:divine Will; They know the ultimate purpose of Sanat Kumara and hold it steadfastly in view, makingTelepathy, 119:Wisdom Who can act as the "impressing Agents of Sanat Kumara's Will." These are the Manu, theTelepathy, 120:who may read these words: The Purpose of Sanat Kumara is created at present by the synthesis whichTelepathy, 126:to gauge the wider aspects of the purpose of Sanat Kumara. Everything subhuman is slowly movingTelepathy, 136:needed for the full expression of the Will of Sanat Kumara, then the situation will be differentTelepathy, 164:[164] The initial triangle was formed by Sanat Kumara, and we call the three energies whichTelepathy, 164:as yet of ascertaining the factual existence of Sanat Kumara and yet from the very night of timeTelepathy, 183:cosmic Consciousness to Whom we give the name of Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World, the AncientTelepathy, 183:and the sustained expression of the intention of Sanat Kumara - an intention working out as theTelepathy, 186:In connection with Shamballa, that point is Sanat Kumara Himself; when the right time comes (thoughTelepathy, 187:year, the Buddha comes and carries the force of Sanat Kumara to the Hierarchy, but - He cannotTelepathy, 187:unified and synchronized activity, with Sanat Kumara in Shamballa over-shadowing and informing His
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