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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SANDES

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Autobiography, 53:suggested to me that I should go and visit the Sandes Soldiers Homes in Ireland and, after settlingAutobiography, 54:Homes were quite unique and that Miss Elise Sandes herself was a very exquisite, charming andAutobiography, 54:and women of the same social set as myself. Miss Sandes had given up her entire life in an attemptAutobiography, 58:souls and I made such a good record that Miss Sandes sent for me to join her at the ArtilleryAutobiography, 59:Those were happy, busy days. I adored Miss Sandes, as who did not? I loved her for her beauty, forAutobiography, 60:him to be saved which had no effect. Elise Sandes looked on with amusement until apparently sheAutobiography, 61:but just as sure - that we love God. Elise Sandes taught me that by her life and her love, her witAutobiography, 63:cut out all jealousy. One morning Elise Sandes got a letter which I could see greatly disturbedAutobiography, 63:old and Eva Maguire could not be spared. Miss Sandes with her usual directness said that she wouldAutobiography, 64:to India was expensive in those days and Miss Sandes had to pay for Theo's return. With my usualAutobiography, 87:was that the ladies who were working in the Sandes Soldiers [88] Home were supposed to be of suchAutobiography, 88:trained in a dignified reticence; my work in the Sandes Soldiers Homes had taught me not to talkAutobiography, 92:to take me back to Ireland and see what Elise Sandes would suggest. I was too sick to protest andAutobiography, 94:we got to Ireland and I was with my beloved Miss Sandes. I can remember the relief I felt and theAutobiography, 95:let the whole [95] work down, including Miss Sandes. By now I had begun to stop crying and wasAutobiography, 97:informed of every step she took and letting Miss Sandes know also what she [98] was doing. TheAutobiography, 98:own bands, and cabled to my people and Miss Sandes that they were sending me back to England on theAutobiography, 141:like that wretched little soldier from whom Miss Sandes had rescued me, who was born with no
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