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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SANELY

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Astrology, 202:will enable them to proceed more serenely and sanely upon the [203] Path of Return. Otherwise theAutobiography, 275:will be demonstrated normally, safely and sanely as well as automatically when the inner man -Bethlehem, 16:towards life and reality, will, when held sanely, bring in the rule of wisdom and prepare theBethlehem, 24:takes courage of the rarer kind. To cooperate sanely and wisely with God's Plan and to merge one'sDestiny, 16:records will indicate fully how wisely, sanely and disinterestedly he used this type of force forDestiny, 110:the new civilization and culture be wisely and sanely produced and the foundations laid for theDiscipleship1, 111:aids to service when rightly developed and sanely used; they can be unfolded safely by the man whoDiscipleship1, 241:body rest and sleep. Feed it normally and sanely and play no experiments with it as you have so oftDiscipleship1, 603:understood by me? Have I acted simply and sanely and with wise direction? [604] Why did I act andDiscipleship1, 693:live so deeply in the world of feeling; you will sanely and wisely and as a normal procedure putDiscipleship1, 704:true introspective training, and when followed sanely and wisely leads to the realization of theExternalisation, 412:to go. These three attitudes, when correctly and sanely held, will organize the personality, bringExternalisation, 516:which can be utilized by those who wisely and sanely follow in the footsteps of the [517] Christ,Fire, 89:followed up, and if investigators wisely, sanely and broadly study this important matter. As theHealing, 225:properly considered and dealt with rationally, sanely, intelligently and [226] spiritually; it willHealing, 390:I seek to have you ponder most carefully and sanely upon the so-called enigma of death. It is anHealing, 436:that the theme of death can more surely and more sanely take shape in your mind. Seek to arrive atMagic, 193:apprehension and ability to reason logically and sanely may parallel the growth of the intuitionMagic, 602:into disrepute. If these stages are regarded sanely for what they are - states of extendedRays, 638:groups of disciples develop the ability to think sanely, with right orientation and a broad point
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