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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SANNYASIN

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Discipleship1, 136:which you may become - if you so wish - the true sannyasin, the one who (freed from the more activeDiscipleship1, 138:the difficult undertaking of becoming the sannyasin [139] in the Western world. This B. S. W. hasDiscipleship1, 139:ever in the consciousness of the soul - the true sannyasin. Carry your meditations forwardDiscipleship1, 204:The life period ahead of you is that of the sannyasin, of the one who - having tasted to the fullDiscipleship1, 253:however: Mould your life upon the pattern of the sannyasin and hold on to no physical planeDiscipleship1, 253:in the bonds of attachment. Can you be a true sannyasin and stand in life alone or with only yourDiscipleship1, 293:you. Quiet concentration upon the life of the sannyasin and the achieving, therefore, of that innerDiscipleship1, 295:are, as I believe I earlier told you, a pledged sannyasin. That carries with it joy, butDiscipleship1, 295:but realized gain. The work to be done by a sannyasin lies ever in the realm of increasingDiscipleship1, 313:are outstandingly called to live the life of the sannyasin, the life of [314] the one who - havingDiscipleship1, 314:and goals which we technically call that of the sannyasin, or the teaching disciple. In the oldenDiscipleship1, 314:family relations play their part, enabling the sannyasin to "continue on the upward way with heartDiscipleship1, 391:towards which you should strive. You are a sannyasin and as such must work towards an increasingDiscipleship1, 393:to live henceforth more bravely the life of the sannyasin. Two years ago I could not have spokenDiscipleship1, 454:must conform to the ancient rule and become the sannyasin, the detached follower of the Way. YouDiscipleship1, 464:and would say to you: Be happy. Be happy as the sannyasin is happy who (through detachment from theDiscipleship1, 505:enable you to do this with facility... Be the sannyasin for the remainder of your life and inDiscipleship1, 516:home and in all your relationships as a true sannyasin. This I earlier pointed out to you. I calledDiscipleship1, 516:you. I called you definitely to the Path of the Sannyasin. But you are still only playing aroundDiscipleship1, 520:from the trammels of the past and be the true sannyasin, desiring nothing for the separated self,Discipleship1, 599:told another of my disciples in the group, the sannyasin - living in the world of men, yet havingDiscipleship1, 617:inner life of meditation. Be consciously the sannyasin. Also, my brother, cooperate in all thatDiscipleship1, 624:been your chosen field of service. An ancient sannyasin are you. To the understanding and theDiscipleship1, 650:the stage of the pledged worker and of the sannyasin, and you have proved your mettle in the fireDiscipleship2, 542:love. This is not easy for you. Being now the sannyasin and free, I would ask of you somethingDiscipleship2, 755:make that knowledge possible. Then build. Be a sannyasin - free, alone with God, your soul and Me.Discipleship2, 758:the pressures of life, but the freedom which the sannyasin knows as he roams free in the three
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